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  1. sammy86

    sammy86 Member

    :sign0144:Hello everyone
    my cbc told me i can have up to 1 can of coke zero per day.... does this mean i ca have other zero drinks, or just coke?

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  3. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    Dont know about other zero drinks, just don't do what I did...I thought it would be smart to have a gin and slimline tonic when in ketosis... it made my hands shake, my head go light and I felt really really woozy and light headed - that was on day 4 and before I started I used to have a G & T and at least half a bottle of wine a day!!!

    Oh well.....we all learn from our mistakes!:cool:
  4. sammy86

    sammy86 Member

    hehe oh try and avoid that then!!
    have you been on the diet for a while or are you a new starter with me too?
  5. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    No, I started last Monday, I think that was why I was soooo easily tempted.

    Great diet thou - had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and I have lost 6lbs (yay!)

    How long have you been on?
  6. sammy86

    sammy86 Member

    i started on wednesday after my last supper on tuesday lol
    snap... i just had to get on the scales this morning, i have lost 6.5lb so far.... couldnt belive it!
    how you finding not eating? i keep getting really tempted to eat, not coz im hungry, just coz its easy to!
    how u finding it?
  7. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    I am finding the not eating thing really easy, although some habits are hard, like I went to the gym this morning for the first time in a year, and usually I would eat a banana in the car going home - so I just drank another (groan) bottle of water instead... with me the hard thing is not drinking alcohol, esp as my job involves loads of socialising - but I am giving everyone "boozy" nights IOUs for when I finish!

    What is really helping is the girl and guy I share an office with are really supportive, so they are not eating at their desks etc...and I am not cooking at home so that is helping.

    How 'bout you - any tactics you wanna share ;)
  8. sammy86

    sammy86 Member

    not really.... just drinking as much water as poss.... ive found the more i drink the easier it comes off....i think lol. are you fully in ketosis then? i think i am, im not hungry etc and i have bad breath - my bf is really grateful hehe! all my family are having a take away 2nite which isnt going to help a great deal, but ill stick to my soup!!
    went out lastnite, got a few funny looks from people as they saw me with water in my hand, but think itll b worth it in the long run!
    how much have u got to lose?
  9. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    You can have some Coke Zero as there is no citric acid, so you should be fine. Other diet drinks tend to contain citric acid, and even a tiny amount could knock you out of ketosis. We're all different though, I found I could also drink Sprite Zero too!
  10. sammy86

    sammy86 Member

    thanks for that
    i bought a bottle of fanta an sprite zero today but then just realised when i got home that i might not be able to have them because of the citric acid....
    might give it a go, the sprite anyway, and see how that goes

  11. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    Yes, you could have a little bit and see - I found that I could drink a glass of that a day without a problem. But other things would knock me straight out!
  12. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    Yeah, I am in ketosis - I have those stick things to test your levels - I find that handy because you know you need to drink more if it is too dark.

    The breath is horrible thou - mine is refusing to kiss me unless I clean my teeth each time!!!!

    I am hiding in my office each day at dinner time - luckily it is only about 10 mins from the house and cos I am self employed I dont mind being here!

    I want to loose 70lbs and get back to a size 8 (I am only 5ft 2) being a 14/16 doesnt suit me!!!

    What about you?
  13. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Coke Zero
    Tesco Diet Coke
    M & S Diet Coke
    Diet Dr Pepper
    Perfectly Clear Strawberry & Kiwi
    Perfectly Clear Red Apple
    Morrison's Blackberry & Blueberry Water

    are all citric acid free!

    You are allowed 660mls per day or 2 x cans of coke zero etc

  14. lozzers_losing_weight

    lozzers_losing_weight Full Member

    boots also have a good range of water drinks, still and aprkiling which dont incluse citric acid like

    still strawberry and kiwi,
    sparkiling apple and rasberry and
    a mango one which i cant remember fully

    what i am not sure on though is; as it is water can we have a much as we like? im not clear on that. i know coke etc has limits but what about the flavoured water?
  15. sammy86

    sammy86 Member

    hi lozzer
    i couldnt tell you... i only started on wed so i have no idea on most things unfortunately.... im guessing it would be the same amount as coke - 660ml?
  16. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    The limit is 660mls per day or 2 x 330ml cans

  17. lozzers_losing_weight

    lozzers_losing_weight Full Member

    does that apply to flavoured water and sparkling aswell? sorry if im being dens

    and also a few people are saying they are having gt's what does that mean?
  18. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    GTs - Green Tea - NOT gin and tonic!!!;)
  19. daisycharlie

    daisycharlie Member

  20. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    The 660mls limit applies to the zero-calorie waters/coke zero etc.

    The sparkling water is just water so that is as much as you like.

    The CD water flavourings are 1 tspn max per day - supposed to be in 1L of water but I put 1 tspn in a 2L bottle as I find it too strong.

  21. ducatidiva

    ducatidiva Silver Member

    I've got a feeling that Tescos HL Apple Squash is also free of citric acid...

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