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  1. Random

    Random Member

    Hello all. I am new to this forum. My reason for joining, simple; I just want to feel normal...it's time that I lost weight. I've always been 'big' and I have struggled for a long time with my weight and reading some of peoples success stories coupled with my frustrations I've decided that I need to go on this weight loss regime & I guess I just need people who I can relate to and discuss things..

    A little bit of info:

    Age/Gender: 18 male
    Height: 5ft 11in
    Weight: 95kg/209lbs/14st 9
    BMI: 29.1 (overweight)

    As you can see, I need to do something about this. I've spoken with my gp and my 'ideal' weight he says would be 72kg & I'm going to set myself a long term goal of 70kg. According to my gp I should be aiming to lose 1-2lbs/per week (for a healthy weight loss), therefore over this 4 month period my aim is to lose 32lbs and fall down to 80kg.

    Currently (21/05/09): 209lbs
    4 Month Target: 177lbs
    Long Term Target: 154lbs

    I will continue my excercise/nutrition on the next page...
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  3. Random

    Random Member

    Current Excercise
    Previously for 3 months, 6 days a week I ran for 1 hour a day and sadly I managed to lose no weight. :cry:

    I currently go to the gym 6 days a week. 3 days of weights training and 3 days of HIIT although I am slightly pessimistic about HIIT training...

    Current Diet

    I generally have a very healthy diet compared to a lot of people I know, but it doesn't seem to be working! On a normal day I would eat:

    Breakfast - Cereal
    Before Gym - Cheese&tomato sandwich OR Fruit
    After Gym - Small meal with salad
    Around 6/7pm - Small meal

    [Snacks - Nuts, dried fruit, fruit]

    (small meal - e.g. chicken, rice, green beans, pasta, fish, potatoes, spinach)

    So, there we go. That's all for now. Any words of advice on my excercise/nutrition will be appreciated and of course words of wisdom and motivation :) I'd especially want to know if the HIIT does work.
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  4. Rori

    Rori Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Calorie counting and exercise
    I've been going to the gym quite regularly since September and have quite a good basic level of fitness but I just started HIIT training and so far i'm really enjoying it. I used to just cycle/run as fast and far as I could go in the shortest time but then was told that this wouldn't help with weight loss or body shaping and would just work my heart out. So the past week or so i've tried HIIT and though it doesn't seem to have made a huge change yet, I am enjoying it and I feel like I've done more of a workout than usual, I guess we'll see in a few more weeks time! Good luck!
  5. Random

    Random Member

    Thanks :) Let me know how it goes!
  6. appleshape

    appleshape Full Member

    HIIT is awesome! It's way better for weight loss than steady state cardio, IMO anyway! Did your GP give you any advice on your diet/nutrition? It's just you don't seem to be eating an awful lot of food. What's your daily calorie intake at the moment?
  7. Random

    Random Member

    Hey. It's good to see that HIIT actually works! My GP said the foods I was eating were good and he told me to cut down on portion sizes (which I've already done). I don't really calculate my calorie intake or how many grams of each food I eat. I'm merely going on the notion of; eat less, excercise more. :p Although I have done one of those online calculator things, and apparently my intake should be 2718 calories a day.
  8. appleshape

    appleshape Full Member

    A lot of my friends are really into diet and fitness-some of them are training to become personal trainers etc...The best advice one of them gave me was to lose weight, take 500 calories from your RDA, eat 1g of protein for every kg of body weight (especially if weight training) and keep the carbs low gi. Seems to work for them, one of them lost an immense amount of weight-he looks pretty hot actually! Slightly off topic there...What's your weights programme like?
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  9. Random

    Random Member

    Yeah my calorie intake should be 3200 and I took off 500 to get 2700, I still think thats too much though. I do weights 3 times a week biceps,triceps,shoulders/back,chest,neck,legs/biceps,triceps,shoulers and HIIT on the days inbetween with 1 days rest a week. On top of that I walk at least 4km a day.

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  10. Random

    Random Member

    Today I've eaten:

    Breakfast - Small bowl of bran flakes
    Before gym - Cheese sandwich
    After gym - Cheese sandwich & a banana & a few nuts
    Dinner - Fish with salad

    I'm not sure how many calories that is, but I think it's a lot less than 2700 :confused:
  11. Random

    Random Member

    Yesterday was good. Managed to resist chips, chocolate & cake that my friends were eating. :D And instead of HIIT I played 3 hours of football.
  12. Random

    Random Member

    The weathers rubbish outside today and I'm not feeling great today. Ever part of me is saying 'stay at home and relax' but I'm going to grit my teeth and go for my 4km walk and weights session. :jelous:
  13. Random

    Random Member

    5th day now. Going good. Not eaten any rubbish, I'm keeping at my excercise routine. I've had the occasional craving for something sweet, but I've managed to resist.
  14. Random

    Random Member

    Damn, it's so difficult to stay on a diet when the rest of my family eat junk!! But I WILL resist!:cool:
  15. Random

    Random Member

    117 days to go now. :sigh:
  16. Random

    Random Member

    Almost 1 week now. Still going strong but it's easily the hardest thing I've ever done. 116 days to go.
  17. Random

    Random Member

    It's been a week now. I really felt like giving up today. I don't have any accurate scales so I cannot measure my weight properly:cry:I will try my hardest to stick at this.
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  19. Random

    Random Member

    Whole bag of chocolate inside, and I picked a bar up and put it back down...that was so difficult:argh:
  20. Random

    Random Member

    Had an awesome workout today. Done a 4km walk, 5km run, 4km row, and a 15 minute cycle followed by a 4km walk. :) Had a yummy bowl of crisps in front of me today...I eyed up the crisps for a number of minutes, before grabbing them...and taking them into the kitchen. :D This is tough!!!
  21. appleshape

    appleshape Full Member

    Keep at it dude. The first few weeks are always tough when you're changing your lifestyle, but you can do it!!! :whip:
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