2 WEEK 100% CHALLENGE (Start: 11/05/14)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by Beverley75, 7 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Okay, it's clear that I'm not the only person suffering from 'spring fever' aka losing my focus. After doing so well from October on the Cambridge Weight Plan, I 'opened the box' of my appetite and I'm battling to get that sneaky sucker closed again.

    I know how I got so overweight, I know I'm an emotional overeater, .... And none of that seems to count for much post-work/supper time. So. Time to roll up my sleeves and get serious!

    Two weeks strictly on plan 100%. Time enough to break these stupid new self indulgent habits, get into ketosis and get back in the game!

    I suggest we start officially with synchronised weigh ins on Sunday 11th May, log the stats as a start point, and have nightly "Honk if you were 100% today" check ins. We'll all push and motivate each other and re-weigh on the 25th as the big 'reveal'..... Of course I may just be doing this solo lol;) but all newbies, restarters and "I'll join in just because" participants welcome!

    Let's leave May slimmer, healthier, more motivated and focused than when we arrived x
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  3. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Brilliant. Thanks for setting this up
  4. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    I'm here too! See you ladies on the 11th!
  5. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    I'll hopefully be 6 days In by then, so even better :)

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  6. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Hurray!!!! The more the merrier :D :party0011:
  7. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Subscribing to cheer you on :party0011:
  8. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Thanks. We may need it!! :D Although from Monday I won't allow myself any negative talk.
  9. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Subscribing. Not great with challenges . . . I seem to be the queen of self-sabotage.
  10. Beverley75

    Beverley75 Silver Member

    Snap! But we've just got to put our heads down and get this done. I reckon that after 2 weeks we'll be cruising :D

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Count me in :D I'm stalling and need a fresh challenge to get the scales moving again. I'd like to get to 11'4'' by the end of the challenge which is a reasonable and achievable target (5.2lbs)

    I'll be doing 3 packs and 2 eggs. I'll have a count up of packs to check I've got enough, and order some if I don't :)
  12. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    I'm not able to start on Sunday - it is American Mother's Day - but if I can have a delayed start, I'll join you in Monday and go two weeks.

    BTW - I just had a S & S cherry chocolate shake. Yum yum (but I noticed it's 160 calories - so a bit higher).
  13. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    Is it tomorrow????

    If so I am well up for it!!!

    I so need this in my life... I am a stress eating monster. Stress seems to engulf me and the only way I can stay above the surface is to eat myself out.

    Just taken up swimming which I think will help ( just been now while my daughter was at a lesson) only did 10 lengths but ten is better than none. I'm also squatting like a mo' go' each day - I'm doing a trick with a pack of cards ( prison fitness style) you basically turn over the card and squat the number on the card, ace is 11 jack king or queen are 20 and a joker is a sumo squat holding for 20 seconds.

    My butt and gutt are improving already!!!
  14. beelishy

    beelishy ......gettin' it done.

    Im in. Started today and my WI is Wednesdays now..but im up for a good challenge. At one time I was so in the zone and it was melting off. I need to be that girl again and not mess about any more!

  15. ni79

    ni79 Member

    Hi, I'm Nigat. I really really wanted to also embark on the two week challenge. I have an 8 month old baby and am struggling to lose my baby weight. I am currently on day 3. I would love to buddy up with you guys. Have two stone to lose xxx
  16. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    So excited about starting on this tomorrow!
  17. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    My start weight = 11'9.6''
  18. beelishy

    beelishy ......gettin' it done.

    Morning all. :D x
  19. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

    Sorry I'm late!! Better late than never! Bev I know you mentioned this challenge on your thread/my thread? I don't know a thread! Anyway I'm here and I believe our Superohero Clinq (I imagine her flying in with a white cape) is going hardcore for 2 weeks from today. Yay!
  20. ni79

    ni79 Member

    Morning ladies, day 4 for me and I think I may be on a roll finally. Since Thursday I have lost 7 pounds. Really pleased. I know I must stop weighing myself daily but it's a real motivator at the moment. Coming off my totm is helping me shred that excess bloat. I hope I can do this for a month This time. I return to work in 4 weeks after my maternity leave. I'm an English teacher at a local secondary school. Dreading going back.

    I have had 1234.6778 restarts on this diet but failed miserably every time. First time I started this diet 6 years ago I was 10 stone. I seem to have gone up and up after abusing the diet and not doing it for long enough. I am now 12.1 after having baby. To be honest I was 12 stone when I g got pregnant so I did start over weight.

    I am determined to do this. The diet is expensive and soul destroying if abused but life changing and liberating if nurtured and adorned ???????
  21. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    173 (.5 less than I weighed on April 22)

    Congrats on your great start! And BIG congratulations on your baby. The good thing about being a teacher is that you'll go back for a few weeks then have about six weeks off. I was lucky - I had my son in May and didn't go back until September (in the US we have 10 week's in the summer because we don't have 1/2 term breaks and only one week at Easter).

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