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30 Day Shred

Good morning :)

What a ridiculous time to be up on a Saturday morning :cry: but I'm about to do day 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I really didn't want an audience of H and the kids laughing at me :rolleyes:

I am a bit scared that it might actually kill me, but hey no pain, no gain right? :D

Anyone else doing it along side healthy eating?

Right <deep breath>, wish me luck, off I go.........
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I'm calorie counting & Ive just ordered the 30 day shred, hoping it'll arrive by Tuesday then I'll get started! Please post to let me know how you got on with it!! Xxx

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<staggers in, red faced and sweaty>

I did it :D I can't quite believe it :D

It's VERY hard, don't get me wrong, but it's not impossible. I think I am really unfit, I mean REALLY unfit, but I managed it.

The best thing is, every section is broke down to just 2 or 3 minutes at a time, so just when you think you're about to cry and/or die ;), it changes to something else.

Absolutely loved it :D
Brilliant! That gives me a bit if hope! I'm really unfit too. I'm looking forward to getting started. Can you do it without a mat? I have weights already but don't own a mat.....


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I think if you were doing it on a hard floor you'd need a mat but I did it on carpet and it was fine :)

I don't have any weights, I used tins of beans :giggle:

Am aching a little now..... my legs feel very wobbly!
I feel like I've been hit by a truck :eek: my legs, my arms, my shoulders, even my chest hurts!

Going to do day 2 in a while, when I've woken up a bit.......
Day 2 - done :D

I was pleasantly surprised actually, I expected it to be a LOT harder today because I was so very achey..... but it actually wasn't. Okay, it wasn't any easier either but I'll take the positives wherever I can get them ;)
I've been wondering whether to order the 30 day shred. We got the kinect for my husbands xbox360 just before christmas and he got me the Biggest Loser workout game - I asked him to lol he isn't trying to make some point about my weight! I've only tried it once ages ago and then I go sidetracked (or maybe lazy!) and haven't done it since. I think I might dig it out and start using it. If I like that I might order Shred as well. Sounds like you are doing a great job!
It's only £4.99 on Amazon at the moment, so go for it Debbie ;)

As today has gone on the aches and pains have got slightly worse, I'm moving around like an old woman here, H is finding it all very amusing :rolleyes: Think I might have a soak in a hot bath tonight to see if that helps!

I really fancy one of the Biggest Loser workouts for the Wii (we've got an xbox too but no kinect and can't really afford one at the moment). What's yours like, is it good?
I've not only oredered the 30 Day Shred DVD but also The Biggest Looser for the Wii, they should both arrive tomorrow or Tuesday so I'll let you know how I get on with TBL.

Are you planning on doing the 30 day shred every single day? I was going to do it every other day between swimming and TBL.

Biggest Loser for kinect is really good. I had it for the Wii as well and it was good on their also,although I do think kinect has the edge really. With the Kinect game you can pick your trainer and there are tons of different routines to pick. You do need a fairly large space to exercise in though so that the kinect is able to pcik up your body movements exactly.

Might have to have a word with the husband about ordering shred :D I think he'll say yes!
Ooooh, Relle you'll have to report back on TBL on the Wii and let me know.

Yep, am planning on doing the Shred every day <gulp>, hope it doesn't kill me lol! Am also walking as often as I can too (an hour 3 or 4 times a week) and then next week, once the kids go back to school, my friend and I are going to go swimming a couple of times a week too. I flipping WILL get this weight shifted!
That's the attitude!

I start swimming on Tuesday, I'm nervous as haven't been seen in a costume in public for so long, Ill need to make a mad dash from the changing rooms to the pool!! And back again!!

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I know exactly what you mean! The friend I'm going with is 7 months pg and I'm still bigger than her! :(
All my friends are so slim, sizes 8/10...couldn't be doing with swimming with them, I just imagine people thinking how awful I look even if they don't say it....oh well, I'm still looking forward to it, I'm planning to do breast stroke for 39/45 mins. xx

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Good for you. Breast stroke is a brillant, all around work out :) That's what I'll be doing when we got, I don't have the co-ordination for front crawl!
Day 3....... done :D

I'd say it was a tiny bit easier today....... according to H (in the kitchen, not watching, god no!) I was grunting slightly less this morning :rolleyes:

Am definitely a lot less achy this morning too, so it seems it doesn't actually take the body that long to start getting used to it :)

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