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  1. 45&fat

    45&fat New Member

    My username says it all really... 45&Fat.
    This is the first time I have admitted to either!
    Even that is not entirely truthful, obese would be more accurate.
    I weighed myself for the first time today in almost a year, 14 stone 9lbs....
    Started putting on weight when I was 40, but almost another two stone in the last 2 years.
    I realised today that I have another 20 years before I can retire, and have the choice whether I do that fat and unhappy or slimmer and confident. Whether I can get back to nice tailored clothes, or stick with big, black, baggy clothes that keep me invisible.
    I am starting the Dukan diet tomorrow. Tesco delivery expected at 9am, hard boiled eggs ready for the morning.
    Excited, scared, afraid of failing.
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  3. CornerMonster

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    Hello. I too am fat. It took me a very long to time to admit it to myself but I got there in the end. Over the years the weight just piled on and on until bits of me just hurt from all the extra weight. However it was an argument with my hubby the day before our wedding anniversary in 2011 that made me see myself for the first time in forever. I had become someone I didn't like and I was determined to do something about it. something just changed in me and before I knew it I was losing the weight. I found it easy because it was something I really wanted to do. I lost seven stone just through counting calories. It is amazing the number that are in certain foods and I never even knew it. I became obsessed and read the back of everything that I fed myself and my family. I let myself go mad this Christmas and ended up putting a stone back on, I figured I found it so easy to lose before Christmas then it would be easy to start again, but I am really struggling. There are so many temptations around but I have to start again for my health's sake.

    If you are really determined and serious it can be done and I think with the right motivation from the people on here we can all be winners in the end. Good luck with tomorrows delivery.

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