Step 1 Sole Source + 3 weeks in and 20lb gone!!

Discussion in 'CD Inspirational Photos' started by SocialButterfly80, 8 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    I know it's early days but I feel I can see a bit of a difference!! It has been 3 weeks tomorrow and my first two weigh ins were 10lb each. Lets hope there is more photos with less of me over the next few months!


    Day one


    Three weeks done
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  3. hurfbird

    hurfbird Member

    Wow - can definitely see a difference, well done x
  4. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Thanks very much! I am probably a little premature posting a picture but I know I enjoy having a good look at everyone else's!! We are all going through this together after all!! X
  5. hurfbird

    hurfbird Member

    You have given me a boost - it really does help to see how well everyone else is doing, I'll post some on here when I have had a decent loss
  6. Nazz

    Nazz Full Member

    Wow well done hun, im trying to stick to ss/+ how have u stuck to it?
  7. elliexander

    elliexander Member

    Defo see a difference! Well done on your journey so far! :)
  8. tigerlily80

    tigerlily80 Full Member

    Well done you can see that tops a lot loser than it was! Fantastic x
  9. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Thanks very much! Still a long way to go but need to keep coming on here to get encouragement to keep going!

    When I started this diet I made sure I told everyone what I was doing. Because it is such a strict regime lots of people had their bit to say about it! That made me want to prove them wrong and the times when I have felt like giving in to food have been cancelled out by not wanting to be a failure in their eyes.

    I have also told myself that this hard but won't be forever. I know I should roughly loose a stone a month so in my head I have a realistic picture of when it will end - you don't get that on weight watchers!!

    One day at a time - take the good with the bad and the end result will be brilliant for all of us!
  10. tigerlily80

    tigerlily80 Full Member

    So right! I've had a stab at WW about 20 times over the last 4 years, and still here I am a stone heavier than when I began..... Not because WW doesn't work but purely because you get so frustrated with the half pound off, then 1 pound on and so on!
    And to think you struggle that whole month to lose the sought after max loss of 8lbs!
    You can get that in a week with VLCD!
    Prove the non believers wrong..... You'll find they all have summit to say, even if they've never heard of it before lol
    Good for you x
  11. Cbirkett

    Cbirkett Member

    wow this is a great picture, you can see the big difference, I dont think you will roughly lose a stone a month, i think on the CD you should be a little more audacious, for instance im purely just on soul source and can honestly say i want to lose 3 stone in 2 months, i started at 17 stone and want to be 14 before the beginning of december, if halfway through i think im going to make it, then i go running, go to the gym or something. I think you are much more capable or losing more weight, and whilst its hard you should go for it now!
  12. newandhappyme

    newandhappyme Full Member

    well done!!
  13. Nazz

    Nazz Full Member

    U looking slimmer and great. U should feel proud coz u can really see the difderence.. Hopefully these pics will help u and us all stay focused and motivated to achieve wot we want (to be slim).. Im on day 2 feeling rough i just want to eat lol but im going to stick it out.. Its so harf and im constantly running to the loo all this water i drink goes right thru me within minutes. Hope its not like this for long. Anyway hun u look fab so keep it up.. Im defo gonna do a before pic now really wnna see the difference x
  14. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement everyone! It makes such a massive difference to read your positive comments. I am officially in my fourth week now and can't believe I have lasted this long!

    Nazz I struggled so much in my first week and wanted to give up by the end of it! I kept coming on here though and reading people saying how much easier it got. I put my faith in that and I can tell you they are right! It is now a way of life and doesn't seem as much of a battle. I'm not saying there aren't moments when I want to eat what everyone else is but those times soon pass and the buzz of getting weighed soon becomes your new addiction. Keep at it and you won't regret it!!

    Have a good day everyone!! X
  15. Nazz

    Nazz Full Member

    Thanks for that. Im defo gonna stick to it coz i need to lose this weight.. Im leaving my shakes til afternoon times so there are not sooo spaced out and jus drinking tea and water in the morning. I tried freezin the mango shake yeaterday it was awful n not like icecream. Maybe the readymade shakes will turn out like icecream well iv heard it does.. Im so determined now so im not going to give up.. I hav to hide the scales aswell because i so do not want to weigh myslf every mornin coz i would do that lol.. Do u do ss or ss+? X
  16. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    that's great to see. thanks for sharing. I'm going to take photos at the end of three weeks too now.
  17. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Hi dancing! I think it's worth keeping a regular photo diary as sometimes you feel like you just aren't losing any!! It is good to look back and see that the hard work really is paying off! Good luck with your journey!
  18. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Hi nazz! Good to here you are so determined. Just keep telling yourself this hard work won't be forever!!

    I do a mixture of SS and SS+. Some days I just have the shakes but when I'm at work I take some chicken and green salad so people don't pile too many questions on me!

    I feel it is working well so far. Not having a weigh in this week as have decided to have it every two weeks so I can see bigger chunks come off! I must admit I do weigh myself most days just to confirm I am going in the right direction!

    Hope your day is going well x
  19. Nazz

    Nazz Full Member

    I hav to stop weighing myself everyday. Thats gud u hav sum chickn n salad im jus thinkin if i do that will it take me off track n il probly start pickin at food if i do.. Im going to start addin food once iv lost a stone.. Im only on day 3 so its not too bad suprisingly not finding it really hard x
  20. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Hi nazz! You just do whatever works best for you. Half way through your first week - well done! I hated my first week but now it just seems like a way of life! I now have to remind myself to have my shakes as I have no hunger at all!

    Have just done my weekly shop for the family and am going to cook them some lovely meals this weekend! Didn't feel strong enough before so my husband has done everything but now I feel I can face it. The changes in my body shape are better than any food!

    Carry on staying strong and weigh in day will be here before you know it! X
  21. Nazz

    Nazz Full Member

    Hey butterfly, im not feeling too hungry on day 4 now.. Yeaterday i had 2boiled eggs.. I dont like any of the shakes so im struggling to want to have it.. Ppl say they love sum of the flavours but they r awful to b honest.. I dont mind having them coz i have to lol. Im trying to stay out of the kitchen hun so im defo not goin to be making any food the for moment coz im scared i will pick at things.. Hows it going for u? X

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