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2016 - MAKING TIME FOR ME......

Well this has been a long time coming..... but here I go....I'm not going to say "again" as it's negative and I'm determined to keep this positive:) ,,,,
I lost loads of weight on here back in 2010/2011 it would have been.... then fell pregnant with our miracle baby... initially after having him I just about managed to hang on by my finger tips -then lets just say *ooops* lol. Little monkey pants will be 4 next month and started nursery in January (only mornings at the minute but he will be in full time school come September).
SO NO EXCUSES ... now it's time for me to get myself back in shape.

17st 11 249lb
16st 7.5 231.5lb
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Little man in bed so time for a ramble :blahblah:... So I weigh in on a Sunday so need to get a meal plan sorted so I can MrT to deliver my shopping on Saturday. Try as I might I don't seem to get on with EE very well so I'm going to be doing red/green and SP ....some how I don't struggle with SP as I have seen a lot of people say they do, how ever I don't seem to lose much different to if I do the other plans which is a pain in the bum but hey ho...
Right I had better get of and get planning !!
Morning all....

Just fired up the laptop to finish organising my meal plan and shopping, then I need to re-jig the freezer to make room for plenty of portions so I can have a cook-a-thon :eat:. Hubby is good as he eats just about anything, but he takes 2 smaller meals a day to work so it makes life much easier if I make loads in the freezer ready to pull out the night before. Charlie is a great eater (can't imagine where he gets THAT from :p) so eats most things we do.... he has lunch at nursery on a Monday and when they served up cheese n tomato pizza he asked them where was the chorizo n vegetables :rotflmao: - don't think they were ready for that :oops:.

Today I think I'm going to do SP.... so it should hopefully look like this :-
  • grapefruit S
  • 35g oats HexB
  • 250ml semi HexA
  • 1tsp sugar (1)
  • melon
  • 12 speed stew (all S+P)
  • melon S
chicken stir fry:-
  • 1/4tsp oil (0.5)
  • chicken breast P
  • onions S
  • mushrooms S
  • carrots S
  • peas P
  • soy, Worcestershire sauce
  • 1bs sweet chilli sauce (1.5)
  • melon S
  • 1 alpen light Hex B -speed
  • spicy tomato snaps (3)
  • chocolate mousse (4)
so I make that 1 HexA + 2 HexB and 10 syns used, and I will probably use the rest of my syns on "buying" milk.... I do love my milky cuppa .

I will get photos as I go along and add in my recipes as and when I do them :D.....
Hope everyone has a fab day....off to get my brekkie
OK, so I have reorganised the downstairs freezer and have a list of things so have meal planned to use some of it up.... I would like to think it would reduce the cost of my MrT delivery tomorrow -but I bet it doesn't :doh:
so, starting Sunday the meal plan for the main meals should be:-

1. Home made Pizza, chips n salad 2HexB + 9 syns DONE
2. Pork schnitzel (1)
3. Sausage casserole (1) DONE
4. Steak tortilla wraps (6)
5. Cheesy chips and salad HexB+1 syn
6. Buffalo chicken (2.5)
7. Ox burgers, chips and salad -HexB + (2.5)

now I just need to work out what brekkies and lunches will go with them , so I WILL be back (now there is a threat :roofles:)
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:rotflmao:Well then, after that super meal plan for an SP day today -it SOOOOOOOO didn't happen, but I'm giving myself 10/10 for thinking on my feet.... so today has gone...
brekkie.... didn't fancy it :whistle:and my SP has become a red day hehe

so far I have had 1/2 melon and a pear, lots of water and 250ml semi HexA , then we have just had:-

  • crunchy jerk chicken goujons (3)
  • actifry wedges using 225g potato (hexB+1syn)
  • salad
so I now have 1hexB , 1 hexA and 11 syns left..... so I'm thinking:-
  • 250ml semi HexA
  • 2 alpen light HexB
  • pack snaps (3)
  • chocolate mousse (4)


Hellooooooo!!! Great to see you back Capricorn! Good luck with your weight loss. I'll try and pull myself together and shift my excess regained weight sometime! Been feeling like poo since Christmas really - there's so many bugs going round our office and I seem to have caught every single one of them! Roll on the Summer I say.

Do you remember Ozzie Moz who started the Sunday weighers thread? I wonder how she's doing?

