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2 stone in 6 weeks

Hi all,
Just wanted to share my great news - lost 2 stone in 6 weeks. I am over the moon. I've had a couple of meals out with friends - (I'd decided that I would do this and go straight back on and that's worked for me BUT I know it doesn't for many people!). I also had a couple of days off when I had a really bad knee infection and had strong antibiotics.
I have an interview this week - I want a job a bit closer to home to cut down on the 2-3 hour travelling each day. Not sure about getting this one but we'll see.:jelous: :D
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Well done Annemarie- that is a super weight loss!! Fantastic! Good luck with the interview - would be fab to have a shorter commute!!


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well done Annemarie, that's fantastic, well done.

are you doing CD? how did you find having the meals out? I am going into aam this week and have been invited to 2 meals out and am worried what I should do. I thought I would have chicken tikka and salad for the curry night out and have just chicken breast and green veg for the meal at a carvery. how does this sound to you? sorry for picking your brains but I would love to know how you played it.
I'd decided at the beginning that CD was going to fit into MY lifestyle. I'd heard about people taking their soup to a restaurant but that just isn't me. It's not that I cared about what people would think - I just enjoy the whole social thing about meals with friends and I love food too !!!!I don't have a lot of meals out - maybe one a month at most. My CDC is a lovely lady and she's really down to earth. I talked to her and she said just to have what I wanted and go back on it the next day (my meals were in evening). That way I wouldn't feel resentful and if I put on 1 or 2lb so what - I could take it off pretty quick!
Well I tried it - to be honest the desire to binge wasn't really there any more. I enjoyed my nights out and went back on SS the following morning no problem.
I know that wouldn't work for everyone though and I DO think every person has to find what suits them. I was prepared to start again if I found it didn't work - and avoid meals out. I also didn't have two in the same week so that might be a problem for you!
By the way - I found AAM a real pain. I have continued to cook for my 16yr old daughter without any problem but it was really annoying cooking different meals for the two of us. I also craved a BIG steaming bowl of vegetables !!!!!!!!
2 stone in 6 weeks ....well done you must be thrilled, dont forget to throw all your big clothes out as you slim, I have done that and it feels brilliant, actually I put all my clothes into a charity bag.
what a great weightloss you have going on there!! tis great that you can jump on and off with no problems.. I used to be able to do that, but then found my one night off turned into weeks or Months :eek: so well done on that score :)
Thanks Sonya - clearing out isn't one of my strengths though! You are doing brilliant!
Geri - I know - so far so good but as soon as the slippery slope starts I'll be clawing it back(I hope!)


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You are doing brilliant with your diet, hope to follow in your footsteps as 2 stone in 6 weeks would be fab!! Sarahxx.


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well done ann-marie :D

great achievement and well deserved

thanks for sharing your tips, I really appreciate it. I am going to eat but avoid all carbs and hope that works.
well done on hitting the 2 stone mark!


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