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4 weeks, no weight loss...

:-( into 6th week of pp. Lost 3.5lb first week, STS second, lost 0.5lb third and then nothing since.... Am flowing plan, have tried a few tweaks but nothing :-( am considering one week of slimming world to see if I can lose a few pounds & if so then I know it's pp that isn't agreeing. Anyone else done something similar?
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I want to be fitter again
You haven't got on your profile how much weight you are or how much you are trying to lose. Someone nearing their target may only lose half a pound a week, someone mid way may lose a pound a week like you and people with heaps to lose will lose faster. Be absolutley honest with your self and before anything goes in your mouth write it down rather than the other way round. If you are going to bite it, write it. it has been proven time and time again that people self report up to a third less than they are actually consuming even though they believe they are 100% accurate. Weigh absolutley everything that needs weighing and measure out all liquids. (people often under estimate how much milk they use in hot drinks for example) Have you looked whther you are eating masses of fruit because it is free rather than eating when you are hungry.
These are just thoughts and some of them won't apply to you but perhaps even one may ring an alarm bell. good luck xx
Thanks for that!! I do write what I bite (love ur phrase) but I'll be extra vigilant. I'm 9st 6.5lb and I'm officially at goal but I normally sit around 9st (put a lot of weight on in Dec), just find I cannot shift these pounds on pp (got to gold and maintained with Discover). I have been exercising the past 3 weeks but had hoped that although initially that might negatively affect loss it would have kicked in again by now. Just don't know whether to stick with it for a bit more or to switch to SW for a week trial. :-( xx


I want to be fitter again
My sister who always has a healthy diet and never has a weight problem was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She is a daily weigher like myself and has been amazed at the change in her weight since cutting out most sugar from her diet. The biggest surpirse however was that her weight has evened out and every day she weighs the same which has never happened before UNLESS she eats sweet food when it starts fluctuating again. It may be worth having a week without any sugary items and only one or two portions of fruit a day and see what happens. If you have just started exercising your muscles do retain water for some time so i would say bear with it because the risk you may find with SW is that your portions may go up which will at the best cause you to STS and at worse, gain weight. If you do go sugar free please can you let me know how you get on as I have been quite intrigued watching my sister (she never ate much sugar in the first place !)
I think that Brightonrosie is absolutely right. I did post myself about something I had read that had given me a light bulb moment last week... about the importance of controlling sugar in our diet. I have started to do this and this week I've lost nearly 1 lb (0.9!). This week I'm afraid is going to be difficult because TOTM is coming so I feel like a balloon, but I'm sure that as soon as the *ahem* technological problem will be resolved, I'll keep on losing. I have also noticed a better regularity *there* since I started eating less sugars, which obviously helps weight loss, as it means that the digestive system is working properly.

of course I don't give up sugar completely: every evening I have a dessert and I also have chocolate porridge and 120ml of orange juice in the morning, and on Sundays and Wednesdays and alternated Saturdays (my days off work, when I have a brunch rather than a breakfast and lunch) I'll have also at breakfast 2 slices of Irish soda bread (lower in sugar) with reduced sugar jam on them. But I have basically cut sugar from anything else, except of course fruit and vegetables.

I'll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks. I have found a Greek natural yoghurt with no added sugar which I'm having every day as well at breakfast. I finely cut a small banana into it and after a few stirs and a few minutes resting it's not too bad to eat :) The good thing is that it's only 1pp per 100g and it keeps me full for longer than having breakfast with only my usual porridge, egg, banana and orange juice.
kieragh, you have so little to lose unfortunately it will be tough to lose weight but stay focused, dont give up and like the other posts say try something different. Bizarely i dont have good weight losses when i excercise! so cant really explain the whole exercise thing as it baffles me, so i think changes in your food may be key.
I'm having similar probs and it's really thrown me this week, ate too much mon and not tracked. Pulled myself out of it now tho, let me no if u find something that helps, I could do with some inspiration! X

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