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100 days at 100%

Wow - that looks fantastic but can I be dim and ask what you mean by a 100% day?
Ha ha, thats not dim, my definition is when I have stuck to my 29 points and not cheated so have been 100% good all day! :) obviously you have your weekly points too so the only time I have to mark a box red is if I've gone over these too.

Sadly I have a picture of this chart as the screensaver on my phone - my phone is always with me so I can always be reminded to be good! Hopefully I'll have a screensaver full of green after 100 days! x
Ooh - I like that so i will pinch and colour green for sticking to 29, orange for using weeklies and red for over weeklies.

Thank you so much

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Great idea skinny! I'll be using this :D Might set it as my laptop background; I'm on it enough to not forget about this.
Also love the idea of green for dailies, orange for weeklies and red for over weeklies :D
Fab ideas!! I am putting it as my background right now - between my laptop and my phone I will have no escape from reminders to be good! Hope it works for you guys, keep me posted on how you're getting on :)

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Starting mine tomorrow as I get weighed later on today :) Hope it works for you too :D
thankyou for this i hope to use this as motivation
have showed my husband the chart and he loves it too. I like the idea of weighing in every 10 days too so that I don't have that post weigh in tendancy to be naughty thinking I have a whole week to work it off. We are starting today so our 100 days will finish on Friday 2nd December. The weigh ins hit on some tricky dates like my birthday and my husband's birthday so it will be good to keep my eyes on the prize on the days where we would tend to 'treat' ourselves
Fab!! I really hope it helps out a bit, its sometimes the little things that keep me focussed - I feel like snacking right now but I'm determined not to have any reds on this thing! Good luck :)

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Wowow, that's brilliant! I'm currently going to ww and weighing in every week. Classes here are really expensive though (about £12 a time) so once the things I've already bought run out, I think there's about 6 left, I'm going to try and keep going just using this site. That tracker might be just the thing that I need! Also love the idea of weighing every 10 days so you don't fall into the trap of playing 'catch up' before weigh in.
How does it work though? Do you take a new picture everyday? Or have you found a way to colour the squares on your phone?


this time I will succeed
Thanks for sharing this, great motivator. Good luck


this time I will succeed
I've found a way to colour them but there could be an easier way. Copy and paste to a word doc. Right click and text wrap (square) then insert a small text box over each day as you complete it and fill text box with the correct colour i.e green for 100%, orange for 100% inc weeklies and red for blow out. Hope this helps. All you need to do is save and re-post as desktop or on phone or on your page here.
Ignore above as I can't seem to apply a doc as my screen saver
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