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In it to Slim it....Atkins Plan

Hi everyone!! I say everyone but the atkins board doesn't seem active at the moment, that's fine. I mainly want a place to track my food, share my thoughts and look back on it when I need to. The atkins diet seems to be a dated plan at the moment, it no longer seems popular. I did the plan in the past when I first thought I was fat (oh I wish I was that size now) and I remember feeling great. Hard at the beginning and definitely limiting but down the line you can almost eat everything you normally would with your hunger under control. My mum recommended this diet to me. She has struggled with ibs all her adult life and since doing atkins it has been under control. So I thought.....lets give it a go. I have recently been diagnosed with ibs and I am willing to try anything, with little advice from the drs in regards to what I should be eating, I'm happy to try anything.

So I begin induction tomorrow. I have skimmed through the book my mum lent me and I do fully intend on reading it page to page. Right now....I know what I need to know for induction.

So I will be back tomorrow with my daily food and starting weight.
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Welcome Sarah and good luck with your Atkins journey.


This is for life
Hi Sarah, welcome & good luck. Atkins was life changing for me - not just weight but energy & health; it is possible to live a healthy low carb life & keep the weight off.

Shout if you need any advice or help - I think I've just about got it cracked after 5 years (my only downfall being wine & chocolate!!) but I do have to stay focused & remember it's not about the scales but feeling fabulous:)
Thanks @Kat1e and @Mini Ive been told the key is getting in ketosis to remove the cravings. My mum said to avoid all sugar including sweetener to begin with as it will just make me want sugar.

So this morning I got the phone call I needed from the Dr. I feel like I have been blaming my weight gain on other factors, for example my sister has pcos, my mum has under active thyroid. So I had a blood test for everything and everything is normal. I feel like this is a good thing. I can no longer blame an imaginary illness. This is all my doing. And of course stress has a part to play.

The cups measurements confuse me. What I've decided to do is keep to the cheese/cream limit from the book, then measure the veg in grams and make sure each day I'm within 15-20g. After a few days I'll check my tracker to see whether I need to adjust the fat I eat.

2 x eggs cooked in 1tsp ghee
Handful mixed salad 20g
Coffee with 5g double cream


Salad - Lettuce, Cucumber, cooked Mushroom and chopped up burgers. These burgers are from the butchers and have just beef and black pepper. We had 2 left over from yesterday, they tasted nice cold on a salad

People have said myfitnesspal isn't the best for tracking carbs and to use fitday. I have downloaded both apps. Then in a few days I will see if they work out the same and pick which is best.

Not sure if it's the heat or the diet but I know have a headache.
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Chicken, broccoli, garlic, mushroom, onion, spinach cooked with ghee and a small amount of double cream

1422 Calories 19g carbs.

I did it!!! Been sipping water all day, hit 12k steps, I feel happy I've not even crept in a cheat such as a Diet Coke or loads of coffee.

I feel quite tired, which is possibly the early start. I've also got a headache. My toddler is in bed, so I'm ready to tidy up, get some work done while watching tv and drinking water. I don't feel hungry. No cravings yet either.


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Well done Sarah getting your first day done and dusted!

Food looks delicious:)

Headache is probably from withdrawal from caffeine.
Getting he first day done and dusted a the hard part. Usually if I make the smallest fail, I give up and start the following day.

Day 2

Scrambled egg with spinach, cheese and cooked with ghee

Mixed leaf salad with prawns, mushroom, pepper. Prawns cooked in coconut oil

Coffee with cream
Tea with cream

100% Beef Burger with olives, broccoli, spinach, mushroom

Calories - 1430
Carbs - 17g
Steps - 11k

I checked my ketosis after lunch and it's already the middle colour. This really does motivate me to keep going.

It's boiling, been out playing with my daughter, also on my period today, which makes me even hotter. I'm self employed, I earn a passive income and on days like this I can do nothing and not worry too much. Only problem is.....there have been too many days like this. I need to kick my ass into gear and get working tonight.



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Burger and veggies look delicious.

You are doing well Sarah:)
Thanks @Mini I need to keep it up, I've surprised myself. I hope you are doing good, I will find your diary to follow.

