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1st weigh in.. gutted

Hi all..

Just back from my first weigh in.. and lets just say that im gutted, GAINED 3lb, :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

previously, i had been on the CD for a good many months, so therefor my food intake was minimal, and now with this plan food is plentiful to say the least, and i guess my body cant believe it..

im so very tempted to go back to CD, but i want to do this too..
has anyone else had the same experiences, or any suggestions or advice on what i should do..

please help,:(

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hi yellow to be honest ive never put weight on doing sw and i think ur right and that ur body just need some time to get use to diet, i wouldnt worry about it for now and give it a couple of weeks on the diet and see what happens hope everything is fine and keep posting to let us know how its going ashley x


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Hi, i have been on minmins for about a month now and it seems that most people going from CD to SW say they put on in their 1st week. I think you are right and that your body doesn't know what's hit it!

Stick with it, give yourself time to adjust to the change, you wont be disappointed!
After talking to my mates, and listening to ppl here i have decided to give it one more week.. and this week im gonna up my water intake, and get on my bike more too..
hopefully that will make some difference, i want that 3lb off next week at least..
if not its back to the soup and shakes for me.. lol

thanks again



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I am glad you are sticking with it! My larger weight loses were in week 3 4 & 5. In those 3 weeks i lost a stone. Just keep eating that free food and have your Healthy extras and syns each day

Good Luck:)
hi my freind put 2lb on ,on her first weigh in , like yourself she was prety fed up , i made her stay and the week after she lost 3lb so keep at it it will take time for your body to adjust x good luck
Give it longer hun, you may be disheartened but trust me you are holding water probably and your body is adjusting to eating food, do what bumpy0 said and stick at it longer because her lossed were a few weeks into the plan
Keep at it and chin up.
Ruthy xxx
How are yo ufeeling today?
Ruthy xxx

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