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100 sit ups a day challenge??


Excited about the new me!
Is anyone up for another challenge?? Not to do with the diet as such, but exercise!! It'll help tone up the wobbly bits as we are loosing lots of weight. The sit ups can be crunches, don't have to be done all together, but do need to be done in a day. I do mine watching Eastenders or Corrie and bobbing up infront of Billy or Jack does make me giggle.
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I do mine watching Eastenders or Corrie and bobbing up infront of Billy or Jack does make me giggle.

I could certainly give it a try! I can only manage up to 15 at a time, but I'd be up for spreading it out!

I need to tone my tum! 100 crunches here I come :p:p

Hugs x x x


Going for Goal!
Because we're worth it! lol

Hey let me know how you get on with yours x x x
I'd love to give this a go... Haven't been doing any exercise of any kind for the last couple of weeks - cross trainer is staring reproachfully at me from the corner of the room as I type!!

Toning up flabby tum will work wonders for my self-confidence (I hope!!).

Did you want to record it on here when target is reached every day?

Mrs J x


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I quite fancy giving this a go too! Could be a 'June' challenge? and recording on here would give me the incentive to actually do it! xx


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I would like to do this too... need to tone up my tum.
I cant do it straight away though as have a very sore tummy from being on anti bs.. so will wait til I finish.
Great idea.. x
Hi, i'd like to give it a go!

my OH bought me a pink ball thingy for my birthday - one to support your back when you are doing sit ups, i got as far as pumping it up.....

my belly is the one thing that is really getting me down, i have always had a fat arse and thighs and even though i dont like them, am pretty certain they will always be there in some form - even if i was 10 stone!, but never a belly before, and even being 3 stone lighter, it still spills over my trousers :-(

anyway - enough moaning and time to do something about it - thank you - i am inspired!
BTW Alexmummy - fantastic pics! you look fantastic!!!!
Thank you :) Well I thought I'd have a go and see how unfit I am (haha) and I've managed 50 and sore now, so I'll leave it there for today, I have weigh in tonight, so I won't drink loads now either, but now this thread is up, I am definately going to keep going, and my personal target will be to up it each day and to be doing 100 confidently by the end of June - but hopefully a fair bit before then! I just seem to have no tummy muscles at all at the moment, just skin... xx

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Ooohhhhhhhh this sounds like a good plan!!!! Right I'm in. I'll start tonight after teaching. Let u know how i go . gotta go teach xx
i wanna say yes to this lol....but bf wont do it probs and im round his every night hmmm..... i will ask him tonight :)


needs a real kick in the
i would love to but i get trouble with my back so i ahve a machine chair thing that i lie on and i do jack knifes and sit ups on that, is that ok, will this count, and i'll try situps properly again after 2 weeks, xxx
I'd like to have a go at this too. Can't start it yet though, 'cos it's nearly totm and my stomach is feeling quite grotty:( Soon as I feel better I'll be trying this every day-even if I have to space them out a bit!


supposed to be working!
Sorry to be thick, but by sit-ups do you mean crunches?
100 would be awesome - i usually go for around 50 at the gym - and certainly not every day :)
So for this challenge, are we doing them every day?
Also, since Ive never been part of a challenge group - do we come here and log our daily work?
I would love to join! :D

Quick note for Izzycat - I am the absolute same as you: always bum and hips girl and with these extra lbs ive gained last few months I now have a tummy that I never used to! Best workout for the stubborn lower tum fat are leg lifts.
So lie on your back (with some support under your lower back if you have a weak back) and with your legs together and straight out, lift them very gently until you feel it in your core. Slowly lower without letting them hit the floor, and repeat.

Hey binibikini,
I have to say I will only be able to do crunches as I've tried proper full on situps and can only manage about 10 (and that's only with hubby standing over me and/or holding my feet)!
I think the challenge is to do them everyday, and I think it would be a good idea to record on here as and when we do them - will definitely keep me motivated to do them!
BTW I like your leg lift exercise - may have to give that a go tonight too!
MrsJ x


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Oh, how could I resist this challenge - I am on! I better get starting though! Be right back in a few minutes to report.


supposed to be working!
Thanks for the clarification Mrs.Justin! First totm day but I will still try as many as poss!

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