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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by sammy86, 12 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. sammy86

    sammy86 Active Member

    :sign0144:Hello everyone
    my cbc told me i can have up to 1 can of coke zero per day.... does this mean i ca have other zero drinks, or just coke?

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  3. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Well-Known Member

    Dont know about other zero drinks, just don't do what I did...I thought it would be smart to have a gin and slimline tonic when in ketosis... it made my hands shake, my head go light and I felt really really woozy and light headed - that was on day 4 and before I started I used to have a G & T and at least half a bottle of wine a day!!!

    Oh well.....we all learn from our mistakes!:cool:
  4. sammy86

    sammy86 Active Member

    hehe oh try and avoid that then!!
    have you been on the diet for a while or are you a new starter with me too?
  5. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Well-Known Member

    No, I started last Monday, I think that was why I was soooo easily tempted.

    Great diet thou - had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and I have lost 6lbs (yay!)

    How long have you been on?
  6. sammy86

    sammy86 Active Member

    i started on wednesday after my last supper on tuesday lol
    snap... i just had to get on the scales this morning, i have lost 6.5lb so far.... couldnt belive it!
    how you finding not eating? i keep getting really tempted to eat, not coz im hungry, just coz its easy to!
    how u finding it?
  7. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Well-Known Member

    I am finding the not eating thing really easy, although some habits are hard, like I went to the gym this morning for the first time in a year, and usually I would eat a banana in the car going home - so I just drank another (groan) bottle of water instead... with me the hard thing is not drinking alcohol, esp as my job involves loads of socialising - but I am giving everyone "boozy" nights IOUs for when I finish!

    What is really helping is the girl and guy I share an office with are really supportive, so they are not eating at their desks etc...and I am not cooking at home so that is helping.

    How 'bout you - any tactics you wanna share ;)
  8. sammy86

    sammy86 Active Member

    not really.... just drinking as much water as poss.... ive found the more i drink the easier it comes off....i think lol. are you fully in ketosis then? i think i am, im not hungry etc and i have bad breath - my bf is really grateful hehe! all my family are having a take away 2nite which isnt going to help a great deal, but ill stick to my soup!!
    went out lastnite, got a few funny looks from people as they saw me with water in my hand, but think itll b worth it in the long run!
    how much have u got to lose?
  9. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Well-Known Member

    You can have some Coke Zero as there is no citric acid, so you should be fine. Other diet drinks tend to contain citric acid, and even a tiny amount could knock you out of ketosis. We're all different though, I found I could also drink Sprite Zero too!
  10. sammy86

    sammy86 Active Member

    thanks for that
    i bought a bottle of fanta an sprite zero today but then just realised when i got home that i might not be able to have them because of the citric acid....
    might give it a go, the sprite anyway, and see how that goes

  11. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Well-Known Member

    Yes, you could have a little bit and see - I found that I could drink a glass of that a day without a problem. But other things would knock me straight out!
  12. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I am in ketosis - I have those stick things to test your levels - I find that handy because you know you need to drink more if it is too dark.

    The breath is horrible thou - mine is refusing to kiss me unless I clean my teeth each time!!!!

    I am hiding in my office each day at dinner time - luckily it is only about 10 mins from the house and cos I am self employed I dont mind being here!

    I want to loose 70lbs and get back to a size 8 (I am only 5ft 2) being a 14/16 doesnt suit me!!!

    What about you?
  13. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Coke Zero
    Tesco Diet Coke
    M & S Diet Coke
    Diet Dr Pepper
    Perfectly Clear Strawberry & Kiwi
    Perfectly Clear Red Apple
    Morrison's Blackberry & Blueberry Water

    are all citric acid free!

    You are allowed 660mls per day or 2 x cans of coke zero etc

  14. lozzers_losing_weight

    lozzers_losing_weight Well-Known Member

    boots also have a good range of water drinks, still and aprkiling which dont incluse citric acid like

    still strawberry and kiwi,
    sparkiling apple and rasberry and
    a mango one which i cant remember fully

    what i am not sure on though is; as it is water can we have a much as we like? im not clear on that. i know coke etc has limits but what about the flavoured water?
  15. sammy86

    sammy86 Active Member

    hi lozzer
    i couldnt tell you... i only started on wed so i have no idea on most things unfortunately.... im guessing it would be the same amount as coke - 660ml?
  16. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    The limit is 660mls per day or 2 x 330ml cans

  17. lozzers_losing_weight

    lozzers_losing_weight Well-Known Member

    does that apply to flavoured water and sparkling aswell? sorry if im being dens

    and also a few people are saying they are having gt's what does that mean?
  18. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Well-Known Member

    GTs - Green Tea - NOT gin and tonic!!!;)
  19. daisycharlie

    daisycharlie Active Member

  20. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    The 660mls limit applies to the zero-calorie waters/coke zero etc.

    The sparkling water is just water so that is as much as you like.

    The CD water flavourings are 1 tspn max per day - supposed to be in 1L of water but I put 1 tspn in a 2L bottle as I find it too strong.

  21. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Well-Known Member

    I've got a feeling that Tescos HL Apple Squash is also free of citric acid...

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