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4 Weeks without Alcohol..try it!

If like me you are a reasonably heavy drinker in terms of a big Friday or Saturday night and trying to work to a fitness or weight loss goal you sometimes cancel your good work out.

Over the last 6 weeks I've put a lot more honus on my fitness and diet. I've started running 2 miles to work each day then space out 4 gym weight sessions, on top of playing rugby socially.

For the last 4 weeks I have touched a drop and here is how I went...

Friday 25th March 85.1kg
Friday 1st April 83.9kg
Friday 8th April 83.4kg
Friday 15th April 83.3kg :mad: Start of no drinking
Friday 22nd April 82.6
Friday 29th April 81.6
Friday 7th May 81.??

Im hopefully on target to reach 81KG this Friday.

My stomach has gotten ALOT flatter and my body fat is down 1.8%.

My excercise regime has only slightly changed, as has my diet. [as opposed to 7 weeks ago] The effects of not drinking are clear! (although we knew that)

Go on and try not drinking for a month..i dare you.

(Sadly this weekend Ill be drinking again, and I have a holiday and festival to get done next month..)
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Update 81kg exactly and 22.8% body fat which is down from 24.6% when i first started.

Also I have purchased a blender and had fruit smoothies for most days of the week for breakfast (banana,peaches,yoghurt and whey protein powder) and it seems to be working.


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I totally agree with you!

I only drink alcohol about once every other month on a special ocasion (and only a few drinks socially) and it always bloats my stomach so much the next day...

I sometimes go several months in a row without a single drop of alcohol, it is really worth it and it is so much healthier:)



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Well done you! I don't really drink alcohol that often but have been trying to avoid it and to be honest, not really missed it that much!


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i cant remember the last time i had a drink....think it might of been new year and even then i only had 3! prob wont have any until my holiday in july now! because i dont drink v often, im a real lightweight now!


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I don't have the will power to give it up totally. I love a drink on a weekend!


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I'm off the alcohol at the mo too. I feel much better in the mornings (especially at work) and more alert. Wine leads me to food unfortunately - it's too wet without it!

I don't want to give up forever, I enjoy a glass or two and its really relaxing. I haven't bought any but my dad brought me a bottle of Chardonnay today. So far, it's still in the cupboard!

Pomooky XX


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
I'm most probably starting my PGCE in September, aka the most stressful, demanding and busy year of my entire life EVER! I think wine may feature highly!


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Alcohol is full of bad calories for us ladies. I have practically given up so much so that last night I had two glasses of wine and I felt drunk! I have no stamina any more. I was the person who loved a glass of wine in the evenings after a long day at the office, but just on whim decided to stop that little habit when I started on weight watchers.

Yes, I feel ten betters for it. I now only drink on a Saturday night, but try to go for low calorie options such as vodka and diet coke. Last nights little tipple was an addition as I was with the girls and having a natter.

I noticed when I first stopped drinking in the evenings that the weight did fall off - in a good way obviously. The health benefits of cutting back are faboulous as said above you do feel better and more alert in the mornings. Long term obviously you are not doing any harm to your liver. I also found that my energy levels increased and that my sleep pattern is much better.

Giving up or cutting back whatever you chose it will defintely work for you.


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i barely drink alcohol, if im out ill always order water while my mates get beers and they are the ones suffering in the mornings after!
i dont want o drink any alcohol before i do my moonlight walk either, its less than 4 weeks away now and i want to detox my body completely for it.

i used to drink alot on the weekends, id go out friday and get drunk, go out saturday and get drunk, and go out sunday afetrnoon and drink with friends. i thought nothing of my clothes getting that bit tighter then, but since ive stopped drinking so much i feel so much better about myself. if i do drink now, its only one or two bottles of alcopops once a week. i have alcohol in the house if i want it, but it dosent appeal to me at all now. id sooner drink water! cheaper for me, as i only have to pay for a taxi home

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