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2nd day need advice

Hi Lola, sorry to hear you're struggling but do hang on in there as that will all be over in a couple of days. I believe it takes 3 to 4 days to get into ketosis so you are almost there

Katie thanks you have made my day, seen your reply earlier about the bars and my counsellor has given us a max of 4 bars, hope that won't interfere with my ketosis.


Happily pro pointing!
hi lola
it was day 3 for me, you will start to feel great then.
Your LLC will only give you the bars and water flavourings if you are in ketosis (you have to do a ketostik at weigh ins to check for this).

I had a pop in on day 3, was in ketosis and got the bars. I had lost about 4.5 lbs and my LLC said not to expect to double that by WI but did, so I really don't think they will effect your ketosis, they shouldn't do.
They aren't much different to the other packs. LL did a study and they found that if you ate a bar every day over the 14 weeks, you would lose 1 less pound over the whole time, which is good enough for me, so I have :D
sorry for being a dumbo but this diet has sent my brain to mush, you do add the bars as your meal don't you not as an extra. I must sound thick but have had a busy day shopping, cooking and picking hubby up from station fell a bit jaded. Want to have the feeling of not being starving, I have drank water for england so thats helped a bit.
Don't worry about asking questions Lola, that's one of the joys of this site!

Yes the bars count as a meal, you can have 4 meals a day out of the soups, shakes or bars but you're only allowed a maximum of 1 bar a day.

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