2nd Fast Day Tomorrow!! Tips?

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by soshbfly, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. soshbfly

    soshbfly Silver Member

    Excited that I will be going into my 2nd fast day tomorrow - would love any tips/insights as to how that goes. I've decided to eat EXACTLY how I did on Monday - 523 calories. Only difference tomorrow is that I won't be hitting the gym at the end of the day. I did go tonight (for a monster 1.5hr session!) I have eaten a meal quite late for me, but thought I'd need it (wholewheat pasta and prawns).

    I'm excited as Friday is my official weigh day (though I do weigh every day - have done for many many years). I was also going to attempt an early-morning run on Friday as well - hopefully will have the energy even with the lack of Thursday calories! :confused:

    Look forward to hearing others' tips on how this day may shape up.

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  3. soshbfly

    soshbfly Silver Member

    1st week went a treat - lost 4lbs Monday - Friday & then was unwell fri/sat so sitting at at. 5.4 loss for week. Managed a5k run on am after 500 (or really 556) calorie day.

    Thinking this is something I can stick with!!
  4. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Silver Member

    I'm doing my second fast tomorrow ( I only managed one last week ) I was out on the drink on Friday so the scales are showing I have put on what I lost last week. I'm hoping to get back to it properly this week. What did you eat on your fast days ?
  5. soshbfly

    soshbfly Silver Member

    Hi, I just ate egg whites w/asparagus for breakfast, soup for lunch and dinner (with zero noodles each time to give some substance), carrot sticks (very few as they're not my fave) throughout day for crunchy snack and a small bit of fruit in the afternoon. I didn't feel deprived.

    Tomorrow I'm just doing snack, lunch and dinner as I'm at a concert in evening (with daughter and driving so no temptation to drink) - dinner is a Markie's meal I found that's from the "fuller longer" range and its 300 calories - mustard ham, mashed tats, runner beans and carrots! Hope it tastes good :)

    Good luck on your first 2 day a week fast. I did start on single days just to see if I could do it ;-) Let us know how you do!

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