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hey gorgeous mini's.

Oo i have so much to tell.. Firstly the hotel.
Omgosh. We stayed at the derbyshire hotel, it was so fancy and i ahd a double room to myself, with a marble bathroom and even the tv said 'welcome fern bailey!' it was super nice! - we arrived about 8pm, as we got lost hehe, and ended up eating quite late at the pub across the road, i had steak and jacket .. and i had raw fruit with cream for afters.. Me and my consultant spent the whole night trying to suss out other finalists!

we got up this morning, and had breaky, i had muslie and yog with some fruit.. and there we spotted a young lad with his muma nd consultant. His board looked disgraceful compared to the one my consultant did me.. his was a state! Mine was all pretty and pink! hehe.

So, we got to head office, were all teh staff met us and they were all super lovley, we went to the cafe, were the chefs had prepared slimmingworld breakfasts.. and then we were all introduced to each other and talked through the days proceedings.. margrot wasnt there.. bummer.. but carol the manager or somthing did it all.


we had the celeb photo shoot! .. and we met MAx & OB from Hollyoaks, omg they are hot! i giggled like a bloody little school girl.. LOl... and then we were weighed and had our height taken.

then all the judges introduced themselves and we were split into 3 groups of 7-8. we all told our story individually as our consultant walked around showing the judges and other consultants our picture board. . and we were asked a few questions.

then we broke for lunch, were the chefs prepared the most amazing dinner, homemad chinese chicken, selection of meats, quiches and salads and potatoes.. and desserts!!! it was amazing, and the chef stopped me whilst i was in the line and whispered 'iv got a tenner on you!' .. he was lovley and it turns out he'd been working there years and was an amazingc hef (which i soon realised after tasting his chinese chicken and choc and orange cake for only 2.5 syns! :eek:

then we had a group photo shoot, and met last years winner. he looked like gok kwan, but he was absoloutly lovley and chatted to me a bit in the breaks.

then we all went into the big conference room, were they handed out framed certifictaes and an individual presents for everyone.. i got a personal dvd player!
Then we took another short break.. and were called back in to hear the final 6 finalists.

They were caled in alphabetical order, and i was not expecting to hear my name. and i kenw if my name wasnt called in the first 3, i wouldnt make it. Then she called me secound! my consultant threw her arms round me and she was so happy! .. then we were put in our own group, infront of the rest that were there (there were 22 finalists, and all came with thier consultant) .. and told our story for the final time in front of everyone and ALL the judges.

it was difficult, i was put up against a girl who'd lost the same as me, a girl who'd lost 5 and half, a girl whod lost 6 and half, and a girl who'd lost 7 stone 13 lbs!

we all told our story, but i knew as soon as this girl had started speaking, she was going to win. i looked at my consultant and she looked at me and i thinks he thought the same!

so we breaked, and during which time i got to knwo last years winner, who agreed with me that she would win, and said eh personally thought despite what they say, the one whos lost the most and looks teh best tends to win. . and as expected, the girl who'd lost 7 st 13lbs and dropped froma size 22 to a 10, won. She was pretty, but her poor legs had so much extra skina nd celulite, u really shouldnt ahve worn a dress! but never the less, she was a deserveing winner.. and had that 'motivational speaker' feel about her.

anyways, she was announced winner, and that was that! but it was an amazing day. .. and although i was slightly dissapointed, i didnt go to win.. and i have had a great week and an amazing day at HQ nevertheless.

However.. as we left, a lady who was judging stopped my consultant on the way out and said 'i think your girl should have won!' .. and as it turns out, alot of people thought i would too! .. i think the only other thing i noticed were, for 'young slimmer' the critera is 16-21, and over 3st loss. Well the majority were 21. they were borderline being eligible for woman of the year, but nevermind!

it was a greta day, and HQ is amazing. The toilets are all black marbel witha cream corner leather sofa and a fountain in the centre!!! it was crazyness haha. But everyone was lovley...

I cant believe how many consultants are overwieght though.. no word of a lie, one bloke was morbidly obsese.. and one woman was so big, she had an apron of fatk, on top of another, on top of another. . But my consultant said, the critera to be a consultant is to have lost weight on the plan.. you dont have to keep it off necissarly, BUT.. if air hotsesses have to be no mroe than a size 16, i think consultants shoudl be too! this bloke was disgusting, how could you take him seriously?

anyways.. so that was that LOL

the day was amazing and it was such good expierance and a real confidence boost!

so theres the low down girlies ;) haha xxxxxx
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What a BRILLIANT story Fern!!!!! XXX

You've had such a good time and I'm sorry you didn't win, but it's lovely that you go so far and that you were in the running!

Fabulous experience for you babe x x x
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I will succeed!!!
Oh hun that made me LOL!!! I'm glad you had fun and sorry you didn't win, but to us you're the winner anyway!!!

Well done my love on getting so far and still being a fab inspiration to us all here.

To Fern *raises glass of NAS Vimto*



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So pleased you had a wonderful time! You'll always be our winner.
Aw that means so much! im so proud for getting in teh final 6, especaillyw hen my weight loss wasnt as good as thiers. I think if i wasnt so flustered right at the end, i would have had a better chance, BUT i thinks he was already going to win.. BUT i might go for it again next year! :) x


Slow but sure....
You are our Minimins Slimming World 'Slimmer of the Year' Fern......

Well done and Congratulations in what you have acheived, you are an inspiration to all of us who are still on the down ward path.

So glad you had an enjoyable weekend, and thank you for such a lovely story. X


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Its sounds awsome, glad you had a brill time! You did so well to get so far!


A moaning old boot!!!!
Do you think that I could lie to my consultant and tell them I am under 21....................................I WANNA GO NEXT YEAR!!!!! That all sounds amazing.
A HUGE WELL DONE for getting into the final 6. Think of all the people in that age group who go to Slimming World and you got to the last 6! AMAZING! Very proud of my minimin friend :) haha.
x x x x x x x
Wow what a week you've had, I kept checking to see when you would post, what a fab story, you have come so far and it is a tremendous acheivement to be in the final 6 but as it has already been said you are definatley Minimins YSOTY!!
Glad you had a lovely time xx


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Congratulations on your achievement Fern!
You're a winner in our eyes!​


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:​

:party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011: :party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011:​
Oh Fern I'm gutted for you but have to agree with everyone else you are our winner!

I guess they go for the person with the most weight loss as that sells the story to the papers and magazines and therefore creates advertising. As for the plush HQ...sounds like we're paying too much for our SW subs!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the experience and I know you'll go on to provide plenty of support and inspiration to others on their weightloss journey.

Oh yeah....and you can DRIVE now :D
As for the plush HQ...sounds like we're paying too much for our SW subs!!!
My sentiments exactly! :D

Fern, you are a star! Really enjoyed the account you've given...I'd LOVE to go on something like that with my consultant! Hahaha! We'd be evil about the opposition.

You know how glad we are for you and how proud we are. *hug* I'm so pleased you had fun.

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