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12th week meals!


Going for Goal!
As you all know when ss'ing it used to be every 4 weeks for aamw but now im told every 12 weeks - good me thinks cos i always found it hard to get back to ss after aamw.

However, i must say, because the food is quite limited, i find it hard as it's so bland, and im not sure what spices/stocks i can use to help perk the food up a bit.

Do any of you have any nice recipes you have tried that I could use?! I want to plan my meals for that week - something to look forward to! :D x x x
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wow, you're tall! I think you've made a mistake. 12 inches in a foot. theres a thread on here about 810 meals, mite give you some ideas.:)


Going for Goal!
yeah i have lol, im not tall at all, a diddy 5"4 im afraid.

Must change it, thanks for the reminder x x x


Cambridge Consultant
LOL Emma I saw your height and was chuckling to myself too..

I am supposed to go on to 810 for a week in a few weeks. but Im scared too. i want to stay as I am as so happy like this..

I would be interested to see what things we can add too.
I'm both looking forward to and dreading my 810 week. I absolutely hate all veggies and salad so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. The only things that I like out of what I'm allowed is chicken and quorn-though I don't quite know how to cook the quorn without it being too bland and tasteless.:confused:
What i have done is used some cottage cheese with chives its virtually fat free and then either use a chicken breast or quorn fillets cut out the middle and fill it up and put chicken back on it melts the cottage cheeses and is very tasty
Good thread as was wondering all this myself.

I have my aamw week in 4 weeks time and dreading it! I too dont like veggies or salads. I have read that instead of the milk allowance you can have no fat greek yohurt and add curry powder to it to make a marinade for quorn / chicken / turkey to make tikka kebabs or a tikka dish. I am def going to try that one.

Also the chick breast covered in lemon juices and herbs baked in the oven in foil would be nice too.

I will have to stomach the veggies but i am awful and really dislike them but love fruit but it is not allowed!

Stupid question but why do we have to have the 1 week break from ss?


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Stupid question but why do we have to have the 1 week break from ss?
Not a stupid question at all. The NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) Guidance on Obesity instructs that people should not use a very low calorie diet (less than 800 kcals/day) for more than 12 weeks in succession.

So the folks at Cambridge are just following the guidance. :)

And actually, I'm not exactly big on eating vegetables myself, but after weeks of not eating, I promise they'll taste better than you remember. :D


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Hmm, sorry about the large font in that last post... Don't seem to be able to fix it!


Going for Goal!
I want to also know why the vegetables are only allowed in quite skimpy sizes lol - 2 table spoons, is a large bowl of green salad leaves really that bad?

Also, i remember someone saying we are allowed fat free salad dressings - which one is worth trying? I love salad dressings, but not sure what to go for...

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