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30 day shred

Well the dvd arrived today..so as soon as i got in from town i put it on and did the level 1. 20 mins workout.I would say i have a middle of the range fitness.
it was very good not as scary as i thought it would be..just didnt like jumping jacks as i have an old knee injury but i worked through it.. very pleased with myself.
im quite hot now lol so need to have a shower.but will be on it again tomo.i could do more today to be honest but i want to get myself into it slowly and not over do it to begin with.
but very impressed.
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good luck with it ladies...
its a good work out, and if you can increase the weights, do it... you will burn more cals, and you will feel that burn!!

must get back into it myself, but have been doing other workouts, so might try and see if i can fit that one in too....


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
uh-oh.... jumping jacks, my worst nightmare, must admit to jibbing at those at Zumba, just do my own little version of them!! Gillian frightens me on BL!!
Day 2 of my 30 day shred..woke this morning aching in my chest,tummy thighs and inside them.my arms dont feel to bad.
Im going stick on level 1 for a week then move up to level 2 for a week then level 3.
I must say i feel great and really pleased with my self for just getting up and doing it.
it did burn more today as i was aching from yesterday,
gillian does nt scare me she kind of pushes me on..esp when she says "i know you want to turn the dvd off.dont work through it." lol.
im quiue enjoying it.
Kes when did you notice a change in your body when you first started it.?


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first started noticing at about day 4... i was able to do more of the advanced moves, and i felt like my tummy was getting flatter which spurred me on to do it better and harder!!

you are supposed to do 10 days of level one 10 days of level 2 and 10 days of level 3 :)
I am going online and ordering it now.....I can go between Biggest Loser and 30 day shred......wahay ....:)
I just done the davina mccall one, the boxing section, my two kids came down while i was doing it, and decided t join in, if anyone had seen the 3 of us here tonight lol... I might order the biggest loser too, then i wont get bored doing the same all the time!!
Well done Rach and its great to know the kids joined in !!
I have ordered 30 day shred and done the deal so i get 2 other 1's of hers too ha ha

Be interesting to see the results when we start dvd lol xx


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sallouise said:
is it available in the shops? had some bad experience with ordering online
Yes. Most places will sell it.. :)
DAY 3 of my 30 day shred.!!! can tell today when im walking down the stairs my legs kill.lol.
but doing the workout was as half as hard today as it was on day one. Day one my daughter said i had steam coming off my face.lol today was nt half as bad.
Ive never been that into excerise. but i dont dread doing this.i think ahead when i can fit it in.
see how day 4 is tomo.lol

has yours coming yet Rach.?

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