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Yoyo's LL Diary .... the road to slimdom!

Day 1
So far so good - porridge for brekkie which kept me full for a good few hours.
Woke up with a banging headache tho' - obviously nothing to do with LL cos I hadn't even started:rolleyes:
Day off work today so took my friends dog out for a nice long walk ....had to come back tho' sooner than planned as I was desparate for a wee - lol!
Just had a chocolate shake for lunch & managed about 2 litres of water so far today.
Off to take my daughter & her friend swimming shortly ...
My "temptation" time is always evenings so tonight will be my first real test ... will be on here typing & reading to keep myself motivated!

Will be back later with more ramblings ...

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So day 1 is almost over :)
I felt really hungry at about 3.30 but just kept drinking water & managed to hang on until about 5.30 for my second porridge pack of the day!
Still feelin headachey so am going to have an early night.
Can't wait until I can have the LL bars..... really looking forward to the nut fudge - hope I'm not disappointed:p
Nite all

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Glad to hear your first days going ok. Im feeling ok and near the end of my 2nd day !
Day 2

Up nice & early today (8ish) as had to take my daughter somewhere for 9.30. Waited until 9.30 to have my breakfast ... another porrdige pack - yummy!
I decided that I wouldn't make any plans for my first week on LL, so have just been pottering about the house. Pre-LL, this would have been when I just raided the cupboards & ate whatever I fancied out of boredom!
Instead today I had a clear our of my wardrobes ... I've got a lovely selection of slim clothes just waiting for me:p Managed to fill 4 big bags for the charity shop too:D

Had quite a few hunger pangs today so had a hot peppermint tea which helped a bit. I hate coffee & can't drink "normal" tea without milk.

I've still not tried the chille con carne pack .... maybe tomorrow;) ... so I'm stuck with porridge & choc shakes for now ... I really don't like any of the others. I used to love vanilla but they changed the formula & not keen on it now:(

Still a little headachey but no other problems so far - I wonder if it is too early to test a ketostik tmrw? ....mmmmm ...

X factor later with choc shake - rock & roll:cool:

Have a great saturday night


nutty me

onwards and downwards
Hi Yoyo,

Glad alls well. Like you sat watching x factor, just gonna make my self a hot chocolate bought some sweetners today so hope they will help. still headachey but feeling good. Im tired but had a hard week at work so not sure if thats the main cause.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Nutty x
Hi Nutty, Good to hear you are going strong ... week 1 is almost halfway through:)

Day 3
Surprisingly I didn't feel hungry this morning! Had my usual porridge breakfast & I have to say I have mastered the making of it after several lumpy attempts! 2 sweeteners make it perfect for me:D
Tested a ketostik & YAY! it turned pink ... so i must be in ketosis then already ... hope that means I'm not going to feel yucky now. I've got a heavy week ahead in work & need to be on the ball & feeling 100% - fingers crossed i will be:p
To take my mind of food, I've done some more de-cluttering around the house today - some more bags ready to go to the charity shop & several bags deposited at the tip!
Decided to try the chille con carne pack for my tea ... :yuk: .... I think it was the smell more than anything that put me off it. We all have our own favourites but this ain't gunna be one of mine! Don't let me put you off though, as I say everyone's taste's are different & I remember someone on here saying it was their favourite.
(I've always been a fussy eater .... :p)
So day 3 is almost over & I have to say it's been okay- no major carb withdrawl symptoms, no feeling really ravenous, no loss of energy ; hope it's not gunna hit me like a ton of bricks tomorrow:(

I've also noticed that my face looks more "fresher"; my cheeks have definitely got a bit of a pinky flush to them... must be all the lovely water:) ...

Daughter back at school in the morning so it will feel more like our usual routine from tomorrow ...

Hope you have all had a good weekend

Day 4
Settled nicely into a routine with my packs & water. Not really felt hungry today but did have another monster of a headache around 4ish, so scooted home early from work, took a couple of painkillers & hey presto ...feeling fine!
Had a nut fudge bar for lunch - not sure really whether I liked it or not:confused: Much prefer the peanut bars so will probably stick to these.
Can't wait for my WI on Thursday
Hope everyone else is keeping well ....
Day 5
Nothing much to report today ... feeling great :)
Think this is going to be a bit of a boring Diary:rolleyes:

Had a slight mis-hap with my porridge this morning ... took my eye off the micro-wave & ended up with an overflowing porridge bowl:p .... still tasted as lovely tho!

Nite Nite LLers
Day 6
No problemo :)
Day 7
Woke up feeling quite excited at the thought of my WI & group meeting tonight. According to my scales I've lost about 6/7 pounds which is good for me!
Had a really busy day at work & so didn't manage to have my second pack until about 2.30 (breakast at 6.45!). Got caught in traffic so arrived a bit late for my meeting ... was nice to see 4 more new ladies tonight. We had a lovely lively meeting & got some homework - eek:eek:
Was a wee bit disappointed to have only lost 4.4 pounds :( ... I know i have been totally committed to the programme so can't have done anymore than I did. Can't help but feel a bit glum..... :(
I know its a marathon not a sprint but when others are losing almost a stone in week 1 I feel a bit gutted.

Oh well ................ bring on the water :rolleyes:


nutty me

onwards and downwards

Well done ! I know what you mean about others with large loses I felt the same. A loss is a loss and you have done great, we all just lose differently and next week might be our week. Keep your chin up and onwards and downwards. Good luck for this week mate X nutty


Getting her sparkle back
Hi Yoyo!

