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30 Day Ab Challenge

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by AutumnDeeDee, 28 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Hi guy's,

    Aiming to get back on slimming world 1st June, saw the 30 day ab challenge on Facebook and thought I'd give it a go...

    Anyone else want to try!?

    Will post the details in a few days.

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  3. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Looks like it might just be me :/
    Last edited: 30 May 2014
  4. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member


    I saw this on Facebook, but I have already started it. I'm on Day 5 today - if you want to get started before 1st June the app is free. Just type in 30 Day Ab Challenge. I'm doing the squat challenge too :D

    A few more people may join closer to the 1st June xx
  5. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    How's it going!?

    I'm nervous about starting but can't wait to see the results!

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  6. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    I want stronger abs... He'll I just want abs.... Completely lack any tone in the stomach area and have very poor core strength. Not sure the dogs will let me do the challenge lol but am very curious.
  7. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Same here, a flat stomach would be lovely!

    Will get on the laptop later and hopefully post a pic of the schedule. Looking forward to tomorrow but pigging out tonight!

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  8. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member


    Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I haven't been on here much.

    A few of my girl friends at home were planning on starting this today - so I had a few days off to restart it today so we can all do it together. So, I am calling the 4 days I did my trial run :giggles: I quite enjoyed it actually! I do quite a bit of other exercises, including toning BUT the ab challenge takes literally minutes to do and every little extra helps, right? ;)

    It's quite easy to do first thing in the morning after a quick stretch and fit in.

    Are we all ready for Day One or have you completed the first workout? Hope it went well xx
  9. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    OMG I decided to start the 30 day ab challenge today. Arrrhhhhh I knew my core strength was bad but I really struggled with the sit-ups and the 25 second plank! Day one down but at this rate I am not sure how far I am gonna make it
  10. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member

    Well done on completing day one :D It will take a few days to get used to it but just think of how great you will feel at the end of the 30 days for a few minutes a day. There are a few rest days too. I always tell myself that if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Each day your core will be getting stronger. Keep with it. I'll need someone to spur me on too ha! x
  11. Camplestar

    Camplestar Silver Member

    Hey I was going to start this today along with the split challenge. Didn't realise there was an app though. I'm with you x
  12. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Starting this today guys as I'm back on plan today too! Just completed the first workouts going to try twice a day to get maximum results!

    Good luck to everyone else :)

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  13. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member

    Good morning Ab Challenge team - Happy Monday!

    Day two completed this morning :D It's a good one!

    Camplestar - Did you manage to find the app? Out of curiosity... what is the split challenge? I haven't heard of that one.
  14. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Hey, let me join in too :) same thing, saw it in facebook and started week ago. My hubby are doing it with me. Day 7 today and everything hurts. Lol -must be working then , right ?
  15. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member

    That's brilliant, Destamia! I had to restart, so I'm on day 2 today. I'm determined to stick with it even on my weekend away this Friday :D

    How are you finding it one week in? Have you noticed any changes yet? x
  16. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Only thing I have noticed is pain after workout :p no changes yet for me , but this dont mean it wont be for others =)
  17. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Downloaded the app this morning and its very motivating!

    Felt like I worked hard this morning and these exercises are great for me as I suffer with 2 slipped discs and find it hard to do any exercise at all!

    I am also taking weekly pictures so hopefully will be able to see the difference by the end of the 30 days.
  18. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    Wooohooo a thread!

    I started this last week so have day 7 to do later this evening! 40 sit ups... oh dear! x
  19. AutumnDeeDee

    AutumnDeeDee Member

    Good luck!

    Day 2 seems daunting already but I'm excited :).

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  20. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    Day 7 done!

    Had to break up the sit ups and leg raises though, 40 and 20 in one go was too tough!x
  21. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Mine 7th day is done too . I could not do 40 sit-ups in row, so i did 20 sit up, 20 eg raises and sit ups again. Thank god tomorrow is day off :p

    NB ! feeling good :)

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