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3 days in on Atkins

Well I'm in Ketosis judging by the sticks; I slipped into that very quickly!

I don't feel too bad although I do feel a bit sick/naucious (spell*) I am craving carbs after I've eaten but I assume that will go after time.

I have a headache despite drinking plenty of water...

I also feel bloated as if I've eaten way too much (not constipated before you think that).

Is all of this normal???
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Sounds about right! Wait for the mad energy rush which will hit you soon!
Yep, Atkins flu it is, it's your body protesting at having lost and easy energy source and having to burn fat for a living. :)
Hey PennyJane, i've also just made the switch over to Atkins from CD. Have been doing it for two weeks as of tomorrow and i have to admit the first week was a little rough. Even though i was in ketosis from the CD i felt so sicky when eating food on Atkins the first few days and like you i bloated right up. I also felt like i'd put back all the water weight on around my lower tummy though the scales say i didn't. I made myself a curry last tuesday and even though it wasn't hot and spicy the spices in it were too much for my post CD tummy and i spent the night in agony, bloated right up and i ended up being sick too. Just a word of warning that's all if you were planning anything adventurous food wise. Since then i've stuck to plainer things and have been fine. x
Was normal for me hun yes, had awful cramps last tuesday. Really didn't know what to do with myself for the best and got so painful at one point i even considered going to A&E in case it was rumbling appendix again, which i've had twice before and the pain was similar. The episode ended with me making myself sick, sorry if too much information! Felt tons better afterwards though. Then took a couple of senna tablets the night after it and two more the following night which finally did the trick. Have been taking a sachet of Fibresure each day since and have steered clear of strong tasting foods. No problems at at since then.

And yes, i'm still losing weight too though don't feel as though the inches have gone down much as i think i've regained some water podge. I've lost about 4lb's ish in 13 days so not too bad going.

Also only went back to the gym last night, didn't go any of the other time during so feel that was a good loss considering the extra cals etc compared to CD.

Hope you soon feel better love x
makes me wonder if this is normal when changing from CD?


Alway see the love x
I changed from CD to atkins a while back and I really suffered with my tummy. I looked 25 months gone. Garlic helped and( brb just popping to the kitchen lol ) Enzyme Digest pills from H&B.

It was very painfull but it did pass in time, hunni. Warm water helped as well, thinking babck on it. Stear clear from spicey foods.

Hope that helped, babes

Woofy X
hey im sorry to post here it seems more active i had to buy fibre gel in such a rush in tesco i couldnt find anything that resembeled what was ok in teh atkins book and i arent getting bunged up :Dbut in the excitement ive measured 1.5 inch in 4 days and 4 pounds so far wooo hoooo i like to get weighed a few times it keeps me motivated :D x
Feels good doesn't it Penny. :)
Good news slimming girl, why don't you join the weigh in thread. :)
Yes, Jim, BUT I've spent the afternoon concentrating so hard that after all the hard work I now feel like a balloon... how come?? I am still worried that I'm eating too much.
well, if you stick to Atkins advice, eat until your moderately full, it should be OK, don't force your self to eat more than you want. That plus it's hard to get your head round a diet that doesn't involve starving yourself isn't it. :)
Yeah, it's a strange notion. I am trying to eat until I am satisfied and not over eat; I don't like to feel too full though so that's a good reason not to over eat.

I'm also a bit frustrated as yet again my glands have come up. This happened when I started CD... it's on and off and have had bouts of this for years; could be something to do with stress and tension in my neck.. hey ho!

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