Did you weigh yourself in the morning when it said you had lost 6/7ibs?
That might explain why when you went to your LL meeting it said 4.4ibs, as if you think about it you had eaten two packs and i'm guessing you've been drinking the water, and a litre of water weighs a pound! So you have to count in water weight as well.

On my weigh in days I tend to only drink 2 litres of water, and try to drink them before 2pm. And I only have my breakfast and lunch packs and save the other 2 for after my meeting (my meetings at 7.30) It sounds a bit daft but then I find that all my 'liquids' are out my system and I get a more accurate weigh in!

Hope this all makes sense, well done on starting your LL journey!
Do you have porridge? I only have choc, vanilla, strawberry shake, chicken soup and peanut bar. You seem to have much more choice.
p.s you are doing fab. I only lost 5lbs in my first week and I've got loads to lose.
Thanks Han & Monarch :)
I guess it could be a combination of water & different weigh-in times ...still wish it was more tho:rolleyes:
I only have the porridge, choc shake & peanut bars (last week, we could have 4 bars). I did have porridge twice a day so maybe that affected my weight? .. I reckon tho' that all the packs must have a very similar calorie/fat content so wouldn't have thought it made a big difference - but you never know. This diet does do wierd things to your body:p
It did make me feel a bit low but for once i didn't turn to food;)
Didn't get chance to post my diary yesterday so here goes ...

Day 8
Day off work, so did the school run & waited til I got home to enjoy my porridge ..yum yum (can't beleive people on other threads say its sweet - I add 2 sweeteners to mine :eek:).
Had an opticians appointment for an eye test & am sad to say I now need some specs for reading - yup I am gettin old:(
My mum & I went out for a mooch round the shops (altthough i am not buying any more clothes until i have outgrown the ones I've got!). I took my bar with me & was quite happy sitting in the M&S cafe with a bottle of water. My mum felt so guilty with her coffe & cake but i was absolutely fine with it:)
Picked my daughter up from school & had a nice quiet evening ready for the big day !!! (see Day 9;))
Felt quite hungry today but think it was the stess ...

Day 9
So why am I stressed & what happened today? My 10 year old was sitting an entrance exam for grammar school for next September. I have been stressing about it for weeks - she was as cool as a cucumber;) At least it's all over now & I haven't turned to food once for comfort :)
Still hungry today:(
Proud of myself for sitting through my friends having a meal at Frankie & Bennies tho! 2 bottles of water for me:rolleyes:
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends
Hi All,
Day 10
Having a lovely lazy Sunday .... well, done some housework but still quite a chillaxing day ;)

I have settled into a pretty good routine for my packs & water so am feeling pretty positive - i just hope I am rewarded on the scales this Thursday ... I will be gutted if its a low number for the 2nd week running:confused:

Spent some time earlier cutting images out of magazines to help with my LL homework. We've been asked to make something to represent our goals - I'm about as artistic and creative as a cardboard box! I'm giving it a good go though ... lots of sticky back plastic, scissors & felt tips at the ready :p I'll let you know how i get on when its finished.

I've enjoyed catching up on all your post today .... have a fab week everyone :party0011:

sounds like you are doing really well. I must confess to avoiding a couple of nights out as I knew avoiding the food would be too difficult. I applaud your ability to sit at dinner with just some water :)

I have a similar amount to lose as you and I lost 5.5lb my first week. Like you I thought hmm, not as much as some of the others, but its still quicker than when I tried slimming world!

Keep at it babe, I'm sure you will do GREAT!
Thanks Jen - nice to know someone is reading my rambings ;) Hope you are having a good week x

Nothing much to report for Day 11 except my mouth is like a sweaty flip flop :eek: ..... mouthwash please !

Day 12
I thought I'd never say this but I am feeling quite full after my morning porridge pack ! I drink 500 ml of water with it too so maybe its a bit too much in one go for my tummy? Does anyone else feel full?
Still feeling pretty good, the physical hunger has gone so now its just all in my head:rolleyes:
I know I shouldn't but I jump on my scales everyday & wish they were moving a bit quicker! That said, I did feel better in my clothes today so i must be losing inches even if the pounds are a bit slower to drop off:sigh:
I've been busying myself with my LL homework & have completed my goals & am also halfway through my collage:p I hope it helps to keep me motivated when the weeks start getting tough.

Am a bit worried that I've gone off the peanut bars so might get a couple of the nut fudge for next week.

Nite Nite
week three haqs been hard going for me. The toffee bars are my favourite, they have been getting me through!!

My weigh in tomorrow, wish me luck!
Good luck Jen, let me know how you get on :) I might get some toffee bars ... overdosed on them a bit last time i did the programme:eek:

Day 13
Made the mistake of taking some dulcolax last night as I was feeling quite bunged up ... OMG what an awful night I had! Had awful tummy cramps & was up for hours :( I suppsoe they did the trick tho:rolleyes: (tmi?) !!
Had an all day meeting at work today & everyone kept popping out to bring sweets & chocs in to share ... i didn't succumb & actually wasn't really that bothered :) Quite impressed with myself :p
I've finally finished my collage for my LL homework ... took me bloody ages! All set for my meeting tomorrow night - fingers crossed for a good result - wish me luck !


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