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2nd 100% Challenge....21 days

S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Hi All

I thought I would start a new thread for those of us who are going to carry on with the 100% days:) And for anyone who wants to join:D

I thought it would be nice for it to run for 21 days as this means (if we start it today) it will end a day before Stirky's anniversary;)

I am actually having a day off today and am planning on having Saturdays off from now on, but will try and stay within my designated (increased) calorie allowance and call it 100%:p

What do you all say...shall we do it:D

Mel x
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Woo-hoo! Yes Mel count me in! Are we starting tomorrow? Bring it on! I haven't been quite 100% today or yesterday, decided to have lunch instead of a shake, which made me hungrier, grrr! So have ended up slightly over but not too bad! So obviously I need a challenge to keep me on track lol!
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Yep we can start it today if you like:) Will mean day 21 is on 4th July.....

Baby had a bad tum yesterday, so didn't feed well, meaning he woke in the night hungry!!! Thankfully I am not too tired, I went to bed early cos dh had a mate round shooting zombies on the PS3:rolleyes:

Anyway the reason for that ramble is to say that I 'should' be fine today as I am not overly tired:D

Had a cuppa so far...off to have a shake in a mo....I have decided I am going try not to snack mid-morning as it just seems to make me want to eat more:confused:

On your starters blocks....Get set....and...Gooooooooo:p

Mel x
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Just added up my amount for yesterday, thought I blew it yesterday, due to me having lunch instead of a shake and an extra snack, but PHEW added up to 1336!!! So 100% which is great news as I can start my 21 day challenge yesterday, then I finish it on Fri July 3rd, day before my anniversary as I'm not going to be 100% that day due to a meal out lol!

Weird how you think you may have blown it but actually haven't! Although I wasn't 100% on Friday as ate some biscuits, naughty lol! But had been 100% for 15 days previous so don't think that's too bad a going! Back with it now tho, and I'll make sure I have a shake for lunch today lol!

I know what you mean about that mid morning snack too, think I'm going to stop that one, or if I do have one, just have fruit. It's having something like a cereal bar or mini breaks etc mid morning, that gets my hunger going!

I hope you're little un is feeling better today. It's horrible when they are poorly isn't it, poor little thing. Good luck for today, we can do this!!
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Just added up my amount for yesterday, thought I blew it yesterday, due to me having lunch instead of a shake and an extra snack, but PHEW added up to 1336!!! So 100% which is great news as I can start my 21 day challenge yesterday, then I finish it on Fri July 3rd, day before my anniversary as I'm not going to be 100% that day due to a meal out lol!
Great stuff....that's why I initially put the yesterday start day;)

I was also 100% yesterday (well within my higher Saturday allowance) So we will call it day 2 today:D and I am on track, didn't bother with the morning snack and felt much better actually:confused: So had shake for lunch and have an egg salad planned for dinner...and still have my snacks to use up:D

Mel x
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yep right on track here too, shakes for breakfast and lunch, then I've had a melon portion (70 cals) for a snack this afternoon. Having grilled pork chop with boiled potatoes and veg for dinner, which will be around 400 cals.
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Woo-hoo, day 2 down and 100%!!! How are you doing Mel? Hope you've had a great day x
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb

Reporting day 2 as a big success:D had shake for breakfast and lunch, a tesco light cereal bar 95cals and a cheese jumbo snack a jack 38cals for afternoon snack, and a 3 egg omlette with a huuuuuuuge salad for dinner.Total calories for today 906:)

I was thinking of a bit of toast for supper, but I'm not actually hungry...will see how I feel in a half hour:) I even have a Magnum in the freezer that dh got me, but as it's weigh-in day for me, and I really want a STS I am going to leave it there:D

Mel x
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
hehe was typing at same time as you Stirky....well done you are going to walk this challenge.

Mel x
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Lol, great minds think alike hey! Great going today Mel!! Yep we're going to do this no hassles, we can get there! Just wondering if anybody else is going to join us?
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
I was wondering the same??? lol.

Dh has just made toast and the smell is making me drool, might have a piece after all:)

Mel x
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Oh yeah the smell of toast always gets me going too! I bought some Nimble bread and put it in the freezer incase I want any, but haven't had any yet, although hubby's been eating it lol! Go for it Mel, you're well under for the day anyway so a bit of toast won't hurt. Enjoy!


