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120 days and 62.5lbs...

Hi everyone

I've never written a diary before so apologised if my ramblings sound like rubbish.

Where to start... Well I'll begin at the beginning of my Cambridge journey on the 6th January 2010 weighing in at 17 stone 12lbs, I successfully lost 3 stone 4lbs by the end of April for a holiday to Egypt, I restarted CD throughout the year with no success and by January 2011 I had piled on all of the weight back on plus an additional 4lbs.

So here I am now starting off at 18 stone 2lbs with 123 days till I go to my holiday of a lifetime - 2 weeks in Mexico with my partner, and bill and sill. I'm SOO excited.

I started again on the 6th January (I have slight autistic tendencies and believe that the date is lucky) and am on the end of day 5 feeling great.

I've set myself a tall challenge of 72lbs in 123 days but hey lets aim for the stars and see where we land...

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Another day has passed and it's wi - I've been having sneaky wi's and I know I've only lost about 7 / 8lbs... Which would be good but on my last 2 restarts I lost 13 and 14lbs respectively.

Today has been tough, I had a glass of dr pepper zero last night (no citric acid) and it must have done something to me as I've been hungry all day And so lethargic. Which isn't me at all, when im on cd I feel so great I feel like can take on the world :)

It's ds 2nd birthday party next Saturday so tonight I made sweetie cones to put in his party bags, I was quoted £1.50/cone but managed to do 20 for just under £7 - gotta love a bargain.

I've been having conversations with myself about whether I eat at his party and vie concluded that I'm not going to... Yes I would love the sandwiches and crisps and pork pies etc... Especially as I don't want to be the only one not eating but then I thought... Everyone is going to be eating for what... 15 / 20 minutes??? Then what??it's 3 days of getting back into ketosis and ANOTHER failed restart! I don't want that. I'm going to Barcelona in just over 3 weeks for a long weekend and I'm dreading messing up in. I think I'll take my shaker and enough packs but I may go ss+ plus and order a small meal in the evening.

The old me would have used both of these occasions as an excuse to overindulge but I must be learning something :)

So 122 days left and 72lbs to go!!
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Hiya :) making the choice to come back and do it again is half the battle, but it sounds like you are in a good place and what a great reason to lose for, mexico sounds fantastic! Best of luck and looking forward to hearing about all your great losses!


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Looking forward to hearing about your losses! Im on day 2 and had a sneaky weigh in 5lbs loss I think! I'm running to the loo all the time, good luck xx
Thanks everyone for your responses.

I had my wi tonight.... Drum roll please....I lost 9 and a half pounds!!

It's not as good as previous restarts or the first week that I started but I'll take that loss.

I forgot my shaker at work today so i've nit had anything yet and my head is banging.

I was going to play on the kinect tonight (burn a few extra kcals) but I think Im just going to go to bed.

I have a horrible day tomorrow - it's the funeral of a girl from work, she was only 34 and I'm not looking forward to it at all. However it does put life into perspective, I'm sick of complaining about being unhappy and putting my life on hold just because I'm overweight,because at the end of it, it really doesn't matter.

Anyway not to put a downer on things - onwards and upwards

Happy Cambridging everyone!,
Well done on the weight loss, brilliant start!! Things like that definetly put things into perspective, let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves, blaming our sluggish metabolism and get rid of this fat for good!!! Xx
7 days down - 121 to go!!!

I went to the funeral today - such a lovely service but so sad. Hearing stories about her life really inspired me. She really did live life to the full, a successful job, 2 successful business, holidays nearly every other month. It makes me want to be a better person and not just shy away from everything and go and grab life by the balls!!

Anyway less of the depressing talk. I'm really focussed on my diet at the moment, I bought a new set of scales today - it measures in tenths of a lb so I can track my weight loss day by day. It also measures bmi, water and muscle percentage - it doesn't look good people but at least I can say I'm working on it now :)
Really enjoying your diary and loving the little conversations with yourself. I do that alot as well, but sometimes forget and say them out loud :eek:
Also agree with taking your life, giving it everything you've got, and making it what you want it to be.
Good luck for this week :)
Really enjoying your diary and loving the little conversations with yourself. I do that alot as well, but sometimes forget and say them out loud :eek:
Also agree with taking your life, giving it everything you've got, and making it what you want it to be.
Good luck for this week :)

Thanks Farmgirl... I'm glad it's not just me who has internal words with themselves :)

It's now day 9 (Ive been muddling up my numbers) and it's flown by but today....tmi alert.... I'm starving!!! I must be due on my period soon cause I'm ravenous!! I was debating whether or not to make today an ss+ day but then I figured that if I'm only debating it then I can't want it that much otherwise I'd just do it... I'm sure that has some kind of logic :)

This weekend will be tough - I'm making my sons birthday cake (ive been baking celebration cakes for about 8 months now and they're not so shabby - if I do say so myself!) so the house will be filled with yummy smells of cakes... Yum!!

But must stay focussed - 120 days left!!!

Happy Cambridging!!
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