1000 plan - ups and downs


Silver Member
S: 18st0lb G: 10st3lb
Started 1000 plan proper on Thursday and things seem to have started to move in the right direction again - I did three days of 1000 ten days ago and put on a huge 5lb, then chatted to CDC and we agreed that I would do carbs for one meal only and three packs as a kind of half way house between 810 and 1000. But now feeling a lot happier that finally the scales are going back in the right direction - I want to get to 10 stone but only so that I can maintain at 10 7 ish -
A little concerned how much the scales have dictated my mood for the last few days - I felt sooooo fat at 10 9!! (I used to be 17 12 - so that is ridiculous!!)
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