So I wasn't sure whether to post about this but I think it's important, to me anyway. I've been feeling down for a while, probably a year, leading to anxiety and minor panic attacks. I binge eat when I'm alone. Most my weight gain has been during this time. I think I have finally admitted to myself that I have depression. I think it's a hard thing to admit because I have so much to be happy about. A beautiful daughter, great husband, job I love, great house, good family, no money worries or major stressed. I sometimes blame my weight for feeling this way, but perhaps feeling this way caused the weight. Actually it did. So why am I upset??? I've been thinking about this all day. Can you be depressed for no reason at all? I'm not sure really. Prior to a year ago I don't think I've ever used food as comfort. Having a child almost 2 years ago was a big change but I've only ever viewed it in a positive light, my social life is great since having her, I've met new friends at playgroups and my oldest best friends all have children her age. I have a better relationship with my mum and sister. So I really don't know what causes this depression. I feel like I don't recognise myself anymore, I can be happy and myself around people. As soon as I have headspace I feel lost.

So this post is quite personal, no need to respond. I just felt I had to write it down and talk it through.
Day 3
I weighed myself this morning. I need it when I start a diet, it keeps me on track. 4lbs down is great. I know then say it's water weight in the first week but any loss is appreciated.

Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Spinach and 2 eggs. Yum.
Was early today because I have a yoga class at 2. I wanted dinner to settle. My daughter hasn't had her nap, so my mum will have her hands full for an hour.

Lettuce, olives, pepper, tuna (full can) and 30g cheese mixed in with tuna. I had the tuna hot with the cheese melted in. I also used my basil infused olive oil. Which I made myself, it's delicious.

I have no appetite at all. The diet must be working.



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Well done Sarah! 4 lbs down on the scales is great motivation, water weight or not:)

Reading your post about how you are feeling, it is possible you might have post natal depression as I read somewhere that it can linger for years if you don't address it.


I remember one day feeling similar to how you describe and living away from family and close friends, and did not want to worry them or even know what to say....

I picked up the phone to the Samaritans and said, 'I don't know why I am feeling lost and overwhelmed, as I have everything, and I am married to a f* cking saint... I don't know where to turn in case someone might think I am ungrateful or a drama queen, and I feel guilty for even thinking and feeling this way'. It was the best phone call I ever made, as the person on the phone reassured me I was ok and persuaded me to talk to my doctor, which I did. (((Hugs)))
Thanks @Mini it actually feels good to hear that someone else has felt similar. I remember 7/8months after having her that I felt like I had ppd. I remember reading about it and feeling like everything I read rang true. My mum works at the GP surgery as admin and I felt like I couldn't go in and see anyone because she would know. So I didn't. I did feel better for a while and felt like I was back in the right track. Then back to where I was. Did you feel you was upset/stressed/anxious for no reason at all?

I've grown up around two special needs sibling and have always protected them, sometimes I think I feel like I can protect myself and I don't need help. I'm strong enough to get through it alone. Perhaps I'm not this time.


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Yes, I felt all of the above and could not understand it as I was the one in my family that was strong, independent and never needed help, so this was a new experience for me and it was totally alien.

Remember we don't have to sort everything out ourselves. Sometimes we have to admit we are not super human and that it is okay to ask for help.:)
I like to think I'm superhuman.

Turkey breast with loads of green veg and cauliflour mash made with butter.


Total Calories - 1654
Carbs 17g
Steps - 12

+ Yoga. Made me feel relaxed.
I wear a Fitbit on. Since doing this diet my resting heart rate has gone from 60 to 55, meaning my heart is working more efficiently (I think). Also my sleep is a lot less restless. That must be the lack of sugar. Best of all the symptoms of ibs have nearly diminished, it is a very noticeable change.
Day 4

Omelette - olive oil, 3 x egg, mushroom and spinach.

It's a fat omelette, don't you find that omelettes come out looking better when you actually use oil??? Whenwver I've iaed spray oil they turn into scrambled eggs. I've just not to go egg overboard while doing atkins but after eating that I did think.....eugh.


Boredom on a diet
I realise I am posting too much but for me it is best to just type out a few words on my phone rather than run to the kitchen for a snack. I wasn't prepared for Atkins in the kitchen department. I don't even have any mayonnaise, limited cheese or bacon so my food choices have been slightly more bland. I've stuck to it and I'm not hungry but things are getting boring. I am going to sainsburys today, so I will buy some much needed supplies. I've been looking at what others eat and it seems it's 20g carbs of whatever they want. I'm following the book so I can only have veg at the moment. Then after induction I will increase by 5g carbs each week. The first week the extra carbs come from more veg. Then the following weeks I can slowly add back nuts/berries/fruits etc. So I just keep thinking how in a months time I'll have more choices. Rather than doing it the cheating at now. I'm not craving sugar, just a big glass of milk.

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