1st day 2moz confused help need help!!!!

Blue Butterfly

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You dont need to buy ketostix at all. Being in ketosis is just the thing that stops you feeling hungry and gives you energy, people seem to think it's what burns fat but this is not true.
Most people hit ketosis by day 7.

When you do your AAM (add a meal week) you need to have high protein and low carbs.
Things like chicken, eggs, quorn, green salad.
There are lots of recipes in the recipe section on here.
You'll be fine, as long as you dont use your AAM to stuff your face then you wont gain weight.


I can and will do this!
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Hello and welcome Kat - you can do this!


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Thankyou guys got to the end of day1 nt 2 bad at all!!! Onwards and upward


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im on day one tommorow
looking forward to it need to complete 3 days 100%n i know i can do it


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U can do just think abt the reasons u came here & doing it in the 1st plc.
Day 2 4 me 2dy... Ivgt2 go this ;)

If at 1st u dnt succeed, try & try again