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2nd Interview - Medical Questionnaire

Hi Guys

I'm facing a HUGE challenge. It might not seem big to you but it is to me (cr*p current job situation and feeling of being trapped at work not helpng)

I have an interview for what could possibly be my dream job with what is deffo my dream employer

Anyone got any interview advice?

I totally lack confidence in interviews and do not like to blow my own trumpet - which is such a shame as my friends/family and even one of my trusted work colleagues say I could totally do this job. Everyone seems to have so much faith in my abilities except me. What I lack in sales experience (which is part of the role but not the full role) I MORE than make up for in industry knowledge of whicj I have 12 years experience - this I do know

Help..........I so do not want to F*ck it up. I am so stressed it is untrue (can't sleep and my panic response is to VLCD until interview so I feel my best in my interview suit)

Thanks in advance for any little titbit of advice given.....sorry that I am rambling just so skitzy (sp?)

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In addition to what Kristin1 has said make eye contact with your interviewer and smile. If there is more than one interviewer (don't want to scare you but it happens sometimes) then make eye contact with all of them. Obviously don't stare but just as though you were chatting to a friend sort of thing.

But please don't stress and try to be as relaxed as you possibly can before you go in.
Thanks Guys

I have a new suit - very smart Next one - but it's so comfy I feel like it is practically a tracksuit!! I don't normally wear make up and was thinking of putting some on - but will take your advice - I am getting my eyebrows shaped and eyelashes tinted the night before so will just slap on some tinted moisturiser. Getting a manicure too. Oh, and have booked a hair appointment for a tidy up trim on my lunch break the day before

I have a folder with my CV, industry qualifications, degree cert etc in it.

I just am stuck at strengths/weakness etc. I have a couple of books (perfect interview and perfect intervew questions) but I am so busy at work that my head is full and I can't think straight :) I know I need to look into it but I can only focus on the catch up of Samantha Who on comedy central :D

One saving grace is that I have a good idea of the company and their competitors as I am a customer.

I have already done part of the assessment - I a phsyc test online - so that's me scr*wed already :p. The interview itself should be approx 45 minutes with the UK/NI Manager, the NE manager and an HR person. Then there is another assessent but the HR girl I spoke to on the phone said that is was nothing I could prepare for and I shouldn't have any problems. So although there are 3 people (scary)at least on the eye contact stakes I won't look like I'm eyeballing anyone ;)

Thanks again, guys, I REALLY REALLY appreciate your input. Sorry for the long post - I tend to waffle away when nervous - naughty Toots, must try to reign that in before thursday



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You'll be fine I am sure. When I had my two interviews recently they said that because I had the experience I had the edge, and I am sure you will too.

As I say just try and be as relaxed as you can when you go in and don't worry.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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Be relaxed (as much as you can) and try not to come accross as tooo desperate for the job. I know you really want it but enthuse by all means just don't over do it if you know what I mean. Good luck.


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Good luck Hun! Just be yourself. They will expect you to be nervous. The fact you know something about the company will count in your favour. You'll be wonderful!
Thanks everyone - you have calmed me down and I've gained a little perspective. Still nervous but it's not the end of the world and I have a job so it's not like I'm desperate

Granted, I have no sales experience but what I lack in direct experience I make up for in industry knowledge so fingers crossed I can make them see my potential :)

I have conducted quite a few interviews in my time. I always expected people to be a bit nervous - in fact I felt a little wary of people who seemed to have no nerves at all.

I agree with what has been said about clothes and makeup. You want to be smart, clean, tidy and comfortable. But not flashy. And if you wear makeup when you don't usually then that will be just one more thing to worry about. Although a little lipbalm is a good idea to counter that dry-mouth feeling!

A friend of mine was recently asked at an interview why they should give her the job rather than other candidates. This was for a job in a new shop. She replied "because I know about your company, I went to visit one of your other shops at the weekend, and I have read your catalogue from cover to cover". They were impressed! So tell them that you know about their company from a customer's point of view, and therefore you have an idea of what the customer really wants - give examples.

Remember what the interviewers want. Not to catch you out, not to make you feel uncomfortable - but to see if they can find just the right person for the job they have available. Remember this - they want to like you!

Good luck - let us know how you get on.
I forgot to say - if you wear earrings, then make sure they are small and neat. Nothing dangly or overly sparkly. And any other jewellery should be understated too. I once interviewed someone with a necklace which said "foxy lady" on it. That wasn't the only reason she didn't get the job, but I did wonder about the thinking of someone who thought it was appropriate for an interview!

I was thinking of wearing a grey and cream floating pearl necklace to blend in with the grey suit with matching grey pearl stud earings. Just thought they they (along with a flash of pink top just visible from underneath the closed jacket) would give a feminine edge to a taylored suit without being to OTT - do you think these will be ok?

