16's to 15's anyone??

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Through the stones to your zone' started by Fredcat, 24 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. Fredcat

    Fredcat Full Member

    Hi, I'm almost in the 16's, hopefully will be next week, was looking for a 16's to 15's thread, but can't find one! So I'm starting one now. Anyone in the same boat, join up here!;)
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  3. Clartylou

    Clartylou Member

    I've just entered the 16's yesterday. Weighing in at 16st12lbs....not to bad as I started at 20st exactly in Nov 2011!!
  4. rosie1961

    rosie1961 New Member

    Hi there i started 3 weeks ago and weighed in at 16st 71/2 and was very dissapointedon my first week as i only lost 2lb and was doing everything by the book so hopefully on monday it will be a better weight loss:) its nice to be able to talk with people in the same boat i would like to lose 2 stone by aug as my son is getting married.
  5. rosie1961

    rosie1961 New Member

    clartylou you have done so well im sure you will get there.
  6. Clartylou

    Clartylou Member

    I weighed into today at 16st 2lbs, so aiming for the 15's in the next two weeks :) I am not setting my final goal as I just don't know how things will go.
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  7. zi-ann

    zi-ann Full Member

    Had weigh in today, and im 16.05 ... so hopefully next week i shall be in the 15's :)
  8. LilyF

    LilyF Member

    Hi, I started on Sunday at 16-7 exactly. Looking forward to getting rid of it!
  9. SAM90

    SAM90 Member

    Hi everyone, I had weigh-in tonight and finally got into the 16s :D (only just i'm now 16st13lb lol) so can I join you? I think that instead of setting a final goal i'm going to come onto the forums and aim to get into the lesser stone, one at a time xxx
  10. Iamsherlocked

    Iamsherlocked New Member

    Yay :) well done! I'm new here too and also new to the site. I like the idea about going from one thread to the next x
  11. zi-ann

    zi-ann Full Member

    I am nearly there .. i now weigh 16 stone .. woop woop
  12. zi-ann

    zi-ann Full Member

    YAY .. i made it, today i am 15.13 :)
  13. Clartylou

    Clartylou Member

    Made it into the 15's today, weighing in at 15st13.5lbs! Started WW at 20st exactly in Nov2011 x
  14. louise10

    louise10 Member

    Hi there

    I am 16st on my scales at home [starting ww on wed so may change!] -hoping to be in the 15s next week :D - good thread, look forward to chatting with you all.

  15. Allure_

    Allure_ Starting again :-)

    Hiya was 16st4.0lb and now 15st6.0lb ...cant wait to get out of the 15's!
  16. astara

    astara Member

    Hi There,

    This is my first WW meeting today (was nerve racking but I enjoyed it!). I am starting at 16st5lb. I think I have done ok today, but may have over compensated my points, ie added extra points for fear of going over! I'm sure I will get into the routine, blatantly starving right now, but I know that's my head not my stomach lol
  17. Mini~Mummy~2~B

    Mini~Mummy~2~B Full Member

    I just joined WW last night at 16.6 1/2 so will let you all know how I get on next week :)
  18. Littlepink

    Littlepink Full Member

    im 16st 12lbs now, although can't wait to get into the 15's seems a long way off 18st 7lbs when i started.
  19. Crazyarmywife

    Crazyarmywife Full Member

    Hoping to be in the 15's next week, Be lovely to finally break that stone. Good luck to you all x
  20. pestikar

    pestikar Member

    hiyaa all well done on all ur loses so far,
    i just had that lovely moment when i realised i was on the wrong thread although just barely. i'm out of the 17s. i started off at 19 stone 9lb and in three months i got down to 16 stone 4lb i met my partner and we went on loads of dates and the weight crept up to 17 stone 4lb from thursday i've managed to lose 5lb so i need to get right down to the 15s by august me thinks.
  21. Crazyarmywife

    Crazyarmywife Full Member

    Well done on your 5lb loss this week and for your 3st 8 loss so far. Its so difficult to keep in control when your out and about with your partner, Especially mine who is 6ft 4 and a lampost lol, Hope we can spur each other on and i am hoping to be in the 15's by next week, Good luck and hope you have a good week x

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