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♥ ~ Tanya's Maintainence Diary ~ Year 2 ~♥


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
WOW!!! 1 year on.

Here I am, 1 year on from losing 8st 0.5lbs and starting my 2nd year diary. Ok, I am a few lbs up :eek: and i'd like to lose that asap but all my clothes still fit, i'm running 3 times a week for an hour and training to run a half marathon. I'm extremley happy with the shape my body has taken on from running and with where I am with my life in general. Besides losing those few lbs I can't think of anything I would change right now.

I'd have never ever got here in a million years if it wasnt for the people on this forum - Jan, Mary and Iris especially. Always there to tell me to get my butt in gear, help me with my menus and give encouragement. :thankyou:

Maintainence has been and i reckon will be the hardest thing i will have to do in my life. I've had ups and downs, wanted to be 'normal', want to be like them and eat what i want and stay the same weight. Unfortunatly thats what got me to weigh near on 20stone in the first place. My whole entire attitude to food has changed and it's completly true what they say - a diet isnt a quick fix - it's a lifestyle change and you have to be prepared for that for it to work :)

So, no celebrations today (its a tuesday and i'm back on track after the weekend) i'm celebrating on sunday with my bf with a few drinks out in the afternoon and probably something naughty for tea :eek:

:happy036: here is to year 2! :)

Tuesday 9th November

B- 2 egg 1 egg white omelette with ham. crust off soda bread


L- baked chicken & salad. 100g cooked wholewheat pasta. tiny bit of mexican cheese & 1tsp of pepperoni dip (its a doritos dip made for obv doritos but im putting a bit on my pasta!)

*lf nat yog pot
*4 cadbury chocolate squares
*home made choc chunk muffin

D- carrot sticks & lf red pepper hummous.

*1.5litre water so far
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OMG, that is amazing! Know what you mean about the support, we all seem to make some 'chums' on here.....wouldn't be without them.

Here's to your second year Tanya! x


maintaining since June'09
Oh HERE you are!! :):D .. Great idea - good time for a new thread xx

Once more I'll say Congratulations - you've done brilliantly. I love this place - we're all here for each other and I'm QUITE sure this forum will be the reason my last weight loss journey remains successful! Be grateful and happy that you found it 30 years earlier than me and won't waste the next 30 years yo-yo-ing like I did.

Well done my luverly ;) and continued success to you.

Lots of love xxxx
you have done sooooo well, hoping and praying I can do the same.

Well done your such an inspiration


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Re: ♥ ~ Tanya's Maintainence Diary ~ ♥ Year 2!! :)

Ah thanks Jan :D
I'm very gratefull I have done it now and can't believe how far I've come. Had a little down moment earlier when I realised I'm 20lbs up from when I finished but like I said I do quite like my shape etc

Oh and I've got a massive craving for a HUGE slice of chocolate cake & I'm very tempted to pop down the road to sainsburys to get some! :-S

Contemplating a change in diet - desperately want to drop atleast 10lbs - took a pic of my plate today which is the plate I have most days - what do ya's think? Xx



maintaining since June'09
I couldn't eat that much - but I don't run! ... I'd have that without the pasta but again - I don't run AND I'm a lot older than you so can't eat as much so I'm sure it's fine for you!

Now I know I should say stay away from Sainsbury's but I can quite understand you wanting a little 'celebration' cake ;) xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Re: ♥ ~ Tanya's Maintainence Diary ~ ♥ Year 2!! :)

Yep if I don't have pasta jan I just obv have that but without the pasta lol had pasta today as I'm running tomorrow.

I am seriously considering popping to asda before work and getting myself something nice - I didn't even get a well done from the family today only me mum so I'm prob just feeling sorry for myself and wanting cake lol but then i know I'd feel real guilty! :eek:


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Scrap the asda idea - i have chocolate chunk muffins in the oven baking as i type! :drool:

Think i might look at my portion sizes then for my main meal. Cut it down abit and say only have 1/2 the meat portion and a little less pasta.


maintaining since June'09
I know what you mean but we do have to allow ourselves these little treats and it's not like you don't have a good reason. Sorry if I should be saying 'don't do it'! If you can just have one thing then there's no prob - me?- that would just be the beginning :eek:

At least your Mum acknowledged your achievement. The thing about families is - they don't tend to actually notice what we're like .. we're just 'Tanya' or 'Jan' .... I know when I show my kids pics before and after they can see the difference but never noticed there was a problem at the time. We're just 'us' and when you think about it - that's quite nice. But I DO understand some recognition would be great! xx


maintaining since June'09
HaHa!! Good for you!! :D:D:D

Re the meal - I wouldn't cut down on the meat - that portion looks fine. I'd just cut down on the pasta on non-running days. xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ah ok ... :) So i wont have pasta if i dont run. Really that should make sense. If i run i should have the pasta with my meal and on days i dont run i shouldnt have it. Whereas ive been having the pasta on the day before a run and having no carbs (except porridge) on the days i run ... hope that makes sense! :giggle:

I will only have 1 muffin & im glad youre not just telling me to not do it Jan. I know any other time you would and i love you for it.

