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Thread: New and getting it wrong??

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    New and getting it wrong??

    Hi I'm new 36 and 21.06 stone 5.10 and skint
    But I thought if I have two packs totalling. 400 and a weight watchers meal around 300 calories it would help me lose weight and save some cash ??
    I don't get the keyatotis ( sorry can't spell it )
    Help please

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    I don't understand ketosis to give a full explanation other to say that it works, when you're in ketosis you lose fat and you don't feel hungry and your bodily can healthily survive in what some see as starvation mode.

    the problem with what you're thinking of doing is that it's likely that the weightwatchers meals would keep you out if ketosis due to the ingredients, it's not the calories in it that are a problems it's the ingredients. Plus the three packs a day have the correct amount of nutrients, vitamins etc to keep your body healthy and you probably won't get the correct amounts from the ww meal.

    Is it not almost as expensive to buy a ww meal as a pack?

    Hopefully someone with a better explanation will be along soon, I wish you luck and please keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.

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    No it wouldn't work. You can have 3 packs and a low carb meal. A ww meal is too high in carbs kcals sugar etc. You need to be in ketosis to curb the hunger pangs etc and burn fat. You also wont be getting the nutrients you need
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    I would try following the plan 100% it seems expensive but their are loads if offers on and ww meals will work out about the same price. I am re-starting today and I no that at my new heaviest I will be down a stone in 2 weeks without being hungry. I also get a huge amount of energy after the first week is over due to ketosis. As I am normally rather sluggish due to weight, work and 2 kids taking up all my time the rush of energy is part of what keeps me going. Hope this helps and good luck x

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    If you break down the cost of a bumper pack its 1.29 per meal, on average the WW meals seem to be between 1.50-1.70 each so at best still 21p more expensive for the WW meal option.

    On top of that you'll feel awful because you won't be under a limit of carbs (3 exante packs are around 60g of carbs, the curry for example is 49g of carbs alone)

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    All I know for sure is that VLCDs limit calories and carbs. If you add extra carbs you can very easily knock yourself out of ketosis, which can result in your hunger and cravings coming back very powerfully. WW and other ready meals usually have a high carb count, and in any case you need all three Exante meals each day for proper nutrition.

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