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Zumba! - The truth!

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Tonight ladies and gents.. i braved a zumba class all by myself.

I phoned Roni (the teacher) and asked if i could come along. She spent about 15 minutes on the phone asking about my background and why i was interested.. giving me details of how the class works and directions. She was SO enthusiastic and you can genuinly tell she just loves what she does.

I turned up early to get a sneak peak at the last 5 minutes of the previous session, and was slightly paniced to see so many sweaty, bright red bodys. :eek: My god i thought, im going to die.

She came up to me before the beginning of the session with a form to fill in and i paid £5 (or 10 for £40 she also offers) She was really chatty, and lucky for me was very sympathetic at my lack of rythem. However she obviously didnt realise how bad it was haha.

She was so livley, and bubbley even after just holding a class! - she says 'messing up' doesnt exsist in Zumba! its called 'flavour!' every now and then she'd shout - 'I love your flavour fern!' haha. Luckily it was a very small class compared to the one before, and there was someone else there just as un-coordinate and left alot to be desired in the rythem area as i do. Always comforting when your not alone haha.

The music was high tempo and music i knew or could 'dance too' and she was great at instructing, all very simple moves (despite how i made it look!)

after each song everyone would dart to thier waterbottles and the next song would start.

there was a really good winding up and down bit.. (however i know il ache in the morn) and all the girls (and a boy!) all shapes sizes and ages were lovley.

Now, dont be under any ellusion that it does 'feel' like exercise. Yes it flipping does.. and at times my lack of rythem was frustrating. . but i will go back next week.. cause i felt good after and i did enjoy it. I think her loud enthusiasm and passion really kept me going. . and my god her abs.. :eek: LOL

so, if your thinking about it, i'd go for it.. but i wouldnt bother with the dvd package.. because i knew from the minute the class started id never stick to it at home.

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synful soul
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Sounds really good fun and I do want to do it. I had thought of doing it at home. I am very stubborn so I think if I started it I would finish it.

Thanks for letting us know.


Silver Member
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Thanks Fern. There's a class near me that I'm tempted to join but I don't know if I could keep up. I'm not getting any younger you know - wrong side of 40 & all that!


Silver Member
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Thanks for that Fern, my daughter is thinking about taking it up after she's had her baby so I'll pass on the info.


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Sounds like brilliant fun! One of my FB friends does Zumba and she loves it!!


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I've just discovered a class in a village near me that started about 6 weeks ago and am thinking about going - but I'll phone first!!!

My problem is - my hips just WILL NOT move in the way I've seen on Zumba stuff!!! I will probably look more like a constipated duck than anything else!!!!!!!!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
andilou;2641820 My problem is - my hips just WILL NOT move in the way I've seen on Zumba stuff!!! I will probably look more like a constipated duck than anything else!!!!!!!![/QUOTE said:
You obviously have the same 'flavour' i do then hahaha.

I was thanking god the entire time no one was around to see me, some of the dance moves i attempted were very suspect.. but exercise is exercise and despite how awful i was i still had fun. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Ah yes the hips! But mine were like that when I started doing Rosemary Conleys salsa dvd, but after a few weeks they began to swing :)


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I go line dancing once a week and in one of the dances you have to take a step forward and push your hip forward at the same time! However, there is a loose connection somewhere between my brain and hips!!!
Our instructor calls the mistakes "personal variations!!!!!


Silver Member
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ths sounds good sadly for me! .... theres not 1 class in nottingham the only one was closed down few month ago lack of members :(


I will be a yummy mummy!
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Thanks Fern I've emailed the instructors of a couple of classes near me I think I might brave. Just needed to check with them that you didn't have to have any fitness level as mine is zilch!!

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