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100 days 100% - motivation calendar!

Hello everyone! :D

So I was messing around trying to find ways to help me achieve my 100 days doing the diet and I came up with a simple wall calendar to help me count the days and visualize my progress.

Please let me know what you think and also in ways to improve this, post all your suggestions here and feel free to send me a PM asking me for the original file (.PNG - Fireworks CS5.5).

You can print the image as its sized to A4, so you can post on your wall and motivate yourself every day. I use some stickers to block out the days I have done already, but you can just cross them with a thick marker as well.

The "weight ins" I am doing are every 10 days, but I will also be doing a version for 7 days for those of you who are used to it, or go to a consultant, etc...

Hope it helps you as its helping me :p:D

Direct link for download (right-click select save as):

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Heey :)

Everyone is welcome to link it, sharing is caring! :)

I am doing another version of it, suited for the 7th day weight in and then I will post here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate too as I am already doing more wall posters with different things to help me on this journey.
I will be sharing them with you all pretty soon.

*hugs* :D


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Hmm, a 7 day weigh in one would be fantastic. I know I tend to count my weigh-ins weekly as do a lot of other people.

The other thing I've started doing on the one I've printed out this week is also marking the days when I've done the exercise I planned as well, I wonder if there would be a good way of including that on it as well?
Hey everyone!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will be doing some new and bigger versions of it.
Basically I will be doing different motivational "posters" with different purposes and different diets and they will span between a single sheet of A4 paper and also multiple sheets so you can print, cut and paste and make a big wall poster!

Stay tuned for more helpful goodies, they help me a lot and I literally covered my room with some ones I already had, no matter where I look I always see them and remind me why I am doing this and where I am heading to.


PS: Cybill, I will make one with some space to add things like the days you go to the gym, etc..
I recently joined the gym and will be marking on it as well.
As soon as I have designed one to fit that extra info, I will update the thread.
Also, for those of you who weight in on the 7th day, one is already on the way! ;)
hey, I came across this after I made myself a 'star chart'. I've written tasks I'd like to complete each day & will use stickers to mark them off.
See picture in my diary :)


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Ooooh yes, the 7 day one will be soooo handy :) Thanks for sharing, lovely idea xx
Hey everyone! ;-)

I am glad it helped some of you! I am finally off work and will have this week to make the 7 day one, as well as to update with a new design, etc

Hope you will like it as well!

Thank you soo much for all your hard work these planners are fab, could you tell me if you have finished working on the 7 day one thankyou once again Linda
skinnyone0 said:
Thank you soo much for all your hard work these planners are fab, could you tell me if you have finished working on the 7 day one thankyou once again Linda
Hey thanks! :)

The 7 day weight in will be finished by Thursday. I am doing a bit of changes with the suggestions ;-)


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Here's what I've done with my chart

It would be great to put the date at the start of each line (for the 10 day one), I've started writing it in, or I guess the day of the week for the 7 day one, to help me remember where I'm up to, some days I can't remember if I've put a star on or not, and get in a muddle.

It's brilliant though, I love using it, and it's really helping me stay on track for this last haul.

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)


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Ooh this is FABULOUS!!! I'm going to do one tomorrowand get some stickers...Oh I feel all childlike lol! ;)

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