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Yukky Subject - Sorry!

Hi Gals,

I have been on the pill version of Depo-provera for quite a few years. During all of this time I have not had a period. It's a common side effect that I have been quite happy with!

Yesterday I started bleeding and still am!

I find this really bizarre having not had one for years.

Has anyone else has similar experiences? I have spoken to my LLC who says it's not unheard of...but I would like to know if anyone else has had the same issue - just to put my mind at ease more than anything! Is it due to the weight loss?


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I haven't had a period for 5 years as I have a hormone coil. I started bleeding (albeit lightly) about a week into the programme and this lasted about 4 days. I believe this is quite common! Not a side effect I enjoy!!


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Hi Polly

I had the same thing, and the same happened before I did LL but went on Atkins. I think its just your body adjusting. I am on Cerazette and have been fine since that first period.
If u r losing weight rapidly (on any vlcd) the fat cells contain oestrogen which then means you get more hormonal fluctuations than you would normally which can lead to bleeding, spotting, irregular periods, etc, etc... so it's very common! and hope it doesn't cause you too much of a problem. x
I'm also on Cerazette Tange. It's good to know that others have had similar symptoms - thanks for your replies girls...I feel much better about it now (although I will still be keeping a close watch on it!). :D



nearly there!! :)
yup its a side effect!! i have the implant and was only getting a totm every 4-6 months and i got mine the first week of starting this and this week the 3rd week!! am raging haha
Me too - on depo and first time did cd got a 2-3 week period (nothing before or since)

I'm sorry to say that I'm really pleased that you all have the same issue!!! It came as quite a shock (to say the least) and really did worry me.

It's a massive relief to know that something horrible isn't happening and it's just a side affect of losing the weight.

Thank you all for being so honest about such a nasty subject! It's great to have this forum to "bounce" things around in :D


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