Ready and willing!!
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Sorry for late reply, weekends are so hectic round here! :family2:

Count me in - I'm starting tomorrow (Mon) and I'm going to do it for 21 days. I had a fabulous night out with the girls last night which resulted in drunkeness and chips but hey, I earned it!! lol.

Am starting tomorrow with a shake. Here's to the next few weeks girls!!

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yay Holly! Glad you had a good night out, and glad you are joining us on 21 days!!
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Hi Holly, glad you had a good night out. I'm glad you are joining us and am looking forward to hearing how you get on:)

Stirky...hehe great minds eh? I got some weightwatchers bread and froze that in portions of 2....they are 49cals per slice so 2 pieces and a scraping of Flora will be barely over 100cals...which is what I had last night, and it was bloody lovely:D:D

I have found the best way for me to do this is...just have a cuppa after feeding baby, then have shake at 8am and a shake at 12pm, That way I have more snack allowance in the afternoon, which is my danger time:rolleyes:

Here's to day 3 and 100%:D

Mel x
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yep day 3 Mel, we are on the way! Evenings are my worst time! I've always been a sit down in front of the TV munching away type ofgirl, lol! I could actually get through most days with just two shakes and then dinner if I wanted. It's just after dinner, I just want to snack snack snack!!! I have to keep myself occupied doing other things so I don't think about it! Breaking habits of a lifetime are hard!
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I will join you tomorrow for my first day, can't wait to start now I have made a decision to do it.

I'll go after work today and get some ready made shakes, don't fancy the powder as that was always a problem with cambridge, not very discrete (?sp!)

I am planning on a shake at about 9.30 at work, fruit at 11.30, shake at 1pm and then cereal bar or lo fat crisps at about 3 ish.

Then take a deep breath, gym at 5pm 2 days on one day off, tea at 7 ish, how many cals is your tea meant to be? Thinking of limiting my carbs if i can and definately no bread!

Thanks x x
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Good luck Helen, glad you are joining our challenge! Tea is upto 600 cals, then 3 snacks of upto 100 cals each, so making it upton 1340 a day. Yes limiting carbs definitely helps some people. I sometimes have a pitta bread or wrap etc, and I don't think that effects my weight loss, BUT I have been thinking lately about cutting it out altogether for a week or so and see if there is a difference. Don't know if it would make a difference as I don't eat a lot of bread. Just run out of pittas so may not buy anymore for a week or so ;)


Ready and willing!!
S: 15st7lb C: 15st7lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 34 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Welcome Helen! Just a quick tip, if you're bothered about drinking sf shakes at work etc then do what I do. I cut the outside label off and it looks like a milkshake! I have a pack of low cal snacks with my lunch and it basically just looks like I'm having crisps and a milkshake!
Nobody's said a thing!
Normally though I have a meal bar which most people think is a cereal bar and I have some low cal snacks with that too. Bottle of water and bob's your uncle!

Had some yummy fish is bredcrumbs for dinner, a few new potatoes and broc. Followed by a light choc mousse (60 cals!! bargain!!). Am looking forward to my evening cuppa (am I famous for that now??!! lol) and a cheeky treat.

Another tip, found some toffee crisp bars in the healthy snack section of morrisons. 99 cals a bar! Perfect!

Am still shattered from my loud night out on Sat so no exercise tonight. But I did do some gardening so I guess that counts??!!

Here's to another 100%er tomorrow!

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yep I'm not exercising tonight either! Have a rather sore shoulder/arm, and calf! Don't know what I've done, but can't blame exercise lol! Had a busy weekend, but really can't remember pulling anything. Started hurting on Saturday, had been in a hot tub Friday evening but isn't that meant to relax your muscles lol!!! Weird!

I had chicken and salad for dinner, with a muller light (yep the new yummy vanilla with choc sprinkles one!) after! Haven't decided on a snack yet for this evening, in a minute. wasn't going to have one, but now feel a bit peckish, so I think I'll be having a cuppa (bought some green tea today, so may have that) and something with it! But been 100% today, woo-hoo!

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