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3rd and final restart


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Turning 39 on Saturday made me think, Do i still want to be on this rollercoaster of dieting when im 40? I have a year to sort myself out , can i do it? who knows but this time (yes i say that everytime) i really am going to try.
My daughter brought me a mug with yummy scrummy mummy on it, i want to be that person not fat and 40 :cry:.
Also ive suffered with IBS for years now, i had resigned myself to the fact that i will have to put up with it but while on slim fast it eases, i know for most people they get constipated but for me it just about gets me on the "normal" path in the toilet department. This weekend ive not been on slim fast and boom back to the suffering , so that in its self should keep me on track shouldn't it, so why do i feel the urge to binge grrrrr i get so angry with myself :mad:.
So today is my new start, my final restart.
I'm going to take a leaf out of some of your books and start a daily journal on here and see if that helps.
I don't usually have a set weigh day but from now on i will be weighing in on Mondays and will be using this thread as my journal.
I had some photos taken yesterday, i will be using them as my before photos , they say the camera never lies and boy does it not, i had got clever covering up my flabby bits, clothes hide a multitude of lumps and bumps but seeing myself in just my undies has given my that kick where ive needed it for a long time.
I have just over 5 stone to lose to get to where i should and want to be, this time............ I WILL DO IT !

My ticker, hope ive done it right

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I`ve just started SF too this week, having toilet troubles already...lol

I`ve always had trouble sticking to diets before but finding the online diary and especially this site very helpful, whenever my lot decide to have treats i just come on here and read all the success stories or just watch the screensaver...

Welcome and good luck x


soon to be minnie mouse
good luck ice and buffy i'm sure you'll be able to give each other motivation, keep posting and don't give up


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Thank you:)

Day 1

So far so good but i always am ok for the first few days.

Brekkie, SF smoothie

Snack, banana

Lunch, SF bar

Dinner, Roast chicken dinner 300cal and muller light yogurt 100cal

Snack, Bag of SF pretzels


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Thank you FF,

Day 2,

Brekkie, my usual SF smoothie

Snack, banana

lunch, SF shake

Dinner, cajun beans on toast (craved them all day but held out until dinner time :D ) 550cals

options hot choc

Not had a chance to exercise due to work etc, but have thursday and friday off so will make time for a good work out them days.
So far so good , my head is in the right place at the mo, not even attempted to attack the chocolate i got for my birthday, when i feel the need i will have a light dinner and have a little bit for dessert :)


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day 3

Brekkie, SF smoothie

Snack, banana

Lunch, SF soup

Dinner, beef in red wine gravy meal with potatoes and cauli (415 cals)
Muller light yogurt

options choc drink for later while watching britains got talent :)

Had a wee slip up at work today, Doughnuts were brought in for a birthday, krispy creme????? was told i had to try one as they were the best ever, well i wasnt entirely naughty just a little as i opted for just 1/2 of one, would of had 2 before so im happy with myself and hopefully i should still be within my daily calories or just a little over.


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OMG!!!! Dont think i could resist donuts, i used to buy a tub of mini ones from morrisons and me and my 4 year old would eat the whole tub, mostly me, while watching a film.........
Good job you don't work where i do, it's a nightmare if you have a sweet tooth, temptation is around you every day, biscuits, home made cakes and puddings, i would often have a spare pudding,lemon sponge and custard Mmmmm, it's a daily battle! :cry:good job my will power is at a high at the mo, long may it continue.
Day 4

Brekkie, SF smoothie

No snack was to busy out shopping with mum amd sis

Lunch, SF shake

Dinner, Pizza and salad, yogurt (600 cals)

Brought some mini chupa chup lollies today for emergancies, only 24 cals so good for when that need for something sweet creeps up on you.
Thanks BL

Im here early today as on late shift today followed by an early tomorrow so won't be logging on later, was supposed to be off today but someone wanted to swap shifts so im off Sunday instead which is better for me too :)

Day 5

Brekkie, SF smoothie

No snack, saving some calories as might be going out for a meal tomorrow

Dinner, small portion of spag bol and bread roll (no butter) cals ????

Tea, will be taking a SF meal bar to work and I WILL NOT snack on anything at work.

im actually looking forward to my weigh in on Monday, as for the 1st time in ages ive really got my head around the SF plan.


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I get all excited about weigh in`s too..
So much so that i`ve started weighing everyday, probablly not a good idea, but i cant wait to see if i`ve lost any more.
When i go to peoples houses i`m always standing on their scales, just to check..........:scale:ADDICTED LOL
Lol i can imagine you sneaking into everyones bathrooms just to borrow their scales, thankfully i don't have that addiction yet.

Well i did as i said and no snacking at work.

Meal out today, i'm going to be sensible and no pigging out on pudding.
Good luck for tomorrow lizz.

Yesterday was a disaster day, started off so well then went all wrong.
Had my usual smoothie for brekkie and a shake at work for lunch. went out for dinner and that was it i was on the naughty road and stayed there all evening.
Anyway ive given myself a good talking to and im back on track this morning, hope it wont effect my weigh in to much tomorrow.
It might be difficult for me to get online the next few days due to work but i will try my hardest as it does help knowing i will be writing down all i eat everyday, but Monday i am working a double shift followed by an early tuesday, out tuesday night and an early again wednesday, i am going to be dead on my feet by my day off thursday.
i hope everyone reading this is doing well on their chosen diets, keep up the good work.

Julie x


is going to loose!
HI icemagic!

How's it all going and i hope you havent given in to donuts or other prohibited foods!

Never mind Ice! You've got ot out of your system, a cheat ( or as my old granny used to call it... a blowout) is allowed now and again. Hope you can get at a computer this coming week because I enjoy your posts.
Hi Lizz and thanks,
I sure have got it out my system.

After day 6s disaster i am back on the good road, day 7 has been good

Brekkie, SF smoothie

Lunch, SF shake

And will be having a WW ready meal today, have cut back a wee bit to make up for yesterday, not that i have had time to think about food today. Got up did house work, washing etc before cutting my dads hair for him which includes tash trim, ear de-fuzz and nose de-fuzz too ewwwwww oh and mustnt forget eye brow trim lol and now painting the kitchen so ive been kept busy. just stopped for a coffee break, back to it. Back tomorrow for my weigh in b4 work eeek hope its a gooden. everything is crossed :)

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