syn value

  1. I

    Everyman cinema menu

    Hi all I'm thinking of going to an Everyman cinema at some point to treat myself...and I can't help but look at the food menu. Does anyone have any idea of the syn values for Everyman food? I know that cinema popcorn is off limits, I tend to target the "sharing plates" section really. Any help...
  2. slimjimxo

    Aldi Ashfield Farm Chicken Burger

    Could anyone tell me the syn value of these please?
  3. Malaloo

    Amy's kitchen syn value

    Hi, I am very new here so apologies if this is the wrong way to go about this but I am desperate to find out a list of Amy's kitchen products syn values. Specifically the breakfast wraps. If anyone could help please!! 🙏🙏
  4. L

    Aldi moussaka

    Hi all! Could anyone tell me how many syns there are in the Aldi moussaka ready meal for 2? Thank you in advance 🙂
  5. S

    Syn value for 100ml of ARLA BoB milk please

    I have this already as my HEX with cereal in the morning however if id like to know the value of it by itself Thanks
  6. Mrs_m93

    Syn value mini chicken skewers morrisons

    Hey would someone be able to work out the syn vale for this for me please!! Morrisons mini chicken skewers Values (as consumed) per 100g/ (as consumed) per 2 skewers 228kcal/46kcal Fat 14.2g/2.8g Of which saturates 3.2g/0.6g Carbs 7.2g/1.4g Of which sugars 3.1g/0.6g Fibre 1.1g/0.2g Protein...
  7. L

    Syns New to this... Need help with Slimming world syn calculations

    Hi folks, I’m new to this website but feel it’s going to be a great help. Been doing SW since February and had fallen off the wagon a bit but I’m back on it now and trying to work out syn values. I have a sachet of Red’s Divine Pulled Pork Barbeque Rub but it doesn’t seem to be on the SW app...
  8. C

    Syn value for homemade brownies please help!

    today in school we made brownies. can anyone help figure out the syn value I have no idea and I don't want to miss out because of slimming world but I'm afraid it'll be too many syns! Here's the ingredients: 100g of plain flour 4 eggs 175g butter 200g sugar 200g bar of aldi dairy fine...
  9. J

    What are the Syns for muller Fruitopolis yogurt

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for the Muller Fruitolis yogurts please Thanks
  10. khalisto21

    Syns Italian eating out

    Hello!! I am heading out for my mother in laws birthday meal tomorrow at a lovely Italian resturant called Fabios! I am fairly new to Slimming world. I eat meat (but not fish) but am happy to have a vegetarian meal if it would mean less syns? Can anyone recommend the lowest syn main meal...
  11. J

    Coffee Mate

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for coffee mate please is it better than milk?
  12. H

    How many syns?

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody could please tell me how many syns is 1 cookie from the free from gluten, wheat & milk chocolate chip cookie range at Tesco? I have recently started doing Slimming World on my own and I can't seem to find anywhere how many syns there are. Thankyou :)
  13. L

    M&S salads syn values

    Hi Can anyone tell my the syn value of Marks & Spencer Mozzarella & Santini Tomato Salad With An Aged Balsamic Dressing? Thanks :) 150g serving: Calories 230 Sodium 0 mg Total Fat 16 g Potassium 0 mg Saturated 5 g Total Carbs 11 g Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 4 g Monounsaturated 0 g...
  14. X

    Leon syn values?!

    Hi Everyone am new to this website so first of all hello! I have just eaten a Mediterranean mezze salad from Leon and I am trying to work out the syn values! Please can someone help?
  15. MysticalT

    Extra Easy Lamb shank in mint gravy

    Could someone help me out with syn values please. The OH wants lamb shank in mint gravy for dinner. I will probably either get them from Morrison's, Asda or Farmfoods ( visiting all 3 today) but I'm struggling to find a syn value as a Google search brings up results anything from free ( I...
  16. H


    My hubby has been and bought Asda extra special clam and king prawn linguine. Can anyone tell me the syn value please? Per pack 325 cal 6.7g fat 47g carb Tia x
  17. J

    Super Noodles

    Hi I'm really confused with the batchelors super noodles are they syn free if so which ones. Thanks
  18. MysticalT

    Syn free recipe but includes syn foods??

    Ok, so the stubborn newbie is really confused. My OH has asked for quiche to be on the menu next week, attempting to be prepared for the syns Ive been recipe hunting and found a SW (just don't tell the OH) crustless quiche that is free of syns . This got me thinking (dangerous times)
  19. H

    M&S syns help!

    I've just had the M&S roasted aubergine, grains & sumac salad for lunch and can't find it anywhere online or on the app for the syn value! I am happy to call the Syns hotline to go through it with them, but thought I'd see if any of you amazing slimmers already knew how many syns this salad...
  20. S

    Help with syns!

    hi there! I'm following the slimming world plan myself as I don't have the money or time to attend the actual meetings but I love their plan. I'm having trouble with understanding syns etc and was just wondering what Waitrose LoveLife Thai red chicken curry syns are? It has 413 calories Thanks...
  21. F

    41 syns at 2pm

    Hi Everyone, Today work brought me in cakes and buns for my birthday. I ate a brownie and two biscuits. I've worked it out at approx. 41 syns. I feel beyond guilty and wondering am I now going to have a gain due to this. I am so mad at myself but it's one of those days where I could eat...
  22. The_ChunkyChick

    Aldi Pasta & Sauces

    Hi, If you make the Aldi pasta and sauce packets with water are they free on extra easy? Please provide any sources... Thanks in advance
  23. CrazyMoo

    BeFree Wraps

    Hi, I know you are able to count 1 BeFree wrap as your HexB but what if you wanted to syn it.....How many syns would 1 of the regular BeFree wraps be... ...Does anyone know?? Thanks in advance, SHELL!! :eating:
  24. C

    Easter eggs

    Hey guys, new to this page, first post woo! Hoping you can all help me out, used to be an attending member of slimming world but it got too expensive to keep going to doing it on my own, so no longer have access to the app unfortunately. Does anyone know the syn value of Cadbury's Easter eggs...
  25. M

    Slimming World Alfredo Sauce

    Hi all, Looking for an opinion on the following syn value on this Sauce I made for pasta this evening! It was so good: Chicken stock 230ml Milk Garlic Frylight 1tbsp wholemeal flour I make it out to be 1 syn but would value other opinions?
  26. G

    SW Syn value

    Hi looking for syn value for skinni meat range. Thanks in advance geinaj
  27. Rolo1326

    Skyr yogurt syns

    Hi all, I'm new to slimming world I am trying to do it with a few friends rather than the classes. Due to work we can't make any of the classes.:( I'm hoping to find the syn value for the new limited edition Skyr flavour - pear, apple and cinnamon. It sounds lovely but don't want to risk it if...
  28. S

    Syns in asda ready made chicken tikka slices

    Im not sure about the syn value in the asda cooked chicken tikka slices that you can eat either hot or cold. They also have other flavours, chinese chicken, barbeque etc. Thanks in advance!!:)