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2nd day and need some advice please

Hi all,

I am on my 2nd day, and not finding it too bad at the moment.....

However am very confused,
I have cut out the milk in my coffee, but was under impression I could have tablet form sweetner in my coffee, my friend who has a different CDC has been advised that sweetner can stop you going into ketosis?

I am concerned that the sweetner could have impact on any weight loss.

Has anyone come across this query before?

Advice greatfully received?

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I'm also on day 2 and I feel fine, my stomach is just growling at me at the moment ;)

I don't drink black tea or coffee but my CDC said you were allowed tablet sweetner and it also says in the pink sole source book that I got at my appointment that you may you a calorie-free sweetner but it must be a tablet sweetner not the powdered kind that comes in a jar or sachet.

Hope that helps?.. :)


Absolutely Determined!
Hello :)
If it helps, my CDC has said tablet sweetners are fine, just not the powder/granulated ones. I've been drinking 3 cups of black tea a day with 3, yes 3!!!, Candarel tablets in it and I went into ketosis on day 3. I find it helps satisfy me between shakes X

Thank you for your replies am very grateful for all of your advice.

Tillyfloss - I thought that was the case as well, just getting a little confused with different CDC's answers.

Neptune - You have been given the same advice as me by the sound of it. I dont feel hungary yet, altough have split my shakes today to spread them out throughout the day, added ice into the mixer and it makes it go so much further and taste really nice. Good luck with your first week, let me know how you go at weigh in.

Absolutely Fabulous - I will stick to my sweetner, like you my coffee keeps me going in between shakes, would have major withdrawals without my fix of coffee!
How do you know when you have gone into Ketosis, i have seen posts about stix, where do you get them from? Chemist?


Absolutely Determined!
You can get Ketostix from your CDC or from Ebay. However, you don't REALLY need them. You'll know you're in ketosis when your mouth feels like a furry sock! :D
ha ha - I was just thinking about whether I should buy some or not, I know my CDC does sell them, its meant to happen after about 3 days though isn't it?... I await the furry sock mouth! ;):)
I'm having 3 Splenda Sweeteners too AB Fab so don't feel bad lol :D
I am on day 2 and also feel ok, I havent had carbs since wednesday and had a pearler of a headache this morning, I havent had the 'furry sock mouth':D
but did have a funy sort of taste this morning so hopefully that is the start of ketosis.
I'm the same Richy, funny taste this morning but no furry sock mouth! So glad I haven't had headaches as I'm not sure I would be able to cope with that and my 3 yr old. Was a bit lightheaded on day one but it passed

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