Bye for now, Trace xxx
Hellooooo my lovely :woohoo:.... I wish I had got my bum into gear before I regained this much, but hey ho I'm on it now . Ooh tell me about bugs, since charlie started nursery in January this house has been like a hotel for germs :rant:. I have been having a nosey to see if any of the old regulars are still here but can't see them..I didn't know the site had closed and reopened .
Hope you find your mojo again soon hun xxxxxx
hi capricorn! i came and stalked your diary! i loved your lists lol. subscribing, hopefully we can have same success and cheer each other on again xxx
I have a stalker :woohoo:....we can soooo do this Nursefoodie.... We know what to do and how to do it, just need to stop letting life get in our way !!

Well I'm classing today as a success before its done because I took Charlie out today whilst hubby did some DIY ...did a bit of trawling...trying to find a girly gift for a 4 year olds birthday party - I'm so not used to looking for pink n pretty . Then I took him to a place where you can paint ceramics... He chose a cute unicorn to paint ( although * splodge* is more accurate )....THEN....in my infinite wisdom I took him to an American diner for lunch... He had a hot dog with fries and a strawberry milkshake - which he cleared!!! Have I mentioned that little oinky pants is a real foodie?? :eating:....luckily he loves proper food and isn't much of a fan of chocolate/sweets and so on - obviously not a gene he got from me :rotflmao:. Also luckily he is never still so burns it off...
Anyway I went for a ham/mushroom 3 egg omelette cooked WITHOUT fat ( I checked ) with salad....WHOOP WHOOP ME....
Today is going to be EE
Dinner is set to be hm pork meatballs with cream tomato sauce and pasta (2)... I will have some salad alongside to make up my speeds..
250ml semi (hexA)
2 Alpen light (hexB)
So that will leave me 13 syns.... Might add some fresh parmesan to dinner nomno non..

Its weigh in for me tomorrow and I'm not expecting a lot as half term hasn't lead to me eating crap but it sure as heck has cocked up my routine..so I haven't eaten as regularly as I should :banghead:, but its only 1 week and I need to learn how to adjust for these things ..

Right enough waffle I had better get off and mix my meatballs!! Be back later xx
Dinner is cooked and eaten....I'm back to reducing portions right down on things like pasta -I was still stuffed when I was done though :banana_dancer:..
any how in the end the meatballs cost me 1 syn for the bread in there and 2.5syns for the parmesan .... so I still have 11.5syns to use and my hex B ...

the meatballs were 500g 5% minced pork
1tsp ground cumin
1tsp caraway seeds 25g white bread (soaked in a splash of milk)
salt and pepper
and it made 36 small balls

and the sauce was passata, balsamic vinegar and quark just to make it a bit creamy...

I think I need a Saturday night snacky fest.... so I'm now thinking
spicy tomato snaps (3)
pickled onion space raiders (3)
2 Alpen lights HexB
chocolate mousse (4)

Right I had better get off and get organised.....be back tomorrow..and its home made pizzas for dinner tomorrow (how excited can one person get :wee:)


Thought I would post my meal plan for tomorrow whilst I have silence and can concentrate :p.....Charlie has a party from 1-3 so I need to get organised!!
I'm going Green for the day.....has nothing to do with having hexBs for cheese ..honest :whistle:....

So then, let's see............
  • 250ml semi HexA
  • Grapefruit
  • 2 small wholemeal hexB
  • 10g spread (2)
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Beans
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Melon
  • 12 speed stew
  • Melon
  • Home made baguette dough pizza base (8)
  • 40g goats cheese HexA
  • 35g RF mozzarella + 15g mat cheddar HexB
  • Onions
  • Red pepper
  • Actifry chips (1)
  • Salad
  • Sf jelly 0.5
  • Activia yog (2)
So that's 2hexA and 2 hexB and 13.5 syns sorted :D.
I'm going to try going back to using my syns weekly rather than daily like I used to and see how I get on . Charlie is back to nursery on Monday so hopefully I can get back to my usual routine !!!!!
Goooooood morning all.....and what a grotty old day it is too, grey, misty n damp :gen125:. I think I'm coming down with a cold ..couldn't happen during the school holidays could it, oooh no it has to wait until I HAVE to go out every morning * thrrrrrp* :grumble:.....
Anyway, in better news 1.5lb off for me this week :D.... I will happily take that after making it through my first ever school holidays lol....
Let's see if I can knock off 2lb this week to get my 1.5st shiney :innocent0001:...