I tried the whole ensemble on for my dad who was very impressed - we call him the Jock Gok - very good eye


Charlotte, Judi and Avisk - wanted to rep you all but apparantly I have to spread the love first!!

Consider yourself repped in theory!!! :p



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I love the sound of your outfit - classy :)

I can't really add much more than has been said honey. Just remember - this is the ONE opporunity to impress them. You don't need to sound like you're bragging, but do NOT sell yourself short.

If it helps, I have 2 CVs. I have a shorter one, and a longer one. The longer one bullet points everything I achieved in the role I've discussed. I always have this with me at interviews and give them a copy. Make sure you make them aware of your achievements in your current job/previous jobs - any ideas you had (even if not implemted) to improve things there and the deadlines and work scopes you were part of or delivered alone.

Also, sounds corny but it's true - use the right lingo! For instance:

Instead of 'I like working in a team' expand to 'I enjoy working within a team because it means I can work to my full potential as an individual but also enables us, together, to manage our clients expectations and ensure we deliver what we set out to do.'

Yes it can sound corny I know - and it can feel sickening to say but it seems to work for me! Lol!

Also, remember that an interview is a two way street. It's not just for THEM to see if YOU are right for the job. It's making sure the JOB is right for YOU. Use it as a platform to set out what you're looking for in the role too. For instance, I was offered a new job recently but I didn't have a formal interview - I met with my future line manager and the decision was based on that and my CV/experience. So I arranged a meeting with my ultimate boss and new line manager to set out what my expectations were and ask them what their's were in me. I also wanted to be sure I could give them what they wanted and said as much. I highlighted that though I have 3 years experience, I am not by any means 'the finished product' and would require training in some areas that I have yet to do. But, I didn't let it sound too negative to them - I almost made it sound good because it means they can train me how they want me to work lol. But fundamentally I wanted the job to get away from stress where I am (bullies not workload) so I wanted to make sure I could do the job and therefore not put too much pressure on self. It's a great time to probe for potential training in the role and also set out what you want to achieve with them. I was quite strong in pointing out I wanted to progress in the future and therefore needed to ensure that they wanted me to fill the role I'm taking as a means to train me and progress me - it's not being cheeky, it's being assertive and they like to see an element of that.

You can do this. You got the interview and that's the first hurdle done with. Go in feeling confident in your ability and give it your all. You can't change who you are so you will be nervous, it's natural. Just make sure you're not overly nervous and don't sell self hun. Easier said than done though eh?

Oh and, take a small bottle of water. I always get a dry mouth when nervous so I keep it beside me. Never seems to have caused issues with them to do this and it's a life saver.

Good luck xxx
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Your clothes and prep sound great. All I'd add is, have a good reply ready for when they ask "Do you have any questions?".

Mind you, I've been unemployed since moving up North, and my last job was wiping old peoples' bottoms...So I may not be the best person to help you. :D
Thanks everyone - can't stop - off to google some sales speak type stuff on some career sites. I may have the outfit and the paperwork sorted but my brain needs a little help as it is full from being too busy at work :eek:

Sticky - another virtual rep for you I'm afraid - got to put it about a bit before I can rep you again ;)


I will succeed!!!
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Sticky - another virtual rep for you I'm afraid - got to put it about a bit before I can rep you again ;)
Thought that counts my love. Thankies and good luck again xx
Right - im from a HR background so all these are good tips already - i would just add the following:

firm handshake your interviewers - it shows confidence, and that you are keen to work for the employer.

eye contact - vital - do not gaze out of the window.

take pauses when answering the questions - there is bound to be someone taking notes, and this helps them and also gives you a relaxed, concise attitude.

Smile - its always recipricated!

Make some notes and practise saying what you want to say in front of a mirror - i.e Strengths (im a team player, lovely to work with, confident, quick learner, work the strengths on the job description) weaknesses (perfectionist (which is a positive really), development areas - perhaps there is an IT package you would like training on, or a course you want to go on to improve a skill set). If you practise in front of the mirror these answers will flow easily and you will look relaxed.

Good luck - remember, if you want the job you have to sell yourself!


Elle x

ps wats the job? xxx
Thanks Elle - I'll try to take on board what you have said but I have worked myself into such a frenzie. The title is Cargo Supervisor - which would indicate that it is an operations role, but the cargo manager has told me it's predominantly sales. My background is ops - so if they ask me anything sales specific or do any role play then I'm screwed :eek:. I've done a fair bit of research about sales techniques but all the info I've learned is bound to go out of my head in the interview because reading about something and doing something on a daily basis are 2 different things

I know I could do the job with a little bit of training I'm just not confident in my ability to make them see this - interviews are definately my achilles heel. I tend to get on with things rather than talk about getting on with things - if that makes sense.

just be yourself - all the tips and hints on here are fab to get you thinking but when you are there it may be really informal!!!

good luck and let us know how you get on xxx

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