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1 stone 7 lbs to loose in 15 weeks

Just worked out I've got 15 weeks to loose one and a half stone if I achieve 1.5lbs a week then I can do it. Thing is I'm not really enjoying the gym anymore prefer to go jogging, do u think it will b ok to do gym twice a week and go jogging 2 or 3 times. Ive really got to reach my goal as don't want another year feeling like a whale in the summer lol. Anyone got any tips for me. I'm also doing 1350cals at mo. Do u think I should achieve my goal eating this amount. Thanks for reading guys :) xx
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Yes I think you can i'm also calorie counting i'm doing 1200 a day - I also don't go to the gym I have an excercise bike at home and I walk LOTS and I try to go swimming atleast once a week. I try to burn atleast 600 cals a day
Wow 600 is that just through exercise. I do no where near that. I work shifts and often do 15 hour days so it's hard to fit exercise in some days. Do u think I should lower my cal intake a little to compensate not doing as much exercise. I'm hopping to change my job very soon as I have to drive to work at the moment but if I can get the job I want I will be able to cycle or walk which will be great. Thanks for your reply :) xx


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You can do but don't go below 1200 if you lower your calories to much for a long peroid of time your body can go into starvation mode and start bloating ( which will increase your weight.)It's a gradual process - so you don't need to panic if you do go below your calorie intake very occasionally.
From the sounds of it you are excercising so you are burning your calories so just keep doing what you are doing and fingers crossed thoses pounds will start dropping off you.
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to loose 1lbs fat = 3500 cals
so if u eat 500 cals less a week that = 1lbs
i aim to eat 700 les cals, so over the week thats 4900, over 1lbs lost then i aim to exercise the rest off. i have the same target goal as you, i'm currently 10stone 12 3/4 and want to get down to 9 stone by july.
since jan have already lost 2 stone. and i only do cardio 3 x per week. good luck! you'll do it!

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