low carb

  1. AliGal

    Keto & low carb resources

    Many of us are eating low carb (below 50g carbs a day) or keto. Search for our diary threads as some of us are on WeMITTS (we mean it this time). Most of us are eating real food - meat, eggs, good fats (no corn oil or palm fats) - animal fats, olive oil and butter and veggies grown above...
  2. hunni17

    New start 7 stone...off you go!!

    Hey guys I'm starting exante today, i need to lose 5 stone (First large target). Would love to hear any success stories, hints and tips to maximise my time doing it. Sick of being a large version of myself but often find it hard to stay motivated 😏 Hope to hear from you 😘
  3. L

    Low carb weightloss dairy 60 lbs Will Go

    I’ve spent my whole adult life on a diet ! I know diets don’t work it’s finding a lifestyle that works. So I messed around yoyoing 40-70 lbs off every year to regaining it then losing it Since 2012 I’ve lost and gained about 300 lbs totoal in chunks 40-70 lbs a year even in 2015 I miscarried...
  4. SPE

    Sarah’s Low Carb Diary / 1 Year Target

    I did it!! I had a baby with no weight gain. I weighed myself 2 weeks after having him and weighed less than before I fell pregnant.....although I am proud I managed to stay healthy during pregnancy, I am in exactly the same position I was last year. FAT!! My little boy is 5 weeks now and my...
  5. sarahonadiet

    In it to Slim it....Atkins Plan

    Hi everyone!! I say everyone but the atkins board doesn't seem active at the moment, that's fine. I mainly want a place to track my food, share my thoughts and look back on it when I need to. The atkins diet seems to be a dated plan at the moment, it no longer seems popular. I did the plan in...
  6. C

    Starting Again And Sticking To It This Time (I Promise)

    So I've ditched Slimming World, I know it works great for some people but I wasn't liking all the low fat and all the Muller Lights... I just always felt hungry and always found myself snacking on something or other that was free and well I stopped losing weight and decided I'm starting over...
  7. E

    Once more into the fray my friend

    Its good to have minimins back. I found this site over 8 years ago now!!! When I was lighter life -ing and loved it then. Once I'd lost the weight and moved across to Australia I stopped visiting as often but would still pop by now and then to see how things were going. So anyway my story is...
  8. P

    Sarah's Paleo Food and Weight Loss Diary

    As I looked through this section of minimins I noticed that this Paleo section is very bare and there aren't many recent posts. However I am going to have a diary here anyway. I'm hoping by recording my food it will help keep me accountable. Even if no one reads of replies. I started the Paleo...
  9. Mini

    Juice Plus Juice Plus

    As we do not have a forum for Juice Plus we have added a prefix for Juice Plus to the Low carb diet forum so it will make your diet and others doing it easier to find. We have also, added it in the general forum of All Other Diets.
  10. Catwoman38

    Juice Plus

    Hi All About to start the Juice Plus diet plan as i need to shift 2st. Anyone else on this diet and have any advice and useful tips ? Thanks :)
  11. Mini

    Hi! A Big Welcome to Old and New Members for 2016!

    Is this YOUR year? Is this the year that you will lose weight? This is a great time of year to start a new diet or to get back on the wagon to lose the pounds and with the support, encouragement and help from our wonderful members we can achieve our weight-loss goals in 2016! We would really...