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4 Days Today


Its my 4th day on LT and its going ok so far... Been going to bed at like 8pm cause I dont wana hang about downstairs....
I'm finding that I am not too hungry at all though..:) Long may that last :)
First weight in not till next Tuesday, that will be 8 days cause Monday is Bank Holiday....
I could go this Saturday but that'll only be my 6th day and would love to have the full 7 accounted for...

What ya think?????

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Well done Skinny for plodding on, you have the right frame of mind to see this through, like me I dont think its too bad albeit boring.
As for your weigh-in do what suits you, lesser of two evils either way. My official WI is Sunday but im going today:)
Thanks Fattothin....You have done so fantastic like everyone else on this forum.. That alone will keep me going I reckon.:):)

I have 3.5 stone to rid and I'm hoping to have that gone by 27th June.. easy, eh???:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 15st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yey, well done you for sticking to it... keep it up !
Ha, easy, a walk in the park:D
Dont see why not, I want to get down to 12 / 13 ish I dont know yet and I too am looking at June so you should have no probs taking into account your bigger losses are at the beginning therefore giving you a good head start;)
well done Sarah :):)
Thanks for the support...its all the positive comments that will defo keep me on the wagon...I'm actually looking forward to my first WI, even if I lose a few pounds its better than gaining a few :party0011:


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Well done skinny on getting the hardest few days over with! It gets easier xxx
Thanks Tracy, I was hoping I had the hard part behind me:) My little sis started LT the day after me so we have each other at home to make sure we avoid the kitchen :whoopass:

I'm so happy that I have her too, even last night we kept each other going...

With this forum too, roll on Summer:)
Honestly it as flown, it now June just seems eons away, but I guess now seemed miles away when I started (if ya can follow that):eek:. Im just plodding on and take every day as it comes whats 6 months out of your life, it will be worth it, girls are falling over backwards for me already so the end results, well:party0049: PARTAAAAAAAAAAAY!:D:D:D
Thats the attitude I'm trying to take Fattothin... Whats a few months when it will give me summit I always wanted....:):):):)

Have you been exercising too?? We got a treadmill at home collecting dust, I reckon i might hit that too:)
Get a punch bag if you want to hit something, I bet that tread mill is made of metal and it would hurt:p No Ive not exercised although I did 2 weeks ago using a rowing machine for half hour a night and walking to/from work which is about a 2 miles a day but I didnt lose tons so I dont know if it was the exercise or all the spices that I was putting in my soup? So at the moment im experimenting, I hope it was the latter as I want to be a little more active.
Bit annoyed the as the computer on the rowing machine is now broken after trying to get it in the bath:mad:
What spices you adding to the soup??I hav'nt a clue what we can add. The women in the Pharmacy is against sweeteners and all:cry:

She reckons that adding stuff makes eating more tempting or summit like that:sigh:
All I eat is the soup, I force down flapjacks if im flying and shakes as a convienience. But prior to this week, in my soup I would put piri piri, thai 5 spices, thai 7 spices, hot chilli powder, paprika, and pepper:D But now I just had the chilli, paprika and pepper as the others contain lemon and orange something or other which is a big NO NO as it can throw you out of ketosis. I loved the thai 7 spices as well as it made it taste like korma:D.
As for adding things makes you want to eat more is purley and only my humble opinion - rubbish! This diet as with any other diet is a mind game, all you do is rise above it, I know its easier for some than others ( easier for men as we are much stronger minded):D
Stonger minded, eh??? Ya reckon.. Some would just call it having a big head:p Which is totally allowed by the way with all ur weight loss...:):):):):):):):):)

I reckon I'll become a total diva when I shift the weight...

Think I'll add some pepper later, what a treat mmmmmm:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
I bet you will become a diva! Am totaly funcying myself lately!!! Its rather funny, am pouting in the mirror, thinking am ertchie pluff !!!
well done by the way, you are bu far over the hardest part and now you'll prob be in ketosis and the fat will melt away. I deffo agree with Fattothin that its all in the mind. I have had few weekends off the diet but got straight back into it every Monday and am finding it no probs at all. Its mind over matter every day.........x
I used to be a diver, I was never fat then:p
Found paprika just hads colour really, but today, infact now im off to morrisons to look in their spice range.
Dont forget to keep posting on here you will soon get to know everyone their not a bad bunch;)
ps dont forget 1/4 tsp of chilli in ya strawberry shakes...AWSOME!
Seeya later crocodile!:) x
Lol pineapple i keep doing the pouting too!!! xx
Damn right you will be a diva skinny xxx