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1st week on SW and stayed the same......

i was having regular loses on WW previously but wanted to try SW as i was hungry on WW and this diet appealed to me.;)
I'm mostly on green days, and wondering if i stayed the same due to a transition from leaving WW to SW.
Or if its too much of the "good stuff"!!
namely pasta, cous cous and eggs! :D :D
lived manily on the above for a week and mostly saved my syns for weekend, please can someone tell me if this is wrong.
I'm guessing im going to be told to watch my portion sizes, but dont know how much i should be having to be honest, used to being on Ww and weighing the pasta.
ANY advice appreciated. x x :cry::cry::cry:
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Hi there,

It could be for a number of reasons - your body can take a couple of weeks to get used to the plan. If you have been hungry on WW your body has probably got used to starving and the new SW lots of food plan is a shock!!!

But hasn't it been great not to be hungry? to enjoy the food you have had? and NOT to have put any weight on??

Give it a while, write your food diaries so that your consultant can check you aren't making any mistakes and I am sure you will see the losses again - without the hunger pains! :D

Good luck!
oh yeah dont get me wrong, i love not being starving when i go to bed now!!
i love that i can have eggs without having to "point" them and fruit too as i love fruit and missed out on it with WW as you had to point that too, i dont have loads to loose so was not on very many points, hence the hunger!!
But my hubby - doesnt belive i will loose weight with SW due to the amount you can eat, so not really that supportive in my estimations!!
S: 14st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st7lb(10.4%)
hmm that is a little tricky - get him on here though and he can see all the success stories!

It will always be slower losses as you get closer to target (you don't have your stats up so I don't know how much you want to loose).

For me its as much about maintaining it, healthily, once I get there as it is loosing it and you didn't gain in your first week! The general advice is stick to it for a month and see where you are.


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Hi there,

Many people who have followed another diet/plan often find they may not have a loss in the first couple of weeks whilst the body is adjusting to SW, but keep sticking to it and you'll see a nice loss soon!
Many people - myself included - cannot believe that SW works, but it truly does if you follow it properly. Never once on SW have I felt deprived because no food on SW is banned and using syns I can enjoy treats carefully whilst the plan has encouraged me to eat more fruit and veg which obviously has its benefits.
Keep with it, you will soon see the losses!
Good luck!
If you cut down on portion sizes then you will be hungry and that defeats the object of SW!
I lost 3 stone eating big bowls of pasta, rice, potatoes etc etc so it's not that which will stop you losing.
SW works, don't try to understand it, just follow the rules and the weight will come off.
Good luck!
all fab advice thanks.
i just want to get down to about 9.4. i was 10.7. im now 9.10 and like i said stayed the same on my 1st week.
i will stick to this as some of you have said its probably just due to me starting out and maybe making mistakes. this is a very motivating site and i love reading sucess stories on here, i feel more encouragement on here and like going on SW website, i dont really enjoy the meetings as i dont like being put on the spot (i know its all encouragement) and ive heard a few comments behind my back saying that i dont need to loose weight, its all relative to the individual and how you feel, but not the kind of person to shoot my mouth off and tell them that!!! rant over!!


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I do think that it's useful to follow the same recommendation as extra easy to have one third of your meal superfree. If you do that it will mean you're less likely to overindulge on the pasta and rice. And remember that green days don't have to be all about pasta and rice as there are so many other free foods including grains, pulses and meat substitutes.
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hi stick with it as said, i used to do green but felt very bumged up and bloated and didnt loose much, i am awful at trying to drink a lot of water - which really helps on green.

switched to EE and really enjoying it, now same as you i go to bed feeling satisfied and happy, and still loosing weight at the right pace

good luck and stick with it!!
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stick it out the weight will come off next week dont be disheartened. My housemates are the same they always raise their eyes when they see my plate piled high with pasta. Iv never watched my portion sizes but i have learnt to stop when im full. Good luck xx


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Like others here have said, don't worry about portion sizes but try not to 'save up' your syns at this stage. The plan is to have between 5 and 15 syns every day - saving them up for weekends, etc is considered 'tweaking' the plan and has no guarantee that you'll lose that week.

See if you can try and spread them evenly out this week, and you should see a difference.

Hope that helps.
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busybee i used to do ww as well but not since before xmas and also had good weightloss on it , im struggling a little as well but am determined to not be hungary again and stick at it try varying wot u eat as well thats what a lot of people also tell me on here . good luck i no how depressing it can feel when u dont get the loss u want but it will come x


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Might be the fact you used flexible syns, trying to spread them out over the week results in a greater weight loss I think.

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