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Yummy shakes - and on a diet!!!!


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How lucky are we!!!!!

I think the shakes are so nice.. I prefer the ones in the sachets I add crushed ice to them and put them in a tall glass with a straw I love most of them especially the chocolate ones.....

Just think we are allowed yummy shakes every day and people that are on a normal diet arent so lucky to have milkshakes that taste so nice...
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I must admit I prefer mine hot....I add about a quarter of a vanilla one to a mug of coffee, makes a nice latte, and a pack will allow me obviously to have 4 coffees throughout the day. Put it in a nice latte mug and you wouldn't know the difference!! xx


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I think you guys must be on a different diet to me! Having said that I'm restricted to the lactose free ones most of the time as I can only tolerate one milk based one a day and they do seem to taste a lot nicer than the soya based ones.


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Lilac, you can have the other meals if you are lactose intolerant as long as you take a lactase enzyme with anything with milk in it. I've been lactose intolerant for years and do this in order to eat normally.
You can get the lactase tablets from any good health food shop, some have more lactase in than others and one of the best is made by Solgar. Holland and Barratt do their own which is ok, I find one capsule is fine for any CD meal. Having said that I really like the lactose free mushroom soup!


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I always have my shakes hot - and don't forget your spices! Cinnamon on chocolate and nutmeg on vanilla turn your shakes into something miraculous (e.g. egg custard flavour - mmmm!). :)
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Oh my goodness please dont mention egg custard i love it going to try it now mmmmmm thanks Jaycey
I just did it actually - made a vanilla mix-a-mousse with nutmeg, for lunch - yummmeeee!!! :p


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I love the shakes. I love fruits of the forest, strawberry, banana, choc. I like mint choc too but it gives me the runs, don't know why that is, but I have a hot one at night a few times a week (done CD before), and there you go - an empty stomach ;)
I love the shakes to... I use loads of crushed ice and whizz them so they are frothy.. I also make mine up with double the water... it thins them somewhat but I don't mind this and then it helps with the water intake...
Have never tried any but the choc ones warm but tomorrow am going to be trying warm vanilla for breakfast with a nice sprinkle of nutmeg..
Anyone tried Hot chocolate shake with a sprinkle of chilli? Yummy!!



Skinny girl in a fat body
Hot vanilla is lovely, just like custard.

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OMG, I'm so glad that I came across this thread.... After 10 weeks on CD I was beginning to get a bit bored of the same shakes, I'll def be trying vanilla mix-a-mousse for dinner. Mmmmmm. Thanks guys! x
ooooooooo choc ginger, I'm going to try that this evening yum xx

Have any of yu tried lighterLife? I lost 20lb in a month on it, but came of the diet as I couldn't stand the shakes:sign0137:. Are the Cambridge shakes nicer?
I havent tried LL, as the women i went to see said I didnt have a proper weight problem! (nearly 15st and 5'5 is a weight problem!) but the cambridge shakes are drinkable (and tasty!) and there are soups which are nice.

mrs r-b

is loving the sunshine!
Oooo I have another one to add to the list og scrummy yummies... I had banana mix-a-mousse with grated cinnamon on top. It was delish!! Can't wait to try chocolate an cinnamon tomorrow.... but gutted I don't have a vanilla shake left, but never mind its something to look forward to.... hehe :0)

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