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1st bad week

:cry: i put 2lb on and i feel like crap. i fealt like they should have taken my 1 and a half stone award off me because i didnt deserve it. i'm on a star week but i know thats not to blame. i have slid a little this week. i'm back now and aiming for atleast 3lb next week to bring it back up but i just cant stop feeling like crap. maybe tomorow will be better. new week and all that.
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Regardless of what you've done this week you still deserve that sticker as you still worked hard to get it - whatever you've done this week doesn't change that.

I know it's hard when you have a gain, but you know what you've done wrong and how to lose it again so don't beat yourself up too much about it. It happens to everyone and if it's going to be part of your life in the long run then there will be times when it's not as easy to stick to, but in the grand scheme of things one week isn't all that bad.
I've done it so many times i'm forever telling myself that!
thanks ladies. i do know where i went wrong and i know its only me and like u say it is only 1 week of gain. i think its just a down week. lol. had a few bad days at work, the house work is gettin a bit out of hand and then this. lol. i'll get over it. pmsl x


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you got the best attitude, you know what you did wrong and as long as you enjoyed it, and now you know you gotta put it behind you and go for it

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
In 11 weeks you've had 2 maintains, 8 losses and 1 gain!!!!! Thats fantastic, some of you girls, I don't know, *** said whilst strolling off shaking head*** lol :)


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We all have set backs, I've had loads, and they are a bit heartbreaking but you will get that off again next week. As long as you know WHY you put it on you can correct it for next week x


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sorry about the gain, it happens to everyone sooner or later. All we can do is work out what went wrong, what we were feeling at the time (maybe keep a diary for instances like this) and find better coping mechanisms other than eating. Forget about it and get back on the wagon!

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