2nd Weigh In

Morning everyone
2nd weigh in have now lost 17lbs !! amazing, but my blood pressure is very very low. The nurse has got me an appointment to see the dr. this pm. I feel fine though, just a bit light headed like Marlyn. Took the nurse 6 attempts to find it and then using the old fashioned pump up by hand machine. Very very pleased with the weight lose as I am struggling with the not eating anything - we've got our 8 year old grandson here for the week and we want to take him out for a meal tonight ?? No way I'm not going, so would a plate of vegetables absolutely ruin everything?
Any one got any thought or ideas?
(I tried to do a sliding scale thingy or fancy signature but couldnt - must be the low blood pressure affecting me!!)Anne-marie
My thoughts are to explain to the doctor what you have been doing to lose the weight and then follow his advice :D

Will you let us know how you got on please :)
What an excellent loss after two weeks!! :cool: Hope the blood pressure thing is sorted out - as Chicken says, please let us know :)
Hi Ann-marie, great weight loss to date hun.. well done you:):) Let us know how you get on with the doctor re' your blood pressure won't you???
When you go out for your meal tonight and you really want to eat a bit of something, my advice would be to make sure you have all your packs today.. try to have one just before you go out so you're feeling quite full.. choose a lean cut of white meat or fish and just a small salad or a few vegetables.
Have a lovely time:)

love xxxx
Excellent weight loss and how did you get on with your night out?

Love Mini xxx