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273lbs to lose... all or nothing

Hi, I'm James, 29 years old and desperately overweight.

19 days ago I started my journey. I started at 33 stone and since then I have lost about 19 pounds. I am doing this via a complete transformation of my life - diet, exercise, mindset and I am determined to regain the happy life I once lived.

The sheer amount of weight I need to lose is totally overwhelming to me. I have set my first goal at six stone, which would take me to 27 stone. I am keeping a daily activity and food diary on my blog for the first 90 days to help with keeping honest and accountable.

I am glad I found the Century Club, reading over the posts it looks like this is the place for me! I hope I can offer support to others and make some friends on what is going to be a journey of many years for me.
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Hi and Welcome!

Firstly, congratulations on your 19lb loss! That's a phenomenal start to your journey!

Try not to think about the big numbers, take things one day at a time and if you have a slip or a bad day, draw a line under it and start afresh the next morning - don't use it as an excuse to get off the wagon as there'll be no damage done in a day that can't be undone fairly quickly.

Mini-goals are very good! Keep doing what you're doing at you'll be at your first one sooner than you'd imagine.

I've only been on Minimins myself for a few weeks but I've found it hugley supportive and motivational. No matter how your feeling, people here understand and identify...and we can be 'diet bores' together without alienating our (undoubtedly skinny) mates!

Very best of luck! I look forward to following your progress :)
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hi well done on a huge weight lost a short time you have done brilliant i also thing it best to have long and short term goal as you have something to aim for
i have 150 lbs to lose but i have chosen to lose it in 2 stone chunks which i feel is the right way for me so i'm one chunk down which i am glad to say
mags x


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weldone on your loss so far, ive got alot to loose but i havent decided when to stop as it makes it so unreachable.. u sound like you have a great attitude towards this new way of life. i wish u the best of luck and look forward to chatting to u along the way! what diet are you following , a set plan like slimming world, a tfr like lipotrim etc or have u got your own plan?

nic x
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You have gone from knowing you have to do something about your weight to actually doing it and that is such a massive thing that I cannot applaud you more. Changing your approach to food and your life in general is exactly what you need to do and I really hope you get the happiness you deserve. Just one little thing though - it is not all or nothing. "Something" can be a very good start. Don't aim too high and risk getting disheartened and turning back to bad ways.


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Well done on getting started 19lbs is a massive loss so far, you are doing brilliantly. Everyone is right when they say to chunk it down. I am losing mine in 4 x 3 stone chunks with a week off in between each. I have done the first one and looking forward to moving through the next. Whilst on a 3 stone stretch I also have mini goals and reward myself with a non food treat for each stone off.

There is loads of support on here, so stick with it, and if you have a tough day share it. I think that is what has made the difference for me this time, usually I would hide my binges.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing your next loss :)
Thanks all for the warm welcome.

I have previously tried VLCD with some success but I could not maintain the program alongside other commitments (by which I mean everyday life). I am following a calorie controlled diet and spending two hours walking in the morning and two hours in the gym in the afternoon. Gym time is one hour on the recumbant exercise bike and weights plus recovery time. It has been immensely difficult in the beginning but I am at the point where I really feel good for the exercise now.

I should also mention that I have taken three months off work to commit to the above. It took probably a year for me to face the problem I have, take advice from family and speak about my problems with secret binge eating openly. My plan includes alot of work on educating myself on eating healthily, planning for failure and integrating exercise into working life.

Today was weigh-in day and I am only down half a pound in the week, which is disappointing but I am determined to stay positive because I can say with confidence that I feel better today than I did seven days ago - I will not be beaten by a number!
James you are doing so well, I have bookmarked your blog and read it everyday as inspiration and to keep me focused.
I bet you have a better number loss next week (I used to find that on weeks where the number was small that I lost lots of inches, so it might be worth measuring as well)
Stick with it!


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I agree, the pounds aren't everything, and the weeks they won't budge the inches move instead.
You are an inspiration doing all that exercise, I know I really need to get going with some sort of exercise, but still procrastinating, and by the time I finish work I'm shattered.

I think it is great that you have set all this time aside for helping yourself to rethink your eating, that is such a brave thing to do.

Good luck for this week :)


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yeah i agree with the others sometimes the body needs to catch a breath and catch up with itself too, dont be disheartened ull fine next week will more than make up for it!

nic x

x Nee x

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Hey james,

Well done on starting, sometimes its the hardest part getting used to small portions but you can do it, I look forward to following your journey.

Also, I have a large amount of weight to shift, so along with my big goal of 10+ stone, I am doing weekly targets, half stone targets and a big 4 stone challenge, so if I dont hit one I may hit the other :) keeps the motivation going too but all in all I want to hit them all.

If you wanna join in the 4 stone one, just follow my name to other threads :)

Goodluck with it Im sure you will get to your goals before you know it

James you have done brilliantly, well done! Don't worry about your small loss this week, just think of all the extra exercise you are now doing which will be affecting your muscles etc so although the scales didn't show much other things might like your waistline, I agree with silhouettes about trying the measuring!
I have also bookmarked your blog, thank you for your inspiration, I haven't quite got the courage to start something like a blog so reading yours will hopefully change that!
Good luck this week x
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Hi James, You are doing brilliantly! I hope you're feeling proud for making such a difference to your life.

I've read your blog which is fantastic and feel very inspired by you as we are much the same person. I too started at 33 stone and will be 30 this year. I'll watch your progress with interest and try and keep up.;)


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Well done in making the decision to turn your life around. But as Twice said - it's never an all or nothing thing - something is just as good. Take it gradually and at your own pace. Setting "mini" targets along the way is always good too. (OK, my first mini target was to loose 8stone - not quite "mini" really) - gives you something to work towards and stops you potentially getting despondant when you don't achieve as much as you believe you should.

I'm near the end of my journey - with 189lb already lost and another 8 or so to go. It can be done.

Good luck...

wow thats fab....firstly, well done for starting to lose the weight and losing 19LB!!
i have 3 and half stone to lose.....so i can have IVF!!..so really want it too!!
you are right to do small targets, am doing the same too.

what diet are you doing huns?am doing slimming world.I love it cus you can eat alot and never feel hungry!!

well hope you continiue to lose the weight and keep us all updated!!



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Hiya, just wanted to wish you well on your journey, you have a good attitude there, go you! :)


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You're doing well Jamie, and welcome to the Century Club :wavey: Looking forward to hearing more from you, and wishing you well.
Hey guys

Things are going great at my end, I weighed in yesterday at 30st 7lbs which is a 10.5lbs loss in the week (sil you were bang on with your prediction :p) and 2.5st in the first month of my journey. The sheer amount of exercise I am doing is having an amazing effect on my body and brain - I end each day tired and sore but very happy!! I am also feeling more connected with the person I see when I look in the mirror - for a long time I have not been able to look at myself without becoming inwardly upset about it - like when I'm walking around the shops and catch a glimpse of myself in a reflection. All good progress!

Thank you all for the motivation, I'm finding it to be very helpful in the hard times (and there have been more than one of those this week!!)

p.s. Minimandy to answer your question I am calorie counting and using a few WW and SW recipes for things like zero point veg. soup, dinner meals etc. Seems to be working well so far!


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Fantastic progress!!! And you're starting month 2 in a great frame of mind for continued success...go for it!

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