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2014 is the year of the skinny Panda- SW Green Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by pandaeyes, 17 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    So Kinda posted all over the place but a food diary seems like a good idea for me to be able to post in one place duh:sigh:

    I work nights so once a week I'm awake for 24 hours and then another day I'm only awake for 7 hours so find it odd fitting all my food in.

    I follow SW green. I'm not a huge fan of making everything from scratch so I use my Syns for colmans/schwartz packet sauces. It also makes it easier when I cook for the kids as we eat the same things so I don't crave their food. I just do mine with my weighed out meat in one pan/dish and the kids in another.

    This plan worked well for me previously and I lost 4 1/2 stone a couple of years ago and although I'm not as big I'm bigger than I feel happy with.

    I work out my meal plans 1-2 weeks in advance

    I am doing this quest to
    A lose the "spare" weight
    B give me something to focus on during my fellas deployment
    C get back into my clothes because I can't afford a shopping spree

    So this is me :) will post some pics once I figure out how

    Can't wait to share our adventures
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  3. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    2011fat.png 2012skinny.png

    First two pics. Obviously this is my previous success These are stuck on my fridge, on my phone and in my bedroom!!
  4. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Best of luck!

    How much are you aiming to lose? I've been at target for 19 months now but still.dip in and out of this site and offer support where I can

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  5. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Congrats at getting to and staying at target.

    I got there it was the staying put I didn't manage haha

    About 32lb to get down to where I was at my skinniest however I do a lot more physical activity now so perhaps won't be as light if that makes any sense as muscle weighs a lot more than fat. When the black dress in my 2012 pictures fits comfortably again i'll be happy.

    Haha that's such a waffle. Basically its more of a feeling that a weight. I'll know when its right :)
  6. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Wow, that's an incredible loss! Very inspiring :)

    My weight always goes up and down, not hugely but enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I actually find it more difficult to maintain than I do lose it :(

    Keep updating your meal plans, I'd be really interested to know what you plan when you write yours as I always lost inspiration and end up with the same old chilli, curry, stew combination...

  7. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Honestly any schwartz/colmans packet can be used with low syn value and minimal fuss. you just put in your meat HEXB and sometimes HEXA too.

    means you don't have to limit yourself, its not too complicated and its easier to cook for family :)

    I have written down most of my recipes in a book I use for thinspiration when writing out my weekly plan.

    Today's meals
    Breakfast - Rice Pudding (homemade)

    Lunch - Welsh rarebit and salad (HEXB and HEXA)

    Tea - Chicken Chow mein (1/2 blue dragon pkt 3 syns) with oodles of noodles and veg :)

    Snacks - Jelly (1/2 syn) and fruit
  8. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    I have a binder with all mine in, but it doesn't help my creativity!

    I don't often use those sorts of packets so I wouldn't really know where to start or how many syns they are as I don't go to a weekly class. I will have a browse at next weeks shop though and see if I can get any inspiration from them...
  9. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Try freecycle for a dictionary. The avid SW meeting goers tend to buy the new dictionary every year so you can usually pick last years up :)

    In the mean time I'm happy to give you any of the values.

    I've never been to a meeting in my life but i have the book and dictionary and lost the weight.

    things like a creamy chicken and bacon bake which seems impossible is only 4 syns and HEXA&B and yummy AND easy :)
  10. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    That's a really good idea, thank you :)

    Mmmmm creamy pasta bake world be delicious right now!!!
  11. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Me and the kids Just finished day 8 of insanity.

    Phoebe is definitely getting better at standing on one leg (quad stretches)

    Although I am still sweating like crazy I am definitely finding some of the exercises easier or doing more reps.

    Time to send the kiddies off to their dads then its Shower and Chow mien time :)

    Can't wait for my oodles of noodles then might pop to see the mummykins
  12. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Well done on your loss .. those pics look fantastic!
    Keep up the good work.. :clap:
  13. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Thanks so much for the support

    This was me on NYE (wearing a tummy sucker inner body) so I'm not back to where I started but as you can see from my face I have put a bit extra back on!

    My face is the first place to show extra weight!
  14. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Well..despite that you look really fab! YAY!!
  15. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

  16. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Its a fitness programme that you can do at home. Its brutal and hard work BUT the results are amazing.

    I was sceptical until I did my measurements yesterday and in only a week I've lost an inch from my waist and 6.6% body fat.

    No equipment required and you just do as much as you can. :)

    just keep swimming just keep swimming :)
  17. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    todays food

    Breakfast - couscous porridge HEXA

    Lunch - quorn sausages, scrambled eggs, beans and toast HEXB & 2 syns

    Tea - SW free chips, tuna fish cakes and salad. HEXB & 3 syns

    Snack - meringue raspberries and fat free yog & jelly 5 syns

    just keep swimming just keep swimming :)
  18. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Is it a DVD?

    Please can I have your fishcakes recipe? :)
  19. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    Mash potato (I use smash for ease)
    Tin of tuna
    Lemon juice
    Smush together
    Make breadcrumbs from 1 slice of wholemeal bread (3 syns)
    Make cake shapes then dip in a bit of egg and roll in the breadcrumbs and cook in a little frylight in a none stick frying pan :)

    Any fish can be used. Obv the correct weight of the fish. :)

    just keep swimming just keep swimming :)
  20. pandaeyes

    pandaeyes Full Member

    And insanity is a dvd but I got it copied from a friend as its expensive x

    just keep swimming just keep swimming :)
  21. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Sounds delicious, think I'll have to try it next week :)

    Could you do me a big favour and check the syns for Tesco lean lamb mince please in your magical, mystical book? I have some in the freezer I really need to use up but I'm scared it will be too naughty!

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