Plans for this morning are to finish my cuppa, sort out brekkie and then get the pizza dough under way no nomnom :character00254:. Other things to do are organise charlie for the party he is going to later and get his school ironing done and finally organise my meal plan for tomorrow !!!
Right I had better make a start...be back later and hope everyone has a good day .,
Oh my day......Calzone and chips made and devoured :eatdrink023:...think I need to shrink the calzone next time though. It was seriously good -onion, red pepper, tomato puree, goats cheese/cheddar/mozzarella and worth every last of the 8 syns plus HexA+B .
I took Charlie to the party earlier and found out that tomorrow is an inset day.... so no school.... so I will make my meal plan later to allow for that .....


Hiya Capricorn, i remember your old diary and used to read it all the time! You lived in Germany iirc??​

Anyhow you did brilliantly, i was always super impressed with your planning and cooking!

I re joined on Saturday after gaining and now weigh the heaviest i ever have. Tada!
What an idiot

Looking forward to reading this diary and stealing your recipes :)
Morning all.... hope everyone is well ... I'm full of cold :banghead:.... I swear since Charlie started nursery in January this house has become a holiday home for germs :grumble:.... anyhoo I will NOT let a sore throat and runny nose derail me :nananana:

Hi TeddyT ..yep we used to be in Germany, not sure my planning and cooking is quite the same since Charlie was added to the mix but I try lol. oooh don't beat yourself up about the weight gain -it seems there are lots of us back to try again ;)..I'm quite amazed I didn't end up back where I started -still got plenty to shift though...we know we can do it, just need to plod along and not give up ...good luck and I will come and find you if you have a diary xx

Well I'm leaning toward a red day sooooo I have looked at my main meal list and I think the sausage casserole is up today -comfort food is what I need... so I'm thinking:-

  • 35g oats HexB
  • 300ml bob HexA
  • banana
  • mixed berries
  • melon
  • 200g new potatoes HexB
  • eggs
  • lettuce
  • peppers
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • onion
  • activia (2)
  • grapefruit
  • Sausage casserole:-
  • Lincolnshire sausages -thank heavens our butcher still does syn free ones
  • onions
  • carrots
  • gravy granules (1)
  • cabbage (0.5)
  • broccoli
  • 300ml bob HexA
  • space raiders (3)
  • chocolate mousse (4)
so that will be 2HexA, 2HexB and 10.5 syns

weekly syn allowance left ()
Sunday 13.5syns = (91.5)
Monday 10.5syns =(81)

Right I think that is me for now ....I can hear my belly shouting for brekkie :p
Have a great day everyone xx


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Well brekkie didn't take long lol....
Just realised I had got the new milk to try... ARLA BOB (best of both) it's skimmed but creamier, I have just opened it and I think I will be sticking with it as you get 300ml for a HexA and I do like my milky tea :D. I have just measured it out and 600ml fills a large bottle from my juice blender thingy -(the photo is after I have made my porridge) now I just need to make sure hubby remembers to use that milk for me ..he is chief tea maker when he is in lol..I make lousy tea/coffee :p
Right off I go again .....


Thanks Shell.... I do love my red/green days and I like them from way back when there was no need to have 1/3 super free on your plate :p.... I don't know why they took them out :rolleyes: , I have tried EE, SP and still come back to red/green. The milk isn't soya its dairy.... I tried almond milk but *eeeew*
its on offer in Tesco at the minute 2l for £1 xxx


Thanks Shell.... I do love my red/green days and I like them from way back when there was no need to have 1/3 super free on your plate :p.... I don't know why they took them out :rolleyes: , I have tried EE, SP and still come back to red/green. The milk isn't soya its dairy.... I tried almond milk but *eeeew*
its on offer in Tesco at the minute 2l for £1 xxx
Will have to have a look, I don't know why they totally fazed out the red and green I do a ee on a Sunday so I can have roast spuds but on ee it's very hard to control you portion size I've spoke to people who it works fab for an some that it doesn't but it's a shame slimming world have now totally removed the other plans.
Your little boy looks lovely an I am totally with you planning an time when it comes to kids I have a 13 year old who is disabled a 4 year old an a one year old so time is everything. When do you weigh?
I weigh on a Sunday morning, Charlie is 4 next month and such a great eater so he will eat most of what I make but I do make some things just for him n daddy...they are both bonkers on chorizo for a start lol. I need to plan otherwise I feel out of control -even if I'm still on plan, it's very odd :whistle:...
Lunch has been and gone (and I kept my eggs from getting the dark ring around :woohoo:-you have no idea ho much it bothers me when I can't get em cooled quick enough to stop it happening :rotflmao:) and now little sir it determined we should play bowling on the wii, so I guess that is the next hour spoken for !!!! hey ho, it might burn a bit of wobble ;)


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