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10 stone to lose but really taking its time...


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From watching The Biggest Loser and other shows I was convinced that having 100lbs+ to lose and radically overhauling my diet/exercise regime that the weight would start to go with a reasonable amount of gusto but it is happening excruciatingly slowly. Prior to embarking on a new eating plan my weight was stable so my diet was maintaining my weight moreso than continually adding to it, so shouldn't the weight come off more quickly?

I'm on myfitnesspal and have set it at 1,400 cals a day. Before now I would consume at least a packet of biscuits or family-sized chocolate bar a day in addition to my 3 big meals and way too many fizzy drinks so there is quite a difference in my daily calorie intake, yet still I only manage 1 to 2 lbs a week. I'm on a low carb/high protein diet and though I'm mostly sad on it (not going to lie I really miss the biscuits!!) I'm doing my best. I'm not looking for miracles by any means but every day feels like a struggle right now :(

For the other WeMITTS was it a slow burn for you? Am I expecting too much?
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I'm no expert but I would think 1400 calls is a bit low, I'd take it up to 1800 - 2000 for at least a couple weeks and see if that works.


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Don't forget, the guys on TBL not only have trainers on hand 24/7, but they spend 8 of those 24 hours in the gym. They have NO access to "real life food" so they haven't got the choice really..

And apart from all of that, have you seen the aftershow success rate? A lot of them pile back the weight on and more when they leave!!

If its going slow its really frustrating, yeah i'm with you on that! I had 8 stone to get off me in January and I've barely got 2 of them off in.... 10 months. Queen of slow! But I think its better making managable steps you can implement for life, even if its a bit slower xx

jls - 1400 sounds about right for her, don't forget men get a lot more calories than women in general :p MFP works it out for you.
Another good reason to be a bloke, we can eat more :D


*reformed* sugar junkie
I'm so glad I'm not the only one Hannata! I wasn't expecting to drop half a stone a week or anything, but I hear so much that bigger people have bigger number losses (not % wise obviously) because they have so much to lose and here I am barely dropping 2lbs a week. I'm going to persevere because I have no choice and some loss is better than none.

I didn't realise they did follow ups with TBL contestants - though maybe if I watched them falling back into their old ways I'd give up altogether!


I can haz cake?
yeah it should be proportionate...! That annoys me too lol :p

I really like the biggest loser, its great motivation, its interesting, you can pick up lots of training and eating tips... however.. the competition aspect ruins it for me. People HAVE to lose huge sums of weight to win.

People at home simply cannot lose that kind of weight alone... and it does get you down when you do your first week and you get 4lbs off...then you see these people on tbl getting 14-20lb losses on their first week!!! Sadly we aren't away from temptation, we have to work or look after other people, and we haven't got access to a top of the range gym that is open 24/7

The best advice I could give anyone is; log on to minis every day, and if you have a bad day, do not give up hope and just get back on it :) Yeah its mega frustrating when people half your size lose 3lbs and you struggle to get 1 or even 2... but stuff them. We are doing this for ourselves and not anyone else :)


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Aye they losr fast because they exercise for so long. Men i think reach a 8000 cal burn a day and women 6000. And bear in mind there are weeks where they only lise a couple of pounds!

The weight took time to put on, itll tske time to come iff. Your body wants to retain fat, losing 2lbs a week is healthy and normal. Remember 2lbs is the equivalent of 4 packs of butter!
I've got a lot to lose too ( half my starting weight!!) and have my mind set so im quite happy for it to take over a year for me to get to my goal weight.

The way I'm looking at it is is that I've been on and off diets for years and been miserable so a year where im actually eating & not just drinking shakes is nothing compared to that.

Losing at a rate of 2lbs a week, which is what I'm aiming for is more sustainable in the long run & by the time I get to goal my eating habits should be completely changed for good, at least that's the theory!

Good luck you can do it and try not to be disheartened by smaller losses. All losses are a step in the right direction and just think where you could be in a year losing 2lbs a week!

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