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1 Stone to target - 9 weeks to go. All comments welcome!


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Hi everyone,

Never felt the need to do this before, because I always felt like I had endless time to get the last stone off and return back to target (which I was at last July).

I'm going on an amazing trip in just 9 weeks, to a very hot country which I am unlikely to return to again. I desperately want to look good in the pictures I take!

I lost 4lbs last week, this week it all seems to have stalled. I'm going to post my diary to see if anyone can offer me some advice about where I am going wrong, or areas for improvement.

Green Day

Breakfast: Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, 1 x 'Diet' 125g yoghurt (0 syns.)

Snack: 2x Clementines

Lunch: 250g Jacket potato, small tub of fat free cottage cheese, 1x plum

Snack: 2 Weetabix (HeB), 250ml milk (HeA), banana

Dinner: 90g Tagliatelle, 4 mushrooms, 5x Laughing cow lights (HeB) - Only ate half of this

+ 250ml milk (HeA)

28g dark chocolate (7)
hot chocolate powder (3)
Total: 10
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Ended up losing 1lb at weigh in this week, so focused again for this week!
Green Day

Breakfast: 1/2 melon, redbush tea
Snack : Apple, 2x clementines
Lunch 85g pasta, 1tbsp reduced fat pesto (1.5 syns), diet yoghurt.
Snack: Banana, plum
Dinner: 1 Tbsp olive oil (HeB) 1 small potato, 1 egg, half carton chopped tomatoes, half a tin of beans, 2 x quorn sausages
HEA: 250ml Milk

Doing green and only had 1x HEa and 1x HEb but don't fancy anything else.
Syns: 6.5 squares M&S dark chocolate (7 syns)
Hot chocolate (3 syns)
Pesto (1.5 syns)
= 11.5syns
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Have driven 200+ miles today, exhausted! Managed to go for a 5km run though, which I definitely needed after spending 4 hours cooped up in the car.
Aiming for 3lbs this week - and trying not to look at the scales the entire week. Decided if I wanted that 3lbs, then I have to earn it, so found the motivation to go for a run even though I am tired.
Today has been a success though :)
Green Day

Breakfast: Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, 125g pot diet yoghurt.
Lunch: 60g Couscous, 1/2 tin tomatoes, yellow pepper, red pepper, onion. Clementine and an apple
Snack: 2x Weetaxbix (HeB), 250ml SS milk (HeA)
Dinner: Cheesy jacket potato with 28g Cheddar (HeB) and 5 x Laughing cow lights (HeA), baked beans, courgette, red pepper, mushrooms

28g dark chocolate - 7 syns


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Another 5km run today. Was supposed to be racing, but I took it a bit too gently around the course and only realised how slowly with about 1km to go...was a nice day though and it is all exercise.

Hoping to try out a couple of EE days this week - when I go to the shop and buy some meat. I feel like I am walking on such a tight-rope to get the weight off before I go away that I'm a bit skeptical incase it doesn't work as well as green... but we must take risks, it may work better, or a change being good for weightloss anyway.
Green Day

Breakfast: 2x Weetabix (HeB), 250ml SS milk (HeA), Banana
Lunch: 2x eggs, baked beans, muller light
Massive Snack Pear, banana, grapes, hot cross bun (9syns)
Dinner: Risotto rice, peas, sweetcorn, carrot, celery, onion, 56g cheese (1HeA and 1HeB)

Hot Cross Bun - 9 syns


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Extra Easy Day

Breakfast 42g All Bran (HeB), 300ml skimmed milk (HeA), banana
Lunch: Roast beef, dry roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, 2 yorkshire puddings (6 syns), muller light
Snack Pear
Dinner Fruit salad (had this first), plain couscous cooked with some chicken stock. Certainly not ideal!!

Yorkshire pudding x 2 = 6 syns
28g Dark chocolate = 7 syns

Total = 11


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Jemma - your diary looks good - really good green day ideas - yummy forgot how much i loved green days - going to try some this week

Where you off to on your trip?


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Green days are my favourite - even doing EE today I found I was completely stuck and missed my extra HEs. I've got some meat for next week, but would rather use a smaller amount for my HEb and then bulk it out. Praying for a good loss this week.

I'm going to India :eek:


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Back to the faithful green day!

Green Day

Breakfast: blackberries, morello cherries, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, diet yoghurt
Snack: Apple
Lunch: 2x quorn sausages, baked beans, poached egg, mushrooms
Dinner: 85g extra lean mince (HeB), mushrooms, tomato, carrot, 85g pasta. 28g cheddar (HeB)

+ 250ml SS milk (HeA)
32g dark chocolate: 8 syns
hot chocolate: 3 syns

Total = 11syns


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Have only just realised that I should be posting this in the food diary section not the weight loss diary...oops.
Yesterday was a write off, got taken out for sushi at lunch, and it wasn't as healthy as I thought it was.
Green Day

Breakfast: blackberries, morello cherries, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, diet yoghurt
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Couscous with onion, chopped tomatoes, red pepper, Total 0% yoghurt, white options (2.5 syns)
Snack Weetabix (HeB) 250ml milk (HeA), banana
Dinner: 85g extra lean beef mince (HeB), onion, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, baked beans, carrot, 64g brown rice

+250ml SS milk (HeA)

34g White Chocolate - 9 syns
Options white chocolate - 2.5 syns

Total - 11.5 syns
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