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Total Solution 16 weeks till wedding - day two total solution


Hi all, well as title says im gettin married soon an need lose as much wejght as possible,! Ive been big all my life tried every diet even had gastric band. I lost ten stones in 12 mths with band but only as I could keep nothing down an vomited 10 times day . The band was rdmoved an ive gained loads weight back. Im so disgusted I have got so big again.
Anyway my partner proposed last mth an im gettin married in venice at end of june.I went dress shopping yesterday an omg no way am I gettinv married this size, nothing woulkd fit an if it did I looked awful.
I startdd total solution yesterday , it been ok but struggling tonite even as I type this im thinking what I could eat.
I would love to hear from oghers who just started or have lost on this diet.
Julie xx
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A thin person in disguise
Hi Julie,

I am due to start this plan in April, as I have loads is stressful events coming up such as preparing to move and re-scheduling my hectic diary at work. However, I did lose over 4 stone on LL which, is about the same.

Sadly, I forgot my lessons and piled the weight back on when my partner moved in. I was convinced that since we are roughly the same height, I could eat the same amount as him.....er not!!! Hence why I am on a vLCD, but have chosen Exante as I am convinced that LL have changed the packs and they do not agree with me. Also, this forum is far busier than LL, which is far better as I don't have to wait all week to 'off load' my weirdness and issues, tissues optional!!!!!

I have been engaged for over 1 year, but due to finances and weight, i am waiting for the right time to get married which is when I feel comfortable and attractive in my own skin which, having being big all my adult life, only occurred when I reached target in 2009 and lasted for 6 months. That feeling is more delicious than any food, but is becoming a distant memory for me. I am looking forward to feeling my hip bones and clothes shopping whoop whoop

Stay strong, your wedding photos are life treasures to be proud of xx


This forum been such good distraction tonite especially as my son eating the most amazing sandwich at this moment. Since my partner moved in ive gained so much, he 6, 6 an slim ive eaten same as him stupid mistake!! Well my willpower usually awful but thought of buying dress is gojng keep me on track. Having been slim once it was amazing being able to buy clothes and I will do it again xx


Wow! Good luck for the wedding. I got married a couple of years ago and managed to lose 5.5 stone just in time. Bought the dress prior in my goal weight size so I literally had to do it snd managed to get into it a week before....phew! Good luck x
Hey! I started TS on Monday so on day 3 now - not as exciting motivator as you but I am going on holiday at the end of June so my first goal is to try and lose about 5 stone by then. I'm currently 24st10 so I stress this is just my first goal of many!! Have been big all my life so never had the slim experience but would love to be able to go shopping in the high street stores rather than constantly ordering out of the plus size catalogues. I've been reading all the posts on here for last couple of weeks to get me in the right mindset so hoping all you lovely people can keep me motivated over the coming weeks (and I you)!!

Not feeling too bad so far although I am back at work tomorrow so this is where the real stress will begin! Already counting down the days til my first weigh in on Monday though!

How are people finding the packs so far? I got the four week bumper pack and so far have disliked the chocolate and tomato packs (but ok once added some coffee and pepper) but had the chicken and banana yesterday and loved them! The bars are both nice but a bit overwhelming so been having half for breakfast and half as a snack when I feel hungry. Black coffee and water have become my best friends ;)

strawberry and mushroom time today so hoping they'll be good!!

Good luck to everyone just starting or already on the journey!!


Hi Pink,

How you finding day five? Ive just finished day 7 with weighing tommorow but im really nervous in case i havent lost. Im also doin the bumper pack an omg it will be a miracle if i finish some of them. All the shakes are nice but the soups are turning my stomach already especially the tomato its like bowl of toxic waste with fatty lumps !!


Gold Member
Hi Jules. If you're struggling with the soups, what about adding some herbs or spices to them? I've only had the mushroom and actually like it, but others have done that. And I blend them with a stick blender which makes them nice and smooth and frothy :) As for your weight loss, if you've stuck to it for a week you'll definitely have lost weight, probably quite a bit, so good luck for tomorrow x
Hey jules,
yesterday and today definitely the worst so far!! Think its been back at work that's done it. Had headaches today but still not as bad as I thought the side effects would be. So hungry now though I literally got in from work at 21.30 and was in bed by 21.40 to stop me from raiding the fridge!!

Dont worry I'm sure you'll have lost!! I had a sneaky peak on the scales on day 3 and I was very happy with what I saw. Given that on days 1 & 2 I couldn't get through a half hour tv show without running to the loo I'm fairly sure I've stopped retaining water now.

Definitely with you on the tomato and that was the one I was least worried about!! All the others are ok - can only stomach the vanilla if the waters freezing cold!! As far as the lumps go I've had no probs. when I'm at home I do the soups in my smoothie maker with kettle water and at work I mix in a shaker bottle and then heat in the micro and they've come out pretty smooth!!

Make sure you post your first loss!! - will motivate me til mine on Monday :)
Well I've done my first weigh in this morning and lost 14.6lbs - feels incredible. Was getting to the point last night where I really wanted to eat something different but my weigh in has definitely spurred me on again now!!
Hi Jules
It was my first weight in this morning and lost 7.75lbs
It really works! I had a Chinese last night and thought I ruined it all but I'm just going to carry on and not let next week reflect my sins
Good luck :) x
Finding it very difficult today - very nauseous!! Just had my soup and nothing seems to be keeping me hungry! Thinking if I still feel as bad later gonna have to add a little food - maybe a chicken breast or some tuna x


Silver Member
Whoa......14.6lbs is fantastic.....

Thats a great result :)

Keep it up..