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Yuk! Struggling

Hi guys,

today is my first day on cd. And i have a problem. Being that I dont like the taste of cd. I had a fruits of the foest shake this morning which i could only drink half of. A chocolate bar at lunch which i only ate half of and a soup for tea (chicken & mushroom) which i did manage to drink all of. Anybody else have this problem? I know I need to eat/drink them all as i need the nutrients but i was tempted to just skip tea. The only thing I kinda liked was the soup. Anyone had the porridge? What was that like? I so want to do this and dont want to have to quit because I dont like the taste.
Help!! x
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Hey susan

The porridge is a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it, I think it's really nice but know few people on here hate it, the first week is always tough as you need to find out what flavours you like but don't give up just yet, even ask your councellor if they are local if you can swap a few you don't like.:)


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Firstly, welcome!

I too dislike the fruits of the forest, but some of the others are lovely. Try experimenting and I'm sure you'll find some you like. Also, try making them in the blender using crushed ice, or ice cold water, as this really does make them taste alot better.

You say you have had a bar? Hmmm, you aren't meant to have these until week 3. Did your CDC give you them already?

I survive off the porridge at the minute, I love it! Deffo give it a try.... yummy!!

Good luck with the diet, hope you start to like it soon because it really does work!


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I had a horrific 1st day for exactly same reason. By the evening i was soooooo hungry, felt ill, had a headache and was crying!

My first day i tried porridge and chick soup both made me gag and sick and i couldnt finish them.

I dont even like milk or milkshake pre diet but now i love banana for breakfast and chocolate shake for tea.

You are meant to have the bars, mix-a-mousse and water flavourings from week 3.

I love choc mint with the mix-a mousse and choc bars, choc/orange and peanut. I havent tried the rest of the bars or water flavourings.

I wasnt keen on the tetras or the fruit of the forest shake as left a funny after taste in my mouth and have also gone off the strawberry shakes too in last couple of weeks.

Once you find a couple flavours you like its great and you will feel so much better. Hold on in there.


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hang on in there hon. i hated all the soups until i came across chicken and mushroom and the tomato one... and i now live on chocolate tetras...

abz xx


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey Susan..
Just wanted to say Hi and sorry to hear that you did not really like what you had today..
I found the first few days were the hardest.. I tried a few soups and hated them so never had soup again.
I love the fruits of the forests shake its funny as we all like such different things.. There are so many to chose from you have to find what is good for you.
i have never had porridge before.
You are not supposed to have the bars til week 3, but I guess some cdcs may do things differently .
Good luck and hope you mange to find ones you like.
Yeah my cdc gave me the bars - she never mentioned waiting til week 3. Not that im bothered - i dont even like them. lol.
Well i think i should perhaps try the porridge then. Also crushed ice with the shake sounds good - defo worth a try. Good ideas ladies. 2moro will be harder as im at work, wont be able to crush ice there, lol. Even the thought of that shake and bar I had earlier makes me gag, I had to hold my nose and drink the shake, im not really a lover of shakes anyway, even the fattening types, lol.

I hope I can hold on in there, i know it will be worth it!
Thank you so much ladies. I feel better about it already! I felt so ill and awful earlier, I nearly just caved in.
Im determined to stick it out and work my way to thinness! lol

Thank you all again!


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey Susan..
Good on you !!! You stick to it... the first few days are definatley the hardest . But if you get through those your well on the way to be SLIM!! and seeing fab results..

I start week 10 on wednesday.... I cant believe the time goes really quickly. Good luck x


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hey susan. have you tried any of the shakes hot? i know a lot of people here like that. i like adding hot water to half a chocolate tetra to make a hot chocolate. you get double the amount and the taste isn't quite as strong... just a thought?

abz xx
Heya Susan, hope day 2 is going better for you.. I think sometimes we are all excited about doing CD and when we first do it, its a BIG shock to the system and we panic big time!
BUT you will get over the first few days...
You will find your tastes change.. what you like now you might hate in a montha dn what you don't like now you might love in a month.. just keep trying them!
Do try the shakes hot!
I never ever drank hot drinks but now love mt shakes hot, they are so creamy and satisfying...
I'm not a fan of the bars, I wish they would make some that wern't covered in chocolate... but hey thats life :)

Good luck for today, take each day as it comes and you will soon be feeling great..time flies it really does! Just keep focussed on your reasons for doing this!!



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Try all the different flavours and I'm sure you'll find some you like, or can tolerate at least, I have found that my tastes have changed while I've been on CD :)
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Try the chocolate mint shake... I havent met a person who doesnt like that! Even if you have 21 chocolate shakes a week at least it will help you stick to it?

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