I stood there and told my mum, dad and brother what today was when we were all in the kitchen, dad just looked at me, brother walked off and mum said well done bloomin fantastic etc. :sigh: men! Thats what im putting it down to - the different species! :rotfmlao:


maintaining since June'09
Oh aye! Completely different species - haven't got a clue - can drop half a stone simply by leaving off a few pints a week! Barstewards! Have NO idea what effort/resolve/determination it all takes!!!!

Hey listen!! Do you really think you should be taking MY advice re running????? LOL!!!! I don't know hon - you may well be right re having those carbs the day before, do some research. I'd hate to be telling you wrong!!!

26 days till we meet kid :D:D:D:D:D xxxx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Re: ♥ ~ Tanya's Maintainence Diary ~ ♥ Year 2!! :)

Omg!!!!! 26 days! How exciting!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Still havnt heard anything re my first aid course that weekend but as soon as I do I will let you know! Apparently I am within walking distance to your hotel as there is a place there called the barn owl (pubby tulle place) so ideal :)


maintaining since June'09
Okay - I'm being thick - 'pubby tulle place'?? DH still not booked this but it's more or less definite this is where we'll be. He says we've stayed there before but I'm buggered if I can remember ;)

Can't wait :D:D:D xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Re: ♥ ~ Tanya's Maintainence Diary ~ ♥ Year 2!! :)

Haha My fingers are too fat for my phone lol it's meant to say pubby little place :) well it doesn't matter where you are as we'll sort out where is a convienent place to meet when you know where you're staying :) xx
Congratulations Tanya, it is such an achievement to have maintained for a full year...that's the dream we all have, well done for going for it and reaching your goal :)

Your food plate looked scrumptious to me but I've been LTing for 5 wks so a plate of dog poo would probably look appealing (well maybe not!!!..one would hope!). I run a lot and to be honest I've never worried too much about eating carbs before or after as I figure I get enough from veg etc but it is a very personal thing. Perhaps, and I am willing to be proved completely wrong here, but maybe you just need to change your diet up a bit, eat a few different foods or in different combinations. I think when we eat similar meals for a while we get bored and then maybe eat more than we should. I'm not familiar with your menu, I have read it but not for a few days so can't remember, but it could just be worth thinking about. Anyway, sorry for butting in.....I'm afraid you might find me doing that a lot when I refeed in a month!!

Well done again, whoop whoop...oh and feck the brothers..I'm sure they do know but are just too shy/embarrassed/brother-like to say anything about it...inside they're dancing for ya :p x


maintaining since June'09
And we'll DEFFO find it - can't wait :D:D:D xxx
Congratulations Tanya, you have done fantastically well, and congratulations too with your running.

Your portion size looked fine to me, just as was said, be careful of the carbs on your no running days, but I would still have some carbs on that day. Just out of interest, is it wholemeal pasta you use? I absolutely love that stuff, and it really does fill you up for longer.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ella, I don't want to change my food as i'm happy with what im eating and really enjoying it. The moment I do (if i do) get bored with it i'll change it up a bit! :)

Yep mary, its wholewheat pasta :)

Running today :party0049: :party0049: 2x 30minute runs - can't wait to get out there but know i will be hurting! :eek:

Wednesday 10th November

*B210k w5d3 - week 5 complete! :)

B- oatsosimple cinnamon porridge s.s milk

*banana after run
*slice soda bread with butter

L- 1/2 tin of tuna & elf Mayo jacket pot (6oz) & salad

*slice iced maderia cake

D- carrot sticks & lf ref pepper hummus. Small bunch red grapes.

*2.5 litres water
*200ml pure orange juice

Edit: Run. omg. First 30minutes felt like hell. Stopped about 5 times, not for long, about 5-10secs each time to catch my breath as the cold air was making it hard for me to breathe. Coming back breathing was fine but my left thigh - which i pulled the weekend during baton training started to play up but not so much that it made me stop. Feeling great - week 5 complete. Next time is all 60minute runs!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: then its onto 1/2 marathon training! :)
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