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10.5lb off in one week????

wow, that's absolutely amazing! Was she wearing heavy clothes last week? :D
Haha!! Those are the 2 very comments my husband made, lol! Lord only knows how she did it, esp being so small already, maybe she had eaten & drunk alot the day she joined, getting rid of all the rubbish, and maybe she did have heavy clothes on, but she'd have had to have only eaten 0pp soup all week!!!

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sounds a bit odd alright??
I did a diet a couple of years ago and lost 10lb the first week but that was doing Lipotrim total food replacement!
Wow! I am highly jealous of her haha. Maybe she was doing some epic biggest loser workout as well as 0pp soup!? :D
What!!! let us know how she gets on next week - maybe she did have weights in her pockets as she wants to get to her goal weight so her weekly fee is free - hoo how cynical am I but come on that's alot from a small person even if she was totm / bunged up / had water retention in her 1st week!
Oooh, I could do with a loss like that - two weeks of those losses and I would be at goal lol. I guess, I will just have to be happy with my 1/2 or 1lb that I usually lose lol :)
lucky her, cant wait to hear what she loses next wi
Lol @ Kieragh!! I can't wait either - I drove past her yesterday and very nearly pulled the car over to pounce on her for her dieting tips, haha!! She may well have thought I was a bit of a stalker though so thought better of it!

I do remember that she said she used to eat lots of bread & that week she had completely given up carbs, and walked much more than she usually does. But still.... 10.5lb